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   Chapter 2 Who Is He

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"Come here!"

With his permission, Mandy immediately held Harrison's arm.

Completely ignoring Mandy's attempt to be intimate with him, he asked, "Do you know who you are?"

"I'm your special assistant on call, Sir!" Mandy whispered into Harrison's ear.

"Do you have any idea why I asked you to come here?" Harrison sounded rather calm and didn't seem to be attracted to her at all.

Mandy's voice became even softer as she gently drew circles on his big hand and said, "How should I know..."

"You don't know..." Harrison turned his head and grabbed a hold of Mandy's jaw. The poor woman couldn't help trembling in fear.

His lips were cold, and the kiss felt like it could crush her to pieces. When the kiss was finally over, he tightened his grip.

"Mr. Harrison, you're hurting me..."

"Don't you know that I enjoy pushing people from the peak of happiness to the depths of hell?" Harrison didn't loosen his grip at all, which made it so painful that Mandy was on the verge of tears.

"Mr. Harrison, I... Did I do anything wrong?"

With a sneer, Harrison threw Mandy off of the sofa with great force that she hit the table hard. Blood began to trickle from the corner of Mandy's lips and her long hair was now in such a mess.


A SIM card was tossed over to Mandy's hand. Her face shifted in an instant. Crawling over in horror, she tightly grabbed onto Harrison's trouser leg. "Mr. Harrison, they forced me to do it. If I hadn't told them, I would have ended up dead..."

"Is that so?" Harrison looked Mandy straight in the eye and said, "Haven't you realized that I will make your life a living hell if you did?"

Her hand stop moving. The smile on his face was reflected in her frightened eyes.

"Get out of my face!" Harrison kicked Mandy.

This sent her flying and caused her to bump into the door. She didn't dare to stay there for even a second longer, so she struggled to open the door and crawled out at once. She had to get out of this place as soon as possible. Otherwise, there was no telling what might happen to her next!

Harrison made a phone call and gave an order. "Follow her!"

All things considered, the man seemed to be in quite a good mood right now, wearing a beautiful smile at the corners of his mouth. What should he do with that woman lying in the bathroom?

As he walked over to the luxurious bathroom, the hot air coming from the bathtub heated up the coldness.

With her long eyelashes fluttering, Laura finally regained consciousness.

Where was she right now? It felt so nice and warm!

When she tried to move around a little, she found herself soaked in warm water. She really felt so refreshed as though she had a good sleep! However, the corners of her mouth froze. When she lowered her head, she realized that she was actually naked. 'Oh, God! What happened?'

"Uncle Kevin?" She heard a man's voice. It was that damn guy who threw her phone into the lake. Uncle Kevin? Could it be her father? How could he possibly know her father?

"Miss Laura is here!" The man didn't sound as cold and intimidating as he was earlier. His captivating voice was rather refined and gentle. Then, he politely asked, "Is Miss Laura going with you to the banquet tonight?"

'The banquet?'

Laura felt so bitter in her heart! Her father had asked her to attend the banquet in the evening and to set aside some time to prepare for it. How could she forget? What was she supposed to do now?

"I'll just take her with me to the party tonight! Don't worry, Uncle Kevin!" After hanging up the phone, Harrison seemed to walk closer to the bathroom.

Laura nervously clenched her fists, but she didn't dare to move. For some reason, she only felt safe while being surrounded by water.

She heard a knock upon the door. Biting her lip, she didn't dare to bring herself to respond.

The door was pushed open all of a sudden. Out of reflex, she put her arms against her chests to cover herself up. It was so nerve-wracking that her nails dug into her flesh. She watched in horror as Harrison walked toward her step by step.

"Stop!" Laura yelled out, trying to stop the man from approaching her. "Who are you?"

Harrison listened to her. However, when she saw the facetious smile at the corners of his mouth, she wanted to just shrink and disappear!

"Miss Laura, right? Since you used that number, you have to face the consequences!" The g

rin on his face grew even wider. He inched closer toward the bathtub again. Harrison was by no means a saint. He would never turn down anything that had been served to him!

Laura didn't know what to do. Tears were about to roll down her cheeks, and her whole body was exposed to the man in front of her.

Suddenly, Harrison's phone rang! He frowned in utter annoyance and picked it up.

"What?" Furrowing his eyebrows even further, Harrison turned around.

Despite that, Laura couldn't calm herself down and helplessly stared at his back.

After hanging up the phone Harrison turned around and gave her a cold glance. "Go get changed and come out!"

With that, the bathroom door was finally closed shut. It was only then that she breathed a sigh of relief.

She put on a soft bathrobe, her face pinkish-white because of the warmth. Her long eyelashes were drooping, and her small mouth was tightly closed. Drops of water dripped from her long hair. She appeared in front of Harrison looking like this.

Harrison glanced at her and introduced himself, "I'm Harrison Li! Come with me!"


Before Laura could finish her words, Harrison leaned over and cut her off. His face was so close that it almost pressed against hers. With his eyes turning dark in an instant, he warned her in a cold tone, "My name is Harrison Li, not 'Hi'!"

The warm breath that came out of his mouth blew on her face. The warmth assaulted her nerves. All of a sudden, her face became red-flushed. Hesitating for a bit, she asked in a low voice, "What are you going to do?"

"If you don't want to go to the party looking like that, then come with me!" Harrison pursed his lips, as if he didn't see the need to explain these things to her at all.

It wasn't until then that Laura came to realize that she really had no other choice but to follow him. "Do you know my father?"

"You mean Uncle Kevin?" Exuding such arrogance, Harrison leaned against the door and looked at her as a strange smile appeared on his face. "It seems that Uncle Kevin hasn't trained you well yet!"

His intense gaze made her feel a little embarrassed. So, she turned her head to avert his gaze and looked around the room in front of her.

"Go ahead and pick something to wear!"

"Me?" There were a wide variety of clothes in the wardrobe, which overwhelmed her and left her at such a loss.

Harrison acted so indifferent as he looked at the helpless expression on her face. She wasn't anything like that woman at all. Olivia was so elegant. In contrast to that, Laura was just a little girl!

"We don't have time to waste!" Harrison urged her coldly.

"This one!" she blurted out, pointing at a white evening gown, but Harrison didn't give her a response.

When Laura turned around, she saw the sullen look in Harrison's eyes. She couldn't help feeling nervous. "If you don't want me to wear this one, I'll choose something else!"

Ignoring his gaze, she went ahead and tried to pick another dress.

"No. It's fine. You can take this one." After that, Harrison strode out and said, "Zara, help her put on some makeup!"

"I don't want..." Before Laura could finish her sentence, Harrison's cold gaze made her swallow back the words she was going to say. In the end, she was forced to sit down and obediently wait for someone to put makeup on her.

As she sat on the sofa, she was still a bit reluctant. If her father hadn't told her to attend the party, she wouldn't have agreed to put on any makeup at all!

"Miss, you're going to get wrinkles if you frown!" the woman named Zara smiled and said.

Smiling back at her, she asked, "Is your name Zara?"


"Zara, can you not put too much makeup on my face? Please..." Laura pleaded in a low voice.

Zara simply nodded with a smile. She hadn't been invited to Harrison's place for quite some time. This woman picked this evening gown and asked for less makeup, which seemed to mean that she was replacing Olivia...

"Is that all right, Miss Laura?"

Looking at herself in the mirror, who seemed much prettier with just a little makeup on, Laura blinked her eyes and said, "Yes. Thank you, Zara!"

"You're welcome, Miss Laura. Go to Mr. Harrison right away. You shouldn't make him wait for too long!"

"Who is he? Are you afraid of him?" Laura anxiously asked. Truth be told, she couldn't help feeling scared at the thought of Harrison's cold gaze.

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