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   Chapter 63 You're Still Alive !

Baby Hacker And His Boss Daddy By Chang Du Characters: 7015

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"When we love each other, why do I feel that I am alone? When we separate, I am alone, but why do I feel we are together? The loneliness probably lies in: Neither love nor liberation can be complete." ——by Xu Zhimo

"Ah -" she screamed. What happened? Did he? Did he get dressed?

Mr. Jason laughed in a low voice. He rubbed her on her ankle. It felt as smooth and tender as silk.

Michelle screamed louder and louder, and she kept wriggling. When she successfully lifted the thin quilt on her head, Mr. Jason in a bathrobe stood by the bed and looked at her playfully.

"You -- you --" Her head was buzzing and her brain seemed to be working. He was not surprised at all. Was she carried to bed by him last night? The more she thought about it, the more she felt it was possible.

Michelle was an emotional person. From her lively expression, one could easily tell what she was thinking.

He cast a disdainful glance at her, turned around and left.

What happened? He left after taking advantage of her? He didn't say a word.

All right! Although he was very handsome, the vicious nature of the wolf in sheep's skin couldn't be changed. What did he despise about her?

Even if she looked ordinary and had a low IQ, he didn't have the right to despise her.

If he'd just be nice, apologize to her and let her go, she would forgive him. Everyone would make a mistake, right? She would pretend nothing had happened and the two of them would go their own ways. But——

Scumbag. Freak. Beast. Bastard...

Michelle sat on the bed and cried for a while. She felt something was wrong. Didn't the book say that men and women would feel sore all over their bodies after having sex?

She, she didn't. Except for being dizzy, she felt everything was fine!

It seemed that she thought too much.

That's right! How could the rich and handsome leader like her? But who could explain to her why they were lying on the same bed last night?

'Cheer up! It doesn't matter! As long as nothing happened!' She had to run away and waited for Richard to grow up and avenge for her.

After Miche

, you betrayed me and secretly saved Michelle. Is it...'

"What game does Richie usually play?" Mr. Jason looked at the little boy beside him. As he expected, he was his son, and his self-centered temperament could not be imitated by anyone. The DNA test report sent by Myron this morning showed that their blood similarity was 99%. They were biological father and son.

"I don't play games." He didn't have time to play games. He studied hacker techniques and made money to support his family. He was busy. How could he have time to play childish games?

"Okay." Mr. Jason nodded with satisfaction. It was a good thing that he was not addicted to games, and his temperament showed that he was going to do something big.

"What do you want to play most?"

Richard tilted his head and thought for a while, 'Why did he ask that?' He thought for a while and said, "Chess." He was interested in playing chess, but... He didn't play much, because Michelle's IQ...

"Okay." Playing chess was good for developing children's intelligence, and at the same time training their patience and perseverance. Very good!

"……" Why did he ask him that? Mr. Jason's attitude was a little strange. It didn't change much, but with his intelligence, it was not difficult to find the change. He had been confused by Mr. Jason's attitude since yesterday afternoon, and didn't know what tricks he was playing.

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