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   Chapter 62 Sleepwalking

Baby Hacker And His Boss Daddy By Hei Baidong Characters: 7360

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"No matter how desolate the world is, there is always someone who is your believer! "

Michelle Gu's body was very warm, especially her belly. Jason Gu remembered the temperature there.

He moved his body and hugged her from behind, burying his head behind her neck. Smelling a faint fragrance, he put his big hand around her little belly and rubbed it to feel the warmth.

The physique of Mr. Jason was very matched with his cold-blooded personality. He had a cold physique, and his hands and feet were always cold. The old people often said that the children whose hands and feet were cold will not be loved, and no matter how hard they covered them, they would not feel hot. The strange thing was that his chest was hot, and the temperature of the two people in his arms was surprisingly hot, which made Michelle Gu was very uncomfortable in her dream, and her sensitive ears kept dodging, trying to stay away from that uncomfortable feeling.

The "rice bucket" was uncomfortable and kept moving in his arms like a paranoid, which annoyed Mr. Jason. He simply lifted the quilt covering the two people, and adjusted the temperature to the minimum.

This time, the "rice bucket" became quiet and kept getting into his arms.

Mr. Jason had a scheming habit——Sleeping naked! Taking off his bathrobe, he was naked, and Michelle Gu was not easy to get rid of. She didn't need to force herself to be held in the arms of Mr. Jason, and from time to time rubbed against his heart to feel warm.

The key point was that the little hand of the sleeping "rice bucket" was placed on his chest. Her thumb and index finger pinched his sensitive part intentionally or unintentionally. Mr. Jason pushed his hand away, but the "rice bucket" tossed and turned again and again and continued to mess up his chest.

What about his self-control? Bitterness, this woman was a variable in his life. Just sleep. Maybe tomorrow will be wonderful.

Distant China A City, Jiang Mansion.

"You have to find them anyway." Mr. Henry, Henry Jiang pounded the table, stood up abruptly and coughed incessantly. "Who is it? Who dares to covet my grandson? "

In the roar of Mr. Henry, Danna couldn't help but burst into

not to wake up and continued to sleep.

"Oh my God... Oh my God... " Why are they lying on the same bed? She remembered clearly last night, she went to bed early last night, right at the balcony and, "sleepwalking?" Suddenly, Michelle Gu shook her head. No, no, she was sure that she wasn't a sleepwalking freak.

But how to explain the current situation? Who could tell her what had happened?

Are they——

She covered her mouth and exclaimed, "drunk sex?" No, no, they didn't drink yesterday. What's more, Michelle Gu lowered her head. Her pajama was complete and tightly wrapped, which were very conservative and safe.

Why was he so 'clean' on the bed? The quilt just covered his important parts, and the large area of his skin was exposed.

Oh my God? Did they really do that? She felt dizzy and lack of oxygen in her head. She got out of bed carefully and lay on the edge of the bed, covering her mouth tightly. Then she stretched out a small hand to the quilt under Mr. Jason.

Is he wearing it or not? Or not?

Get closer, get closer... Her delicate hand was about to lift the black silk quilt, at the critical moment, Michelle Gu summoned up courage to open her tightly closed eyes, and the mystery was about to be solved...

Suddenly, a strong force pushed her into the bed, and the king-size water bed shook violently three times, followed by an overwhelming darkness.

"Ah -" She screamed. What happened? Did he? Is he wearing it or not?

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