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   Chapter 61 On The Education Of Genius The Reader Said

Baby Hacker And His Boss Daddy By Hei Baidong Characters: 5986

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He firmly believed that little Richard was his son, so he could accept the physical contact with the "rice bucket". When he thought about them, he even couldn't be able to focus on work and expected to talk with his son's mother about his genius son's past, education and life.

These changes happened all of a sudden. The memory and instinct of his body made a conditioned response. Even he himself could not believe that the chattering man was himself.

It was undeniable that he was looking forward to family affection and the warmth of an ordinary family. That was why he habitually put his things under his wings.

He found the "rice bucket" on the balcony sleeping soundly in the corner. Looking at the time, it was only ten o'clock. She was really tired. She must have done a lot of exercises for him in the bathroom! However, he had to admit that this "rice bucket" was really good at sleeping. It was much more time than ordinary people. Moreover, with eyes narrowed, she had become more and more sleepy in recent days.

After a short pause, he slowly approached her and squatted down. He lifted the thin quilt on her body, and a small part of it was held in the palm of Michelle Gu's hand. Mr. Jason thought she had woken up, but it turned out that Michelle Gu didn't want to let it go subconsciously. With a little strength, the thin quilt slipped down from her tight hand immediately.

The "rice bucket", who had been robbed of the quilt, was unhappy in her dream. The corners of her mouth twitched two times, and then she pouted in the middle, and then she fell asleep.

The expression of "rice bucket" pleased Mr. Jason. A natural and fresh fruit fragrance penetrated into his heart, refreshing. It was the body fragrance of "rice bucket", and he liked to smell it very

e successful suicide and the successful relief. But the only possibility was that the young and bold young Jason Gu would be so cruel and merciless that he would kill all of them.

Horrible? No, Mr. Jason never regretted his decision.

In particular, the truth of success was to nip the potential threat to him in the cradle.

Men need women. Especially those successful, young and vigorous men who were under much pressure.

Jason Gu was no exception. Because of his severe mysophobia, he used a fixed bed partner to solve his physiological problems regularly. He wouldn't let any woman get pregnant with his child. Those humble women didn't deserve to be his son's mothers.

Michelle Gu was an accident. He had ordered to kill her at that time, and the rest...

However, he accepted the fact that little Richard was his son. Also pride.

When he received the news, he was so excited that he didn't want to kill the little guy at all. He had to admit that from the first time he saw him, he had a good impression of that elegant and unfathomable genius boy. He was very satisfied with Richard being his son, although he was not satisfied with the so-called "rice bucket" mother.

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