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   Chapter 60 Take A Shower

Baby Hacker And His Boss Daddy By Hei Baidong Characters: 7362

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"Well, not bad! My son is awesome! She was worth the trouble. " When she thought of little Richard, her eyes lit up. Her son was a genius, but she wouldn't tell him.

"Yes, it is." Mr. Jason praised him from the bottom of his heart. He was also proud of his excellent son. For the time being, he didn't want to tell 'rice bucket' about it. He had to endure it until all the things were settled...

"Ha ha." Michelle Gu got goose bumps all over her body, and his smile was even more terrible.

"Tell me about your son." Mr. Jason wanted to know what had happened to his son suddenly.

"Uh... Okay. "The temple of Michelle Gu was twitching wildly. 'What's wrong with him? Why does he hold her son tightly?

"My son is very smart!" Michelle Gu was secretly proud, like a little rat secretly eating incense, she kept laughing like a thief.

"Yes, I know. Say something else." Mr. Jason showed understanding. If someone dared to say that his son was not the genius of genius, he would kick him to death first.

"Okay..." Michelle Gu shook her head with sympathy. How did you know? You won't understand. Her baby Richard is a genius!

"Richard weighed six pounds when he was born." Excitement was written all over Michelle Gu's little face.

"Only six pounds." Mr. Jason said with a look of disgust. If he was there, the little boy would definitely be six pounds heavier.

"Six pounds is not light. It's a natural birth. I was tortured to death on Chinese New Year's Eve." It's not like you gave birth to him. She is only eighteen years old at that time! Too thin? If you think he is too thin, you can have a try. You can't even lay an egg!

"Go on." Mr. Jason pretend to cough to change the topic. This woman was so rude. He couldn't let this' rice bucket 'teach his son in the future. He would be relieved if he taught his son by himself.

"My baby Richard is a good cook and has superb cooking skills!" What made Michelle Gu most proud was her baby Richard's cooking skills, which made her feel ashamed and proud.

Mr. Jason was so angry that he asked 'rice bucket' for N times about her failed education. "You asked your son to cook? How can you let your son cook? How did you become a

tably and snorted.

After a while.

"Do you want more?" Looking at his red back, Michelle Gu asked cautiously. 'Don't get even with me after this.'

"Okay." Mr. Jason waved his hand, indicating that it was almost done.

"I'm going to prepare dinner." After saying that, Michelle Gu fled in panic and couldn't stay any longer. The last painful experience was still vivid in her mind. Not everyone could get rid of the handsome man's bathtub picture, and it would kill her!

When Mr. Jason came out of the study, he didn't find the figure of Michelle Gu. He stretched his back muscles and felt comfortable when he washed them. Then he felt a little uncomfortable.

The 'rice bucket' was too weak and would become a burden for him and his son sooner or later.

It was strange that Mr. Jason was a severe neat freak. He hated being touched by others. He didn't say anything unnecessary, nor would he waste his time doing something unprofitable.

As for Michelle Gu, six years ago, he had thought that Maggie Gu was a special person. He had hesitated for only one second when he had ordered to eliminate her.

But now, his son's sudden appearance broke his usual insistence.

He firmly believed that little Richard was his son, so he could accept the physical contact with the "rice bucket". When he thought about them, he even couldn't be able to focus on work and expected to talk with his son's mother about his genius son's past, education and life.

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