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   Chapter 59 My Son Is Awesome!

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Richard didn't dare to look at Rory. Blushing, he nodded his head and lowered his head in silence. He was amazing! He still hoped that...

Rory asked thoughtfully, "Do you like to live outside or here?"

"You know, I have no choice." He seemed to mean something.

"If I give you and your mother one more chance, what's your choice?"

"Of course outside. There's no personal threat outside. But Richard asked cautiously," Why do you ask this? "

"Nothing." Rory turned his head and drank a lot of water.

"……" Nothing?! He wouldn't believe it. He still remembered that he had helplessly asked him for help that night in the thunderstorm. He asked him not to act without authorization. He said he would think of a way and he could rely on him. Richard was so happy! He looked at the man who was drinking water silently, and he was getting closer and closer to the answer in his heart.

"You go back first. It's not good for you to stay here for a long time." Rory asked Richard to go back to the monitor.

"Well, I'm leaving now." Obediently, Richard stood up and was about to leave. After taking a few steps, he turned around and said to Rory with a smile, "Goodbye, Uncle!"

Looking at the smiling face in the sun, Rory's heart was sour and hot, and the corners of his mouth twitched. "Well, take good care of yourself."

Richard left, but the plan about him had just taken shape. Rory thought that he had to speed up and send the mother and son away as soon as possible to a safe place. He would take it as the last thing he had done for her. After that, he would leave and concentrate on protecting the person who had been waiting for him.

Mr. Jason was floating in the air all afternoon. Unable to focus on his work, he went back to his private residence early. When he entered the bedroom——

That dazzling "bucket" lay on his bed and slept soundly. Did she like that bed so much?

He walked heavily to the bedside and suddenly lifted the quilt.

He held his breat

or that little money?! How dare she conspire with his son to deceive him? "Unreasonable."

"What? Well, boss, there is a rule in the contract that I can't tell the third party. Don't tell anyone what I told you. Otherwise, Richard and I will not only not get the money, but also pay a large sum of liquidated damages."

And she was going to take his son back to continue lying? "Do you know how much it hurts him to take a little kid to fool around? What did you do as a mother?"

"What?" It was her son who took the initiative. "What else can I do? As a single mother, I have nothing but to do that for my son's future."

She sobbed, "I don't want to, but... Forget it. You don't understand even if I tell you. You won't understand the pain of a single mother." Michelle wiped the tears from her eyes.

He seemed to have a mouthful of sulfuric acid, unable to swallow or spit out, burning all the nerves in his body.

"Are you having a hard time with Richard?" Hiding in the dim light, Mr. Jason said bitterly. How could he not know the difficulty of being a single mother? He was once an illegitimate child of an unknown father, and he...

"Well, not bad! My son is awesome! No matter how tired I am, it's worth it." When she thought of Richard, her eyes lit up. Her son was a genius, but she wouldn't tell him.

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