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   Chapter 44 Being Tricked

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The hot water was sprayed in a corner of the bathroom, and the steam was lingering around. It was obscure like a mist, and Rory had been standing under the shower head, drenching his whole body. A little figure flashed through his mind, the back of the woman when she left; what he said to her was very cruel and ruthless.

All of a sudden, he pounded on the wall with his fist. With a heavy breath in his mouth, he untied the gauze wrapped around his body. The gauze was no longer as white and clean as before, and the red blood almost stained the whole back. He slowly uncovered the wounds layer by layer, and the hot water washed over the wounds on his back. He gritted his teeth and did not move, allowing them to shower ruthlessly.

No, it's not enough. He took out a new piece of soap and wetted it. Then he wiped it on the back with his hand. The soap was relatively basic. He wiped it on every corner of his back with great strength, not letting go of any place. After knowing that the medicine was completely cleaned, he put on his bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom.

In this way, the wound was more likely to be inflamed and infected. After walking out of the bathroom, he clearly felt that he was weaker than before. The temperature of his forehead was very high, not only his head, but also his whole body temperature was very high. His back was painful and numb, and he could no longer feel the pain.

When he passed by the kitchen, the light in the kitchen was still on. He walked into the kitchen in a daze and found a bowl of rice porridge abandoned by his master at a glance. The plate of white porridge was quietly lying on the counter, emitting heat.

He approached the bowl of porridge.

He looked at it lightly. It was white and fragrant. He raised his right hand and slowly put it into the porridge.

It's very hot! The porridge just cooked was hot, and this bowl was even better, making him feel pain! The pleasure of scorching pain filled his whole nerve cells, and he felt good. He scared her just now, and that little woman scalded her fingers. She must be very painful. A weak and silly woman like her must hide from crying.

His heart was aching, soft and fitful. He sighed silently. He had experienced many vicissitude

, he had just been startled by her sudden madness. That woman had been hiding in the weeds and sighing. He slowly walked over, and the moment he was about to touch her shoulder, she suddenly burst into a crazy dance. How could he not be frightened? His heart was so fragile!

Five minutes later, Stevie broke the shaking of the Michelle Gu unendurably. He heard her calling "ghost" and "ghost" intermittently...

He darkened his beautiful face and shouted, "are you done with your dance?" Stevie was speaking Chinese. He knew that the crazy woman in front of him could only communicate with Chinese and German. To save him trouble in language communication, he yielded to her to speak her native language.

Then Michelle Gu turned around and looked up at the man in front of her. "Ah?! It's, you... "

The man in front of her reminded her of a Chinese poem, 'the lotus in the setting sun is quite red'. The light was very dim, but it did not affect Michelle Gu to appreciate the beautiful face in front of her with her 5.2 vision. Stevie was of Thailand bloodline in South Sea, a place full of katoey. The existence of Stevie made women feel ashamed and men feel embarrassed.

Michelle Gu had met him before. He was the man who stood behind the so-called "master" that day. He had helped her to be kidnapped here. Her heart sank. 'Damn it! I was found.'

Obviously, Stevie felt the heat in Michelle Gu's eyes, which made him very unhappy. He grabbed hold of Michelle Gu, who was trying to escape.

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