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   Chapter 27 The Mysterious Black Jade Appeared Again (Part Two)

Baby Hacker And His Boss Daddy By Hei Baidong Characters: 5394

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"It's you! It was you who wanted to kill me and little Richard that day! " In front of her was a complete stranger, but his insidious eyes were absolutely right. And what he had just said was that he was the mysterious man five years ago!

Michelle Gu widened her eyes in horror. Who was this man? 'Is he... Is he the father of little Richard?'

"Are you Richard's father?" Right? Finally, Michelle Gu bravely asked the question that had puzzled her for many years. Who on earth did she have little Richard with? She wanted to know, and she really wanted to know, this strong desire was the problem she was eager to solve after staying in the Jiang Family for a period of time.

"Stupid woman." he should have taken out the gun with him without hesitation, pointed the muzzle of the gun at her head and shot it down. It was her who courted death. No wonder he did it. However——

She asked him if he was her son's father?! This woman, who had obviously become not smart after five years, asked him if he was the father of her son! Looking at her expectant expression, did she want me to be that man?

"No, I am not." I'm not that man. Your son's father is my master in high places, and he is, not me.

"Not you?! Then who is it? " It wasn't him. It was another man? Who was the father of little Richard?

"……" Rory didn't answer her.

"Who is it?" Michelle Gu asked eagerly, she had always thought she was his woman. She had always thought that he was the father of the little Richard. At that time, he threatened them to leave with a gun, but he never hurt them and left them a lot of money. Now tell her it's not him. Miss, you've made a mistake!

"Come with me." Rory decided to give her another chance. He thought he was unlucky this time. If it happened again, he would never let her go. Rory grabbed her wrist and walked out, trying to escape from his master's eyes. Without his help, it was more difficult than reaching the sky. He was the chief steward of the Nether Hall, and he knew the environment here as well as his fingertips. He was confident in saving people.

"What? Tell me. I won't tell anyone. Tell me. "Michelle Gu grabbed his big hand and stepped back with her buttocks pouted. Where was he taking her?

"Don't ask anything you shouldn't know." Rory was impatient. Women were really troublesome. He wrapped his arms around her waist and carried her on his right shoulder directly.

"Where are you taking me? Let me go, let me go... " She felt a sharp pain in her belly and wrist. Why did he use so much strength? The blood all over her body rushed to her face. Michelle Gu struggled and shouted for help.

"Shut up!" It was so noisy that he took out

a gun from his pocket and blocked the hip of the Michelle Gu. He threatened her directly, if she shouted again, he would shot her butt.

"What!" Michelle Gu covered her mouth. She didn't want a big hole in her buttock. Besides, it seemed that he didn't want to kill her. She didn't know where he was taking her? She felt lucky that Richard and Drops were not in the next room, otherwise...

This was the place of Jason Gu, which was full of high-definition cameras in all directions. It was impossible for him to hide her somewhere, or his master would find her sooner or later. He could only send the woman out with more people in the hall as soon as possible. As for that boy, he could tell that his master was interested in him. Mr. Jason didn't know his identity yet, so he was safe for the time being.

Rory took her to a grocery store and asked her to change into a maid's dress.

Holding her clothes and shoes, Michelle Gu opened the door and looked at the Rory guarding the door.

"What's the use of holding this? Throw it away. " Rory asked her to throw away her clothes and shoes.

"No, these clothes are so expensive." Michelle Gu held tightly in her arms and refused to let go. She was not joking. Those were all the things of Daniel Jiang. Mr. Daniel was a famous skinflint. If she threw them, that penny pincher would definitely let her pay for it! She couldn't afford such an expensive thing. She was poor!

"Humph!" Which was more important, money or life? No matter how hard Rory tried, he couldn't pull her precious clothes out of Michelle Gu's arms. Rory even accidentally "attacked her chest", and she, who had always been afraid of itch, did not relax at all. She almost pressed the big hands on her little bun, and would never give up the thing in her arms.

The experiments proved that money was really important to her!

Forget it. Just hold them. Rory turned around, his ears turning red.

Following him, Michelle Gu looked around furtively, trying to escape at this moment.

"What are you looking at? Hurry up! " Rory grabbed her wrist and held her in his arms with the other hand.

"Okay." Michelle Gu was very cooperative, she didn't forget what he was holding in his arms! This guy had once shot a cat to death in front of her; his shooting technique was quite accurate.

Rory wouldn't send her out directly. She had been targeted by his master, and her target was eye-catching. He was not sure that he could send her out safely. He would hide her in a place first, and then... He couldn't find a safer place than his room. But what they didn't know was that some people and some things were waiting for them to fall into their own traps.

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