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   Chapter 26 The Mysterious Black Jade Appeared Again (Part One)

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There were six stewards in the Nether Hall. Except for Rory, Myron, Stevie, Elissa and David, the five people who were exposed to the public, there was one who had always been behind the scene, no one knew who he was. Except for Jason Gu and himself, this was the last way Jason Gu set up for the Nether Hall and himself. No one knew, or the person who knew him had no longer lived in this world.

Rory, the chief steward of the Nether Hall, the first secret guard of Jason Gu, was in charge of all the affairs of the Nether Hall and conveyed the order of his master. He topped the list of killers. If he wanted to kill somebody, that man would definitely die. He was the most senior, the longest with Jason Gu, and he also was the oldest among the five.

Myron had a remarkable memory. He was a Chinese and British mixed race. He was good at computer network attack and defense. We called them ' hackers'. His biggest wish in his life was to compete with the world-famous first hacker 'The Heart'. Revenge his partner Stevie's ridicule. Perhaps there was a saying among the countless unreliable words of Stevie, "no wonder he has an M in his name. He is just a blockhead!"

Stevie, Jason Gu had an order, if there was nothing else, Stevie was not allowed to appear in his sight, which meant that he should keep a distance of at least fifty meters. This was even written in the two hundred and eighty rules of punishment and as a basic rule for the Nether Hall. It was not Mr. Jason's fault to discriminate against him. The colleagues with weaker mental quality couldn't accept his devil like body, like the weak wind supporting willow, graceful and slender waist. They couldn't stand his charming face either. What's more, his skin was as smooth and flawless as white snow, which thousands of girls had been looking for all their lives. In fact, it was said that Stevie was also a poor person. Jason Gu brought him back from Thailand, accepted training and survived, and then joined the Nether Hall. His major was psychology and international law. If the organization needed him, he was the most perfect spy.

Elissa was the only woman among the five. She was a genius in both medicine and psychology. What she was good at is not making people die, but how to make your life worse than death. She was twenty-one years old. When she was eighteen years old, she joined the organization. She didn't stay long but had killed countless people. Her world was not only about virus, but also about studying virus. Lonely and lofty.

David was the most natural and unrestrained and violent among the five of the Nether Hall. He was 1.9 meter tall, with a cold, hard and rough face. He was a level one killer exclusive to the Nether Hall, and he was in charge of gun smuggling and the gold and diamond black market. Of the five, he looked like gangsters most.


The auction was over, and the next was the banquet party. Michelle Gu was not used to it. She had walked around with Daniel Jiang in her 10 cm high heels for more than an hour. Daniel Jiang was talking and laughing with them in English, w

hile she only knew Chinese and German. She could not understand anything but smile, like a ugly duckling who was wrong into a flock of chickens. The atmosphere at the scene made she didn't fit in.

Her feet were so sore! She stealthily reached out her hand to her ankle for countless times, but every time before she could touch it, she was shrank back under the fire eye of Daniel Jiang. 'Damn it! Daniel Jiang, keep an eye on me while chatting with others. Always be a lady and don't discredit him.' What the hell! Why doesn't he try on a pair of 10 cm high heels? It was so easy for him to say that. Little Richard was not with her, having eaten something bad, she left with the baby sitter, Drops, to the toilet again to solve 'the big problem of her life'.

"Daniel Jiang!" Michelle Gu called him in Chinese in a low voice. She held a "C" with her thumb and index finger in her right hand and applied to him for going to the toilet!

Not far away from her, Daniel Jiang had already seen what she was doing. He slightly frowned and nodded.

Yes! Relieved, Michelle Gu pulled up her long dress and ran to the bathroom in high heels.

Drops, who was standing in front of the men's room, shook his head again when he saw Michelle Gu rushing into the lady's room. How many times had Miss Michelle been here? Alas -- why couldn't Miss Michelle, who didn't want to attend the banquet, escape, but he had to stay here quietly if he wanted to go out to play? He looked up at the ceiling. Why? Why?

Michelle Gu had already seen Drops, the special assistant of Mr. Daniel, who was on guard. He was a handsome and talented man, but was invited here to be her son's baby-sitter! She felt sorry for him, but she could do nothing! Ignoring his pitiful expression, Michelle Gu walked past him without looking sideways.

After listening to the music for ten minutes, Michelle Gu finally decided to go back to the battlefield. She didn't know if it was her illusion. Since the auction, she felt as if someone was watching her. Now this feeling became more and more intense. She felt a sweat on her back, she sped up and opened the side door.

All of a sudden——

"Ah --" A sudden blackness came to Michelle Gu's eyes, and her mouth was tightly covered, and she was pushed back into the room by a strong force. Sure enough, a woman's sixth sense was the most accurate. What she thought was true.

"Waah..." She struggled desperately.

"Shut up. Don't move. " The Rory, who was ordered to do so, did not immediately rush to the punishment branch to accept the punishment. He had been secretly monitoring Michelle Gu during the interval, and finally escaped all the surveillance cameras to seize the opportunity to catch her.

"You want to die, don't you. Didn't I tell you not to come back and not to appear in front of me? " He had read the information before Stevie gave it to Mr. Jason. This reckless woman returned to China first and then appeared here. Woman, if you want to die, don't drag me down. He really shouldn't have helped her at that time. He should have shot to solve the later trouble.

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