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   Chapter 20 Ask Me Directly If You Have Any Questions

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"Daniel Jiang, you're back!" Daniel Jiang heard her joyful voice.

Daniel Jiang walked into them. He was back. Why did this make her so happy?

"What are you talking about?" Mr. Daniel said in a gloomy tone.

"Mr. Daniel, I..." He didn't mean to do that. Today, Miss Michelle came back as if she had gone crazy. No matter what happened, she would hold a small black notebook and ask about the matter of Mr. Daniel as soon as she found someone. He ran too slow and didn't run away!

"We are discussing your preferences! I'm asking Nathan about your preferences! See -- " Michelle Gu confessed and proudly put the black notebook in her hand in front of Mr. Daniel.

"Oh? !" Mr. Daniel glanced at her notes and spit out a word.

"……" What did 'Oh' mean?! Didn't he see clearly the notes of 'Mr. Daniel's preferences investigation'? Come closer! Look! She had done her homework. How hardworking she was!

"Mr. Daniel's preferences investigation." This woman was so close and kept shaking, it was difficult for him to ignore her.

"That's right!" Hearing Mr. Daniel read out the title of her note, Michelle Gu nodded her head and wondered if she should be praised next? Michelle Gu thought happily.

"Who did you ask?" Daniel Jiang sat down and leaned against the soft sofa.

"Yes, Nathan, Lucy, Mr. Xu... And so on, anyway, I ask many people here! " Michelle Gu counted with her fingers.


"Mr. Daniel, I..."

"You go down first." before Nathan could finish his words, Daniel Jiang ordered him to leave.

"Yes, Mr. Daniel." Nathan thought, 'Why am I so unlucky? It seems that my newly raised salary will definitely come to nothing.'

"What's wrong? Are you unhappy? " Fortunately, Michelle Gu was not completely incurable. From Mr. Daniel's gloomy behavior of driving people out, she finally realized that Mr. Daniel was not happy! He was in a bad mood!


"Don't blame anyone else. I forced them to do that." Michelle Gu stretched out her neck, hoping that Mr. Daniel could show mercy to her.

Daniel Jiang ignored what was on her mind. He took out Michelle Gu's black notebook and opened it to read the words.

"What are these?" Mr. Daniel was speechless. The contents of the notes made him unable to calm down. He wanted to see what they were?

Chapter 1:

Michelle Gu: "what kind of animal does Mr. Daniel like most? '

Servant A: "Mr. Daniel likes dogs and hates cats! '

It was true that he Daniel Jiang hated cats, but it was absolutely impossible for him to like dogs. To be exact, he didn't like small animals very much. If he had to answer, he thought he would choose wolves to raise them, so that it could follow his taste!

He continued to look down.

Michelle Gu: "what's Mr. Daniel's favorite entertainment? '

Servant B: "drink wine! Mr. Daniel likes drinking red wine most. "

Speechless! He likes high entertainments, okay? Such like 'fly a plane and travel around the world, drive his own yacht to fish and barbecue......' These idiots!

"Are you a retarded person?"

"What? Retarded?" You are the retarded person! Your whole family is retarded! !

"Why don't you ask me directly?"

"Uh...... What? " Did she hear it wrong?! Did he say that she could ask him directly?! She dug her ears, she thought she heard it right.

"You only have five minutes. After that, you won't have the chance anymore, continue to be in a daze." Mr. Daniel despised the disgusting woman beside his arm who wa

s digging her ears.

"Ah -- I'll ask right away!"

"Your favorite exercise?"


"Your favorite food?"

"…… ……"

"What kind of pet do you like?"

"Wolf!" Daniel Jiang raised his voice and warned again, "remember, it's a wolf!"

"……" It's just a wolf! Why is he so loud? Isn't it just a wolf? She even had seen tiger before, although it was in TV.

"License plate number?"

"Go and see for yourself." Daniel Jiang was speechless. Was this woman so stupid on purpose?


"……" Let you disappear! If possible——

"Please cooperate! Ideal? "

"No ideal."

"How could there be no ideal? Everyone has dreams, okay? "

"I'm very realistic."

"Please, don't lie to me. Tell me!"

"I don't have one."

"Mommy!" said little Richard, breaking free from Mr. Henry's hand.

"Well, Dad and Richard are back!" The same cheerful female voice.

At the door stood the stunned little Richard and Mr. Henry, who looked at each other with their big eyes and petrified expression. Daniel Jiang was very unnatural, with red in his ears, he pretended to blame them naturally.

"Dad, why didn't you make a sound?" 'Damn Nathan! He didn't even inform me in advance, which made me so embarrassed. '.

The conversation between the two of them shocked a group of people, they were discussing about the great life topic of 'ideal'!

"Dad is here at the right time. Come and uphold justice for me. How can a person not be ideal? It's impossible for him to say that he has no ideal! "

"Who says that Daniel has no ideal?"

"Tell me!"

"Dad, don't talk nonsense."

"He! When he was a child, he dreamed of being a space pilot, and then he wanted to be an artist. "Mr. Henry completely ignored his son's sharp eyes and his threatening tone.

"Artist?! Hahaha! Really? Him? " Michelle Gu buried her face in the sofa and laughed happily

"Then what is it now?"

"But now?"


"Ha ha! I don't know either. Let him tell you by himself! "

"He didn't tell me, my mouth was going to be broken, but he still didn't tell me."

"That's it! Nothing is nothing. Why are you so talkative? " Daniel Jiang stood up and left in a hurry. He ran away like a wolf with its tail between its legs. Women and villains were difficult to raise in the world! The woman was Michelle Gu, and the brat and his father were villains. It was a true saying in his life.

In the next few weeks, Michelle Gu had been working on the first line, always around Daniel Jiang, like an attentive little bee lingering around the most beautiful flower, Mr. Daniel.

Daniel Jiang was annoyed by her interruption. He should review the documents carefully! All of a sudden, A 'Michelle Gu's diligence form' that made no sense appeared in front of Mr. Daniel, "See, I've just scanned your bedroom. Do you want to check it? And fill in satisfaction, by the way! "

"I know. You go out first. Don't always wander in front of me. I'm annoyed." said Daniel Jiang, with a sullen face. Didn't she see that he was busy now? It was unreasonable for her to bother him with such a little thing all the time.

"I... then I'll go out first. Remember to sign on it!" She had planned to stay close to him, but he was in a bad mood these two days and always put on a constipated face. Michelle Gu made a joke said that he had a bad stomach!

She took out her phone from her pocket. It was almost ten o'clock. It's lunch time soon. Oh, no! She hadn't taken her lunch yet.

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