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   Chapter 19 Crazy Miss Michelle

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As for her sudden departure and return, except looking up at the door, all the secretaries did not have any other expression. Michelle Gu had to admit that she was inferior to the official staff of UK International in terms of both quality and appearance. In this regard, Daniel Jiang really did not wronged her. Look at their calmness, alas——

She walked to a corner, sat on her seat and began to sort out the things on the table.

'What is this?' Michelle Gu was confused. "Pancake turner!" If she was right, this was a man-made big spatula made of iron in 80s. She was dizzy! Where did these people get this strange thing! Just like its boss!

But it didn't matter, because ten minutes later, the manager of the purchasing department and the logistics department rushed into the CEO's secretary office with a large number of office supplies on their shoulders. The big noise this time finally made the other female secretaries feel superfluous.

Half an hour later——

When Michelle Gu sat down, she saw the original corner. What was different was the new desk and chair, the new office utensils, and the new cleaning utensils......

Before they left, they said, "time is running out. Please forgive us, Miss Michelle! What else do you need later? Miss Michelle, please tell us. We will try our best to make it up! " The manager Wan of the adopting department was confused. This morning, he received two orders from the top. The two orders were equal to one person, but the content was very different. The meaning of this message could be big or small. He thought that no matter what it was, he rarely came to this floor for a while every year. Since he had the chance, he must perform well and prove to the president that he had led the fighters in the plane of the purchasing department!

Good! Even as a nanny, so what? She Michelle Gu had made up her mind to do the best. She would prove to him on her own ability that she was worth one hundred thousand!

Start right now! She stood up and carried the cleaning tools, rushing to the CEO's office again. This time, the female secretaries had a very wonderful face! 'What's wrong with this woman again? She was like a flea, restless at every moment! '

Outside the CEO's office of UK International was the office of Drops, the special assistant of the CEO. Outside Drops's office was the secretary office where the six of them stayed. It was a heavily guarded structure surrounded from outside to inside. The subordinates summoned by the CEO and secretaries had to take the employee elevator to 34 floor, and then to 35 floor of the top floor. The employee elevator and stairs were all set in the outside, next to the secretary office. The top decision maker of UK International could only be seen after passing by the secretary office and the special assistant of the president. In addition, the president and the distinguished guests didn't need to pass through the secretary office and the special assistant office of the president. The special elevator for the president was set outside the president's office. It had to be said that it was a very exquisite design.

When she pushed the door open, she found that Drops was not there; when she pushed another door open again, she found that Daniel Jiang was not there either.

When did they leave? They should take the president's exclusive elevator and left. Michelle Gu guessed. She didn't forget what Daniel Jiang said to her after she rushed into the office, "from today on!" She had planned to behave well in front of Daniel Jiang, but she didn't know that he was not here.

Yes, Daniel Jiang left the company with Drops to meet an important client.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Daniel Jiang, a heinous capitalist, was it necessary to make an office so big? Look at th

ese? What a big bed! There had been a big bedroom. Was it necessary to make such a good kitchen? And there were also a series of the most advanced bathing facilities! Oh my God! How much should it cost? Most importantly, it was really hard for her to clean such a large place alone. Luxury——

During the whole afternoon, Michelle Gu had been cleaning Daniel Jiang's office carefully. Until she got off work, Daniel Jiang and Drops hadn't come back, and the door of the CEO's office hadn't been opened by anyone.

A Silver Black Lexus was steadily driving on the way to the Jiang Family's house. It was Mr. Henry's special car in A City. The driver, Uncle Wang, had been serving the Jiang Family since childhood. After the husband of Lucy died, her son was the driver and bodyguard of Daniel Jiang, and Uncle Wang accepted the job of an old driver to drive for Mr. Henry.

Sitting in the back seat of the car, Michelle Gu rubbed her arms and felt a sharp pain in her waist and back. What a big loss! It suddenly occurred to her that she had worked all afternoon, but her boss, Daniel Jiang, was not here. What was the use of her hard work! ! No, she had to figure out a way. If one day he slandered her for loafing on the job, how could she cry for injustice?!

Therefore, on the second day, when Daniel Jiang was asked to sign the attendance form that was drawn and printed overnight by Michelle Gu in his hand, he was speechless for a while. Of course, that was a later story.

"Lucy, what does Daniel Jiang like to eat?" As soon as she got back, Michelle Gu hurriedly ran into the kitchen.

"Uh...... Miss Michelle, Mr. Daniel likes Chinese food, especially soup! "

"What about fruits? What kind of fruit does he like? "

"Mr. Daniel likes pitaya most and doesn't like watermelon..."

"Thick soup or light soup?"

"Uh...... I don't know. Maybe there is more light soup! "

"What kind of taste does he have?"

"Mr. Daniel ate all of them. He didn't eat too much sweet food..."



"Nathan, I have something to ask you!" Michelle Gu caught Nathan who was trying to run away.

"Miss Michelle." Ah -- What's wrong with Miss Michelle today? She caught people and asked about Mr. Daniel. Nathan spat out blood. He had been hiding for half a day, but it was too late!

"Nathan, how many years have you been with Daniel Jiang?"

"Miss Michelle, it's been 24 years!"

"Ah, it's been so long! Then you must know Daniel Jiang very well! "

"Not really. I'm just following Mr. Daniel's orders!" Nathan tried his best to make it clear, Mr. Daniel would kill him if he knew that he had sold his privacy.

"It doesn't matter! I only ask you a few small questions. Just answer me! "

"……" Was it really just a small question? While he was hesitating——

"What kind of dressing style does Daniel Jiang like?"

"…… Uh...... It's hard to say. "

"Why? Just tell me if he likes 'fashion'? 'European style?' 'Korean version'?

"Mr. Daniel's clothes are handmade and specially designed by a designer. They will be sent here every quarter!"

"I see." In that case, she didn't have to interfere in the matter of clothes!

"Nathan, you are so familiar with him. You must know who his girlfriend is."

"Mr. Daniel doesn't have a girlfriend now!"

"What? No?! How many ex girlfriends does he have? " Michelle Gu admitted that she was gossipy.

"Uh...... Mr. Daniel has always been a clean freak! " Nathan had a feeling of being struck by lightning. As expected, he turned his eyes to the door, where two hot and high-pressure rays came from.

Following Nathan's sight, Michelle Gu also saw the arrival of Daniel Jiang, who was standing behind them and looking at them gloomily.

"Daniel Jiang, you're back!" Daniel Jiang heard her joyful voice.

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