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   Chapter 16 Be His Nanny !No! No!

Baby Hacker And His Boss Daddy By Hei Baidong Characters: 7597

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"No, I don't want to be his nanny..." She protested.

"Do you feel wronged to be his life assistant?! Don't forget that you promised me in the study this afternoon. "Mr. Henry glanced at her with a flying knife eye. She really forgot the pain! Michelle Gu shut up immediately. That was exactly what he wanted.

"That's it," said Mr. Henry.

"Since father insists, let her go. Anyway, it doesn't matter to raise one or two idle people in the company." Daniel Jiang understood his father's good intentions! He was busy with his work most of the time every day. He was worried about letting this unidentified Michelle Gu stay with his father. Fortunately, he could take her around to see what was going on.

"……" Mr. Mao once said that if the enemy was weak, I would advance, and if the enemy was strong, I would retreat! Now they're the predator, and I'm the fish! ! Michelle Gu kept silent.

"……" Michelle was going to be the life assistant of Daniel Jiang, which worried little Richard a lot. What if the bad guy Jiang bullied Michelle while he was away? No way! He had to think of a solution in case.

Lowering her head, Michelle Gu continued to eat the rice in her bowl, and a pair of Nicholas chopsticks with a piece of chicken appeared in front of her. Subconsciously, Michelle Gu closed her eyes and suddenly shrank back. A few seconds later, she opened her eyes and saw that the owner of the chopsticks was Daniel Jiang. He put the meat in her rice bowl and said to her, "come to my study after eating."Then he put down the bowl and chopsticks and said to Mr. Henry, "dad, I'm full. I have to go to the study in advance."

"Okay, go ahead with your work." With the consent of Mr. Henry, Mr. Daniel stood up and left.

Leave Michelle Gu in a flutter. The word "study" was now a horrible word for her. When she entered the study of Daniel Jiang for the first time, she was almost strangled by him. Later, another threat with guns and rods, she also signed the contract of conscience with her and little Richard, a formal contract for their transaction with Daniel Jiang. Today, she were called into his study by Mr. Henry, also a threat with guns and rods. The Jiang Family's study was not a good place for her, and it would only bring her bad luck.

In the study of Mr. Daniel.

"What did my father ask you to say in his study this afternoon?" Daniel Jiang came straight to the point.

"Uh...... Your father asked me to tell him something...... You don't know how terrible your father was at that time, and you were not there, I almost confessed. Fortunately, I controlled myself. Later, he asked me strangely...... Ask me if I love you...... And if we have...... Did we have...... That...... That's... that's... " Do you understand? Don't ask her what 'that' is! She was really embarrassed! !

"What did you say?"

"Of course I said we didn't...... We didn't essentially...... Oh, your father even threatened me...... Let me find a way to make you fall in love with me. Otherwise, he won't let me be with Richard...... I...... I agreed... "

"…… It's none of your business... "


"My father wants you to be my life assistant."

He had hardly finished when Michelle Gu interrupted him. "What life assistant?! Isn't it just called nanny? "

"Yes, nanny! It's just a nanny. You have a clear estimation of yourself. "" Since you are a nanny, you have to act like a nanny. Don't be complacent. I have always been scrupulous in separating public from private interests and never raise idle people. You'd better remember these clearly. "

"Humph!" She moaned in a low voice. What the fuck does he think he is? How old is he to take a nanny, why doesn't he just hire a wet nurse! If someone asks what kind of job does she do in the future. Just say 'Mr. Da

niel's wet nurse'! "Ahhh!"! Michelle was playing with herself.

"Besides, I don't want anyone to know that I have any relationship with you except for the boss and employees in the company. You'd better keep your mouth shut."

"Humph, don't worry. I don't want anyone to know that you have any abnormal relationship with me. I'm going to have a good date with a prince charming." she continued to moan in a low voice. Who wanted to be related to you? Do you think we are relatives?

On the morning of the second day, at the headquarters of UK International.

Standing in front of the front door of the building, Michelle Gu recalled what Mr. Henry had told her this morning before she went out. 'pay close attention to every man around Daniel Jiang and report to him as soon as she finds anything unusual.' what did he mean? Pay attention to men? Shouldn't the focus be on women? Did Mr. Henry place her around Daniel Jiang as a spy to monitor the man who had a close relationship with his son?! Daniel's father was so shrewd!

She didn't want to think anymore. Michelle Gu took a deep breath, tidied up her business suit, patted her thighs and strode towards the front door.

"Miss, who are you?" Unexpectedly, before she could enter the door, she was stopped by the bodyguards of UK International. This lady did not wear the work card of UK International on her chest. Although she could only enter the company with the card, their duty required them to go forward and ask.

Michelle Gu stared at the two bodyguards. They were so handsome! No wonder it was one of the top three domestic enterprises. Even the bodyguards were so handsome. Michelle Gu remembered that there was a popular male star now! Before he became famous, he worked as a guard of UK International. After being discovered by the star scout, he entered the entertainment circle and became very popular. Since then, the security guards and bodyguards of UK International were quite popular in recruitment!

"Miss, are you okay?" Bodyguard A saw her silly look and asked with concern.

She hurriedly put away her anthomaniac expression, shook her head and waved her hands. "It doesn't matter. I'm new here.... Uh...... It's the first day of work for the president's personal assistant! " "Ha ha Ha ha... " Michelle Gu kept giggling, which was her signature smile when she sold flowers in German. In a foreign country far away, she had stayed there for five years. In order to feed her and her son, her idea was if customers bought flowers -- smile. If the customers complained -- smile. The first thing to do when someone was in trouble was to smile. After all, anyone didn't slap a smiling face! The smile was quite funny.

The bodyguard immediately checked the information with the human resources management department. After confirming that there was no doubt, he put Michelle Gu in and said, "I'm sorry, Miss Michelle, sorry for taking up your time!"

As soon as she entered the gate, she was immediately shocked by what she saw. In the middle of the gate was a huge hall, where green leisure garden could be seen everywhere. What a lively and natural environment. In order to find a job to support her and little Richard, Michelle Gu had taken her resume to many companies for an interview, although for various reasons in the end that she was not admitted, she had seen the working environment of those companies. She was sure that no company was more eye-catching than UK International. It could be called a high-class leisure and entertainment place! This was how big companies worked! Michelle Gu looked at the staff shuttling back and forth, everyone was in suits and busy with their own business. The men's suit was straight, and the women were also in professional suits, walking confidently.

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