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   Chapter 15 Is Your Son Excellent ! I Bah!

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"My son is so excellent. Although it was his fault to force you, it has been so many years since that thing happened. You still have a Richard. Do you fall in love with him after all these years?" It was no wonder that Mr. Henry would ask this question. Although they had been together for a long time, Mr. Henry often urged Michelle Gu to care more about her man, which was his son. But Michelle Gu was usually perfunctory in words, or seemed anticlimactic, and didn't care at all.

Silence! Silence! Embarrassed silence——

"What should I say? I don't know whether your son is excellent or not, but I really don't love him... " What happened? Does he want me to marry his son?! She didn't want it -- just get rid of it immediately.

"…… Don't you have the slightest affection for Daniel? To be honest, you have a child in common... " In the eyes of Mr. Henry's generation, women were more likely to be indifferent to their husbands from beginning to end and taught their children, followed three obediences and four virtues, and how the times had changed. A woman was willing to give birth to a man's child, and it was impossible for her to have no feelings for that man as strangers, she would have more or less feeling for him, "Ha ha Feeling?! It felt very subtle Ha ha I don't know... " Michelle Gu scratched her head and her ears. She didn't want to embarrass the old man, nor did she dare. If she really dared to say to Mr. Henry," your son is nothing but a scum! " 'She believed that Mr. Henry would definitely beat her to death with anger.

"Okay, let me ask you, except for giving birth to Richard, have you had that in the past five years with him?" Mr. Henry cut straight to the point.

"Ah -- that? Which one? " 'What is that? What does Mr. Henry want to say?' Michelle Gu wondered.

"Have sex. Did you have sex with Daniel afterwards? Understand? "

"Ah -- you said that, no, you can rest assured, absolutely not. I swear that I have nothing to do with him." Michelle Gu, who thought that she had realized Mr. Henry's intention, quickly denied. She didn't want to be misunderstood as a messy woman, and what she said was true. In German for five years, she hadn't done anything with anyone, let alone Daniel Jiang. She envied love, but she was afraid of love all the time. Perhaps it was because of her unbearable experience of pregnancy before marriage, her inferiority complex in high school, her fear of that losing memory, or scared......

"You It's hopeless... " Mr. Henry got angry when he heard that Michelle Gu swore to have nothing to do with his son. He didn't expect that his only son would have such a hard time. He wanted to hear that the two of them were in an intimate relationship. At least he could rest assured that his son was a normal man.

"If you can't get Daniel, you can't live with Richard." Mr. Henry threw a big bomb. He was an elder man, but he still asked about the privacy of young people. Was it easy for him for his son and the Jiang Family?!

"Why? Richard is my child. "The voice of Michelle Gu rose a lot. Anything related to her son, Richard Gu, would make her lose her mind.

"Richard is the eldest grandson of the Jiang Family. How can the Jiang Family let their children live outside? Richard will never leave the Jiang Family for the rest of his life. If you can't make Daniel fall in love with you, you won't be able to live with Richard righteously, and Richard will be cursed as an illegitimate child for the rest of his life. " Mr. Henry told Michelle Gu the pros and cons one by one.

"……" Michelle Gu had a strong impulse to tell Mr. Henry that Richard was not a child of t

he Jiang Family. Please don't threaten her. But when she thought of the deal he made with Mr. Daniel, she held back her anger. There was a saying: "Be frank with mercy will be sentenced to jail; resist with severity will be sent home to celebrate the new year."

Mr. Henry thought that it was because Michelle Gu had figured out the benefits and losses so she kept silent. He nodded in secret. It seemed that this woman could be flexible, at least not so stupid as to be unable to stop by humans!

"Do you understand now?"

"Yes." the plan couldn't catch up with the change.

"Do you know what to do?"

"Yes." there were policies on the top and measures on the bottom!



Seeing that Michelle Gu was so cooperative, Mr. Henry nodded with satisfaction. "Then let's go downstairs first. Think carefully about what you should do. " Mr. Henry informed Michelle Gu that she could leave and arranged her homework.

"Oh. I will... " Michelle Gu went out. Mr. Henry would make trouble for others after his retirement. It was none of his business.

In the evening, the Jiang Family gathered in the dining room for dinner.

There was something wrong with the atmosphere. Mr. Henry had been eating, and even his dearest grandson, little Richard, was playing with him, he was completely absent-minded and immersed in his own thoughts.

Daniel Jiang looked at his father from time to time and wanted to ask if he was not feeling well. After hesitating for a few times, he finally did not speak.

The most satisfied thing for Michelle Gu was the dishes cooked by the Jiang Family's chefs, which were even inferior to that of little Richard, let alone her worse skills. The daily meal time was her happiest moment, and tonight, Michelle Gu also noticed the strange atmosphere. At this moment, she was obediently sitting next to little Richard, eating rice, giving up her favorite dishes at the usual time. She was afraid she, a pure fish, would be hurt.

"Daniel." Mr. Henry, who had been quiet for a long time, finally put down his chopsticks and spoke;

Daniel Jiang looked up at his father, who was full of worries and difficult to eat, so he asked first, "what's up, father?"

"Okay, Daniel. From tomorrow on, ask Michelle to work in your company." He paused for one or two seconds and continued, "she'll be your secretary!"

"……" Michelle Gu felt her ears were a little itchy. 'Did I hear it wrong?! Mr. Henry asked her to be Daniel Jiang's secretary?! Although she had always been very sure of herself, she was really not sure whether she had such a strong ability to be a qualified secretary to the president of one of the top three domestic enterprises. Her highest education was a high school graduate. Some of the information about the Jiang Family was obtained from the servants of the Jiang Family when she chatted with them. Of course, more of the information was searched online by Michelle Gu. Many people would benefit from the generation resources sharing.

"Dad, are you kidding?! As you know, the company's affairs are not trivial. She doesn't have the ability to do that. "

"I know You can treat her as a life assistant. Take care of your diet and daily life! "

"……" Taking care of his diet and daily life?! Then what's the difference with his personal servant?! She wouldn't do it——

"No, I don't want to be his nanny..." She protested.

"Do you feel wronged to be his life assistant?! Don't forget that you promised me in the study this afternoon. "Mr. Henry glanced at her with a flying knife eye. She really forgot the pain! Michelle Gu shut up immediately. That was exactly what he wanted.

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