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   Chapter 14 Cheating Is Not Guilty, Long Live The Win Money.

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"Mr. Daniel?" It was a habit of him to stand behind Daniel Jiang for many years. He always obeyed his orders.

With the word "go", Nathan immediately went up to replace his mother, Lucy.

Daniel Jiang took out a piece of "one dot" and was about to play it, then he felt a small hand pinching his thigh hard. Needless to ask, it must be made by the woman named Michelle Gu. He looked sideways at the woman on the right and winked at him, pretending to shake her head naturally as if he couldn't understand, she almost said "this can't be played". Daniel Jiang felt very funny in his heart, even the corners of his mouth rose lightly without being noticed. As a small spy, Michelle Gu glanced at Mr. Henry's tile from time to time and reported to Mr. Daniel.

He changed the "one dot" and took out another "three of bamboo" to ask for her opinion. Michelle Gu signaled him to wait for a moment, and then she shook her little head to look at Mr. Henry's tiles in silence. She quickly stuck out her tongue and reached out her left index finger to touch her nose back and forth, indicating that Mr. Daniel could not play this one either, and he should play "one bamboo"

The two of them were busy changing a tile back and forth, finally played a tile 'one bamboo'. Mr. Henry didn't urge them, although they were so slow that he could even make a sock. With his years of experience, he boldly speculated that it was not easy for the two of them to join hands to cheat. He believed that the situation would be better and better in the future

Little Richard was speechless. Everyone could see that they were cheating, but it didn't matter. She didn't see his tiles anyway!

On the other side, Nathan was even calmer. As the first-class direct subordinate of Mr. Daniel, what he needed to do was to protect Mr. Daniel's interests and be loyal to him. When he sat at the table, he had this awareness that he should protect Mr. Daniel's good face and not embarrass him. Today, he was determined to let Mr. Daniel win. The higher requirement was to let Mr. Daniel win without changing tone or expression. Of course, Mr. Daniel could rely on himselfIt would be more perfect, such as cheating——

The competition ended at half past nine. They were tired after a whole afternoon's fight. In addition, it was Mr. Daniel who won the game alone, which made everyone feel bored and listless. As soon as the little Richard suggested, except the two people, they echoed actively. After everyone dispersed, Mr. Daniel and Michelle Gu began to share the spoils. At first, Michelle Gu lost more than ten thousand, and Mr. Daniel lost about one hundred thousand. Later, the two people cooperated to cheat and won back, except what they lost, there would be two thousand more left. The two of them had their own opinions on how to divide the stake!

In Mr. Daniel's view, the tiles were played by him, and the money was taken out by him. He paid for it with all his efforts. But Michelle Gu was just sitting aside and shaking her head, she didn't say anything. That was why he made the most contribution. He couldn't give half of the money to her definitely, let alone gave all the money to Michelle Gu. It would be good if he could get 70%.

Michelle Gu said. "Are you kidding me? No credit to me?"! If I hadn't reminded you by shaking my head aside, would you have won?! Hey, why didn't you win before I asked you for money? And you lied to me that I won and you lost. I'm not greedy. Half open, half open... "

The crowd left speechlessly, and even the little Richard took Mr. Henry's hand and left. He would rather play childish games with Grandpa Henry than stay in the hall and listen to the two brainless adults quarreling because of the uneven distribution of the spoils.

In the end, the two of them reached a consensus and reached an agreement on the end, which was Mr. Daniel got 60%, and Michelle Gu got 40%. Michelle Gu knew

clearly that she couldn't win over the cunning and insidious businessman Daniel Jiang. Indeed, she had never won over Mr. Daniel in the argument since she accidentally knew and they lived together.

In fact, Mr. Daniel didn't care about the money at all. In his eyes, Michelle Gu was just a miser who loved money very much, so he competed with her on purpose. When he saw her being bullied, he wanted to laugh three times and call out "Wow". After all, she laughed at him for " unlucky ghost", and dared to doubt his ability, she should be punished. On the other hand, the Jiang Mansion hadn't been so lively for a long time, and he hadn't laughed so happily for a long time. Since the arrival of Michelle Gu and her son, the Jiang Mansion seemed to have changed, becoming more vividly, lively and energetic. This subtle atmosphere affected every member of the Jiang Family, and they gradually adapted to the existence of "Miss Michelle" and "little master".

Nathan performed very well. Mr. Daniel was very satisfied with his performance. With a wave of his hand, he announced that Nathan had an excellent job and his salary would be increased! As a result, the amount of money that Nathan had lost today was all fixed! As a saying goes, "frustrated at casino, happy at work." Nathan wondered if he was this kind of man.!

Every day was a new beginning, and new stories happened every day! The new year in 2012 finally passed. As Richard Jiang, the little Richard formally entered the "RS Academy" to study.

At eight o'clock in the morning, the driver of the Jiang Family sent little Richard into the school on time. With his minicomputer on his back, little Richard was followed by a large number of bodyguards, who were sent by Mr. Henry to protect the only child of the Jiang Family. They were all dressed in black professional clothes, tall and strong, and there were also plain clothes bodyguards sent by Mr. Daniel. They had been secretly monitored and protected, from inside to outside, without any leak.

At the same time, Daniel Jiang also went to work. There were only two people left in the large Jiang Mansion, Mr. Henry and Michelle Gu. It was a little empty. Mr. Henry called Michelle Gu to his study.

Standing in front of the desk uneasily, Michelle Gu grabbed the clothes on her back with her right hand and asked nervously, "Dad, what can I do for you?"

Mr. Henry sighed. He was old and still had to worry about these messy things. In fact, even the two words "bitterness" couldn't summarize. His son's future and the Jiang Family depended on the woman in front of him. This girl was simple and stupid, and her eyes were very clean. She didn't look like a ruthless and scheming woman, nor did she have the luxury and vanity of those rich girls. He hoped that he didn't go wrong, and that his son could really have a happy life with her. Another long sigh, "Alas --"

Hearing Mr. Henry's long sigh, Michelle Gu jumped down. He suddenly asked her to come to the study, perhaps because he found out that she had made a deal with Daniel Jiang. The little Richard was not his grandson. The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she was, and the more scared she was. What did she say at the beginning? It was better not to follow such a conscienceless thing?! Look, karma is coming, isn't it?!

"There is one thing you have to make clear," said Mr. Henry, who was staring at Michelle Gu like a lion staring at his food.

"What?" Clenching her fists, Michelle Gu broke out in a cold sweat on her forehead. She had always been mentally ill when faced with the situation alone without the help of that damn Daniel Jiang!

At the moment when Michelle Gu could no longer bear Mr. Henry's laser beam and was about to tell the truth.

"Tell me the truth. Do you love my son or not?"

"Ah --" there was a thunder on the ground. It wasn't that thing.! She was scared to death.



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