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   Chapter 62 Dark Night Conspiracy 3

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Nelson looked at her in disbelief. The furious woman not only calmed down so soon, but also found out that he liked Susan and wanted to cooperate with him.

His first instinct told him that the woman in front of him was not a person to be trifled with. If he provoked her, he would also get into a lot of trouble. But when he thought of her proposal, he couldn't help but feel tempted. If they cooperated, he could easily get Susan.

"Why do you think I will cooperate with you? I want Susan. I can pursue her fair and square..."

"Ha ha, do you think that Susan will abandon the rich man, Kirk, and choose you, the ignorant playboy, who is obsessed with women all day long? Don't you think it's impossible?" Sara interrupted him quickly. Her face was full of irony, laughing at his stupidness and fantasies.

Nelson looked at her quietly with a heartless smile on his face, waiting for her to continue.

"As for why you want to cooperate with me, I think you are a smart person. I am the fiancee of Kirk. I can easily know everything between them. I can stay with them. I know everything about them. With such cooperation between you and me, we can do things with half the effort, right "At this time, Sara is like an experienced fox, trying her best to lure the rabbit in front of her into her trap.

He quietly walked over and sat on the sofa, picked up the red wine on the table and poured it into two glasses respectively without saying anything. He picked up one of the glasses and handed it t

of his door hadn't been cleaned up, how could he have the mood to care about the frost on other's roof?

He picked up the wine on the table and filled the glass, one after another. The beautiful wine that used to taste wonderful but now tasted bitter and difficult to swallow. Since he saw Susan at the banquet last time, he had no appetite. Was this so called lovesickness?

Susan's every move and smile kept flashing through his mind during the day. She was delicate and lovely. In his dream at night, he thought of Susan who was lying under him that day. Everything about her fascinated him and made him completely crazy. But she was indeed Kirk's woman. Thinking of Kirk, he wished he could cut him into pieces.

All of a sudden, Sara interrupted his thoughts. "Tell me your phone number. I will inform you immediately if there is any action in the future. You just need to cooperate."

After exchanging phone numbers, the two of them left the luxurious nightclub and sank into the darkness.

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