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   Chapter 61 Collusion In The Dark Night 2

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"Shame on you! Let go of me! If kIRK knows that you belittle me like this, he won't let you go! " Sara roared impatiently. She was not in the mood to waste time with him. This man's hug made her sick.

"Beauty, don't destroy the atmosphere like this. I not only know your Kirk, but also know his favorite woman, Susan. He introduced her like this in public... I wonder if your knows it or not as his fiancee. " Nelson looked carefully at the expression on Sara's face. He wanted to know the relationship between Susan and Kirk.

Hearing his words, Sara's face changed dramatically. Her eyes became particularly ferocious, and her anger continued to rise.

Damned Susan, damned tramp. How could Susan be so capable to ask Kirk to introduce her to other people? Sara and Kirk had known each other for so many years, but she had never contacted anyone or anything around Kirk. Kirk had never taken her to any parties. She must kill Susan... 。

Looking at the woman who was lost in thought, Nelson let go of his hand on her body quietly. He had already known the answer he wanted to know. Very well, he wouldn't let go of any woman of Kirk. He wanted to taste every woman of Kirk. He wanted to have a try of everything of Kirk. A ruthless and sinister smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

You bastard, let go of me. Get away from me..."

Suddenly, something occurred to Sara. "Do you also like Susan? Do you want to have sex with her?" Sara looked at him with burning eyes, eager to get his affirmative answer.

"Kirk's woman is so excellent. Who doesn't like her and who doesn't want her? Beauty, do you think so? " With a smile, Nelson gently lifted her chin with his fingers and wanted to kiss her lips.

When he loosened his grip, Sara quickly escaped from his arms and avoided his kiss. A determined smile appeared on her lips, as if everything was under her control.

"If you want to get Susan, your best way is to cooperate with me. If we cooperate, you would get your Susan, and I would get my Kirk. Why don't we take what we need?" Sara's anger was swept away, and her face gradually calmed down. A vicious smile appeared on her face.

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