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   Chapter 58 Imprisonment 5

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"Susan, Susan, what's wrong... Wake up quickly... Susan, who was chasing after her Mommy, heard someone calling her, but she didn't know who it was. The voice kept ringing in her ears.

Susan was stunned for a few seconds. When she raised her head again, her mother had disappeared. Only the anxious voice of Uncle Merrick was still ringing in her ears. Was there anything wrong with him?

Susan slowly opened her tearful eyes. In the dim light, an anxious old face appeared in front of her.

She opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but there was no sound at all. She swallowed and wetted her dry throat before she said in a hoarse voice, "Un... Uncle... Uncle Merrick."

"Susan, that's great! You finally wake up... Merrick's heart tightened when he saw her big empty eyes. Her eyes were so beautiful that people feel heartbreak. When he came in and saw Susan, he had an illusion that such a beautiful girl would disappear in the world, but fortunately, she was still alive.

Susan was lying on the ground motionlessly, like a broken doll, abandoned by her master because of being too broken.

"Open the door for me. I want to see Susan!" Merrick shouted angrily at the bodyguards who rushed in. He was so inhuman. Didn't he see that Susan was about to die?

"Mr. Merrick, I'm sorry. Young master has ordered that no one is allowed to visit her. Please get out right now. You're making it difficult fo

my life will be worse than death. He will keep torturing me, and he will swallow me alive..." Susan kept trembling at the thought of Kirk.

Feeling Susan's trembling body in his arms, Merrick felt sadder. Why was Susan so afraid of the young master?

"Susan, you misunderstood young master. It's not what you think. He loves you, but he doesn't know yet. He doesn't know whether he should hate you or love you. On the side, it's his mother, and on the other it's you. Young master is not feeling well. You should give him time slowly, and he will slowly understand his true feelings." Merrick said slowly. He really hoped that he could let the two of them see their heart clearly, but he was not strong enough.

"Uncle Merrick, you are wrong. He just hates me. He doesn't like me. He is no longer the Kirk when he was a child. Now he just wants to torture me and make me sad. He will be happy when he sees me sad... Susan retorted excitedly.

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