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   Chapter 26 Scramble 1

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In the Dark Night Bar

"Kirk, long time no see. Do you miss me? I miss you so much!" A fiery red figure enchantingly walked to Kirk who was drinking alone in the corner. She didn't expect that she was lucky to meet him here today.

Kirk was depressed because of what happened just now, and he was already drunk. He couldn't understand why his best friend would fight with him for a woman.

"Kirk, why do you ignore me?" The enchanting woman sat on his legs and put her arms around his neck.

Kirk looked at the woman on his body. The woman in front of him and Susan's appearance overlapped. He could not help but call out gently, "Susan..."

He held Bella Bai tightly and kept murmuring, "Susan, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you like this. I'm sorry."

Hearing the name he called, Bella was stunned for a moment. 'Who is Susan? Is she the woman he likes? Someone can conquer this beast.' Looking at Kirk who was so active, it was not bad to let her be the so-called Susan once.

"Kirk, it's okay. I'm fine. I like you very much," Bella answered tactfully, and then she anxiously put her red lips on his.

When her lips were about to touch his, Kirk gave her a hard slap on the face and said, "You shameless woman! How dare you cheat in front of me? You want to be my Susan? You can't even compare with her toes. You need to think carefully about who you are."

Because of the effect of alcohol, he mistook Bella for Susan, but he knew that Susan would not be so obedient. She was afraid of him and hated him. The most important thing was that she had a good smell of orchid, which no one else had.

Turning around, Kirk picked up the coat on the sofa and walked out. He wanted to know how Susan was.

Lying on the ground, Bella looked at the disappearing Kirk with hatred. A horrifying sinister smile appeared on her face. She was the daughter that the elder Mr. Bai of a sinister gang loved very much in A City. No one dared to do this to her. She didn't believe that she was not as good as Susan. She would definitely make Kirk like her.

It took Kevin a lot of effort to cure Susan's wound, her hand and her jaw.

Susan woke up and looked at Kevin beside her bed. She was very happy. She didn't know why Kevin always gave her a sense of relief and comfort, just like her brother.

"Kevin, why are you here?" Susan asked anxiously. She tried to move her hand, it was not as painful as before, and she could speak now.

"I'm here to save your life. Susan, you're seriously injured. If it weren't for me, you would

have died." Kevin exaggerated the truth.

Susan couldn't help trembling at the thought of what had happened. She felt it was so horrible. She didn't want to stay with him anymore. She wanted to leave, she wanted to leave now.

"Kevin, can you take me away? I don't want to stay in this horrible place anymore. He will torture me to death." Susan sat up and held his hand. Susan looked at Kevin like a homeless child, which made Kevin feel depressed.

"Okay, I'll take you out of here. We're leaving now." Without hesitation, Kevin picked Susan up and walked out. As far as he knew, Kirk must be in the bar now, so he could take her away at this time.

When Bill at the door saw Kevin coming over with Susan in his arms, he immediately stepped forward and stopped him. "Mr. Kevin, where are you taking Miss Susan?"

After what happened last time, he had stayed in the prison for three days. He couldn't make two mistakes on the same problem, or the young master would definitely kill him.

"What do you think I'm going to do? Didn't you ask deliberately? Susan was badly injured. Of course I should take her to my private hospital for treatment. If you continue to stop me, Susan's injuries will get worse. You can't bear the consequences. " Susan in Kevin's arms looked very weak. Her face was pale and like glass that would be broken when you touched it.

Bill thought for a while and quickly moved aside.

Kevin gently put Susan into his Porsche and quickly drove away.

Aaron came because of the noise outside. He looked at Bill in front of the door and then looked at the Porsche in the distance.

"What's wrong? What happened?" Both Aaron and Bill were Kirk's right-hand assistants. They had made great contributions to the company.

"Nothing. Kevin took Miss Susan to his hospital. She is seriously ill." Bill said calmly.

"What? Kevin took Miss Susan away. Why didn't you tell me earlier? " Aaron thought of the scene that Kevin and Susan got along with each other this morning. He wanted to tell Kirk this thing, but before he had the chance to tell him, something happened.

Bill looked at Aaron strangely. Was there anything wrong? Why did he react so strongly?

Aaron quickly took out his phone and called Kirk.

"Sir, Mr. Kevin just took Miss Susan away. He said…"

Kirk was on the way back when he heard Aaron's words. His dizzy head suddenly sobered up.

Damn it! He sped up without hesitation. He must stop their car. His only thought was to get that woman back quickly. She could only be his.

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