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   Chapter 24 Being Humiliated 2

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"Shame on you! You are not a human. What else can you do except threatening me?" Susan looked at Kirk angrily and roared. 'I can't be fooled by him. He won't do anything to Richie. Kevin has told me that Richie is fine and the wound on his leg has been treated.

Richie is the only person I care about. If he hurts or kills Richie, he will have nothing to threaten me. This man only know to threaten me.'

"Really? Do you think I won't do anything else?" Kirk sneered coldly.

Susan's biggest fear was not to see him angry, but to see him smile. He was insane. The happier he smiled, the more serious the consequences would be.

A bad feeling rose in her heart when she saw him like this, but she was still unwilling to come there. She didn't want to get close to him even if she died. If she got close to him, her life would be worse than death. If she needed to choose one, she would choose the former.

"I'll ask you for the last time. Will you come or not?" Kirk asked coldly.

"I won't. You can do nothing but threaten me with Richie. You are not a man. You are a coward!" Susan shouted at him. She wouldn't do what he said. She wouldn't.

"You are courting death. What did you say I was?" In a few steps, Kirk came to Susan, grabbing her collar and lifting her up from the ground.

His aura was so strong that Susan's heart and body kept trembling, but she didn't show weakness. She raised her head and roared at him, "Kill me if you have the guts…"

"I don't like your mouth at all!" After saying that, Kirk lowered his head and bit her lips hard.

Susan's chest heaved slightly, and her hair in front of her forehead was wet with sweat. Her beautiful face was already pale without color, as if it would be broken with a gentle touch.

All over her body, there were traces left by the rude Kirk, such as kisses, scratches and whips. They were all shocking and horrible.

Susan didn't know where the pain came from. The pain on her lips, the pain of her jaw falling, the pain of the whip marks on her body, the pain of her wrist dislocated, and the pain of her lower body. It seemed that there was no pain all over her body. The pain went deep into the bone, as if she had fallen from tens of thousands meters, and her body was smashed into pieces, and all her organs were broken. She was overwhelmed with pain.

‘Damn it!’ This young body had a huge impact on him. Kirk didn't know how many times he had sex with her.

He only remembered the wonderful feeling of possessing her again and again.

When Kirk was satisfied, he got out of Susan's body and looked at her pale face. Susan's tears was streaming down her face and her body was trembling, as if she would break into pieces as long as he gently touched her.

Seeing her like this, Kirk couldn't help feeling heartbroken, but soon it was replaced by pride. That was exactly what he wanted. He wanted her to live worse than death.

Kirk bent down and gently lifted her up. Susan wanted to ask him to let go of her, but her detached jaw made her unable to say anything.

She wanted to push him away with her hands, but she couldn't use any strength because of her dislocated hands. A touch would cause a piercing pain, so she could do nothing. She could only be like a rag doll without any consciousness and let him deal with her.

She hated him so much. Why did he let her suffer everything for no reason? Why didn't he let her go? Why? They were not even strangers. Why did he treat her like this? Why should he?

Kirk walked upstairs to the bedroom with Susan in his arms step by step. His action was so gentle and he didn't even know it. He was afraid of hurting her, so he held her carefully.

Kirk directly took her into the bathroom, gently putting her in the bathtub and carefully washing her body. His movements were extremely gentle.

When he touched her wrist, Susan screamed and the piercing pain swept over her body.

"Now you know it hurts. Why didn't you listen to me before?" Kirk growled angrily, he didn't know if it was because of her disobedience that annoyed him, or because he was angry with himself for hurting her so deeply. There was no doubt that he thought it was the first reason.

"If you don't want to suffer any pain, you have to learn to be obedient, and absolutely obey all my orders." Kirk reminded Susan kindly. He didn't want to hurt her like this, but when he met her, all his senses were gone.

Kirk wiped her body gently and touched the marks he left on her body over and over again.

He wouldn't leave any trace on her flawless body, because it would destroy her beauty.

His fingers came to her heart. The mark was very deep, and he deliberately left it. He would not let it disappear, and he would make it exist on her body forever. He thought he must be infatuated with her body. He had to admit that Susan was the best existence in the world.

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