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   Chapter 23 Being Humiliated 1

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"You can't expect that one day, I will never bow to you. I hate you so much. I will kill you if I have the chance." Lying on the ground, Susan struggled to stand up. She didn't want to show weakness in front of him, even if she died for it.

"What did you say? You bitch!" Kirk slapped hard on her face. Before she could stand firm, she fell to the ground awkwardly again.

"I said even if you forcibly make love with me, my heart will never belong to you. It will only belong to Richie." Susan felt pain all over her body, especially on her back.

"Really? I'm telling you, Susan, both your body and your heart can only belong to me, Kirk Criss. This is a fact that no one can change in your life." He didn't care about her heart at all. The woman was a tool for him to vent his anger. But since she said he couldn't get her heart, he had to get her heart, and then ruthlessly broke it, making her life a living hell.

"No way! I won't fall in love with you. I will hate you for the rest of my life. I will remember what you have done to me all my life."

Kirk squatted down and looked at her up and down with an evil smile in his eyes, which made her scared. "Let's wait and see. I have a lot of ways to make you fall in love with me."

"It's impossible, never possible. You don't have to wait and see. It's impossible." Susan blurted out these words without hesitation.

"There is no such word as ‘impossible’ in my dictionary, ha ha..." Then Kirk turned around and sat on the sofa lazily.

"I will be the first person you know what it can't be. I will not let you get what you want even if I die." Susan's tough attitude made Kirk frown deeply. He didn't like a woman like a hedgehog. What he wanted was one hundred percent obedience, which was one of the necessary conditions for all his bed companions.

"Do you know the consequence of resisting me?" Kirk stroked the dragon ring on his thumb, which was the most noble symbol of the whole underworld. Then he slowly walked to the sofa and sat down.

Only the fo

ol would go against his will. Disobeying him would only lead to death, but he didn't want her to die, so her fate would be worse than death.

After sitting down, Kirk looked at Susan and waved his hand, "Come here!"

"I won't… I won't even if I die…" Susan got up from the ground and sat on the ground holding her legs.

"Why can't you be obedient? If you don't listen to me, you will be miserable!" Kirk looked at her evilly and winked at her.

Susan laughed crazily. What would happen to her? The worst thing was to die? There was nothing to be afraid of death. What she wanted most now was to leave. She was not even afraid of death. What was she afraid of?

He was not a human at all. He was abnormal. He asked her to cut the trees, and it was just a few broken flowers? These common flowers had no value, she would give him as much as he wanted. Her life was worth less than a flower. He was a madman.

She didn't want to see him again. She couldn't stay with him anymore. She had to run away. She had to. She had known where Richie was now. She would definitely run away with him. She would never see this madman again, who didn't value other people's lives.

She knew that if she stayed with him, he wouldn't kill her, but he would definitely make her insane. She was covered with wounds all over her body because of Kirk.

Looking at her messy smile, Kirk glared at her and said again, "If you are sensible, come here quickly."

Obviously, he had lost his patience. He hated to see her gaze like this. He hated to see her expression like this. The more she behaved like this, the more he wanted to destroy her and make her painful.

"No, I won't go there even if I die." Susan was very clear about the consequence if she go there. She was not a fool. She would not obediently come to there. She would not let him insult her, because she had dignity.

"Don't you care about Richie? If you want him to live, come and please me at once. If you don't care..." Kirk knew that Richie was her only concern now.

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