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   Chapter 21 Punishment 4

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With Susan's help, a sakura tree fell towards the hyacinths.

As soon as Aaron saw this scene, he was very scared. He immediately ran to the falling tree. No matter how fast he was, he couldn't be faster than the falling tree. The hyacinths under the tree was scattered in all directions. They were beautiful just now, but now they were all withered.

"It's so easy to cut trees!" Susan put down the saw and clapped her hands, full of accomplishment.

"What's wrong with you? Why do you look like that? " She had cut a tree and completed the task. Why did he look like this?

"Miss Susan, these hyacinths were planted by young master himself, because hyacinth is the favorite flower of his dead mother. No one is allowed to touch them except young master. But now so many flowers have been broken. What should we do?" Thinking of this, Aaron was worried about the future of them. The gardener accidentally broke one hyacinth last time, and his hand was broken by young master.

"Don't worry. It's not you. What are you afraid of? I'll take all the consequences." Susan thought it was just a few flowers, but after she was beaten, she realized that she was totally wrong.

In the Ye Group.

In the meeting room, all the major shareholders were sitting uprightly, waiting for the arrival of Kirk Criss.

With the sound of "click", the door was opened. Kirk and Lyman came at the same time. The tall and handsome two made everyone surprised.

"Hello, Mr. Criss." All the people stood up and bowed to him, because they would rely on him to pay them salary in the future.

Kirk glanced at them coldly and then sat in the seat, Lyman followed and sat down.

"I'm the biggest shareholder of the Ye Group now. The Ye Group has to listen to me." A cold voice came to everyone's ears.

"Lyman, please analyze the future of the Ye Group for me. Is it merged with the Criss Group or we declare bankruptcy directly? How much is it worth of use?" Kirk ordered in a low voice.

"The Ye Group is one of the top five hundred enterprises in the world, an old brand enterprise. However, because of its conservative way of operation, it hasn't made any big breakthroughs. If it goes on like this, its future won't be promising. Only by taking a new path can it have a better future..." Usually, Lyman looked like an incompetent person, but now he was confident and charming. No one could tell that he was a world-famous risk evaluator and investor. He had made a lot of money for Kirk.

"From today on, the Ye Group will be under the Criss Group's control. The Ye Group will be declared bankruptcy." Then he stood up and left.

That day, everyone in A City knew that the Ye Group was acquired by the

Criss Group overnight. Everyone didn't know that where Mr. Richie was and where Mr. Elvis was.

Everyone was even more afraid of the legendary Criss Group. The person who could acquire the Ye Group overnight was extremely powerful.

Everyone only heard that the Criss Group's current leader was ruthless, cruel and bloodthirsty, and countless people had died in his hands.

When they stepped into the gate of the Criss Mansion, Lyman suggested, "Kirk, let's go to see Susan's work. What do you think?"

What they saw there was mess. The fallen trees were in disorder, and the flowers and plants on the ground all turned into withered flowers and broken grass.

"Susan is different from others. She can even cut a tree like this. The destructive force is first-class. She is really awesome." Lyman said playfully. He knew the consequences would be like this.

Kirk's eyes were immediately attracted by the scattered hyacinth. Seeing such a mess, he was so angry that he turned around and walked quickly into the room.

Looking at Kirk's angry face, Lyman felt puzzled. ''It is just a garden. Why he is so angry?'

"Where is Susan? Ask her to come here." Kirk was furious to the extreme. When the butler saw him, he was scared and knew that the young master was very angry, so the consequences would be very serious. Then he turned around and went to look for Susan.

"What's wrong? What's the matter? " Susan wanted to run away as soon as she saw Kirk. Her body kept trembling. She was afraid of him. She was afraid that he would force her.

But she still looked up at him, not to be outdone.

Seeing that Susan didn't know she was wrong and she was still arrogant, Kirk's anger was completely released.

"Damn you! Did you do all the things in the garden?" Kirk stepped forward, then he grabbed her collar and lifted her up.

"Yes. Didn't you ask me to do it?" Susan, who had left the ground, tightly grasped Kirk's hands, fearing that he would accidentally throw her on the ground again. If so, her little butt would be badly injured.

"You damn woman! You have to pay the price." Kirk threw her to the corner.

She winced in pain. Was he going to kill her?

"Butler, give me a whip!" Kirk ordered coldly. 'She destroyed mommy's favorite flower. She deserves it.'

"Kirk, calm down..." Lyman stepped forward and stopped him.

"Young master, it's all my fault. I didn't remind Miss Susan..."Aaron knelt on the ground and pleaded.

"If anyone dares to plead for her, they will be punished together." Kirk shook off Lyman's hand.

"Get out! Don't stay here!" Everyone had to go out. If they resisted him, it would only intensify his anger, Susan would be punished more.

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