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   Chapter 16 Torture 1

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Susan couldn't stand it anymore. Were these two still people? They were so shameless to do such a disgusting thing in front of others. Her face was as red as cooked shrimp.

Her heart was constantly surging, and a wave of nausea attacked her. She couldn't stand it anymore. She turned around and ran to the bathroom, and then she bent over the toilet, constantly vomiting.

Susan felt that her heart was about to be spit out. As soon as she stopped, the disgusting scene just now echoed in her mind. She leaned over the toilet again and vomited wildly.

Kirk, who was standing outside, was enraged by her reaction. This was not what he wanted. He couldn't believe that she felt sick.

Kirk pushed Emily away, "Get out of here!"

"Mr. Criss, what's the matter with you?" Emily, who was still in a state of passion, had no idea what had happened. What had she done wrong to offend this man?

"I say it again. Get out!" Kirk gave Emily a hard kick.

Lying on the ground, Emily looked at him in fear. Then she picked up her clothes from the ground and ran out. Although she wanted to be with him, her life was more important.

Kirk strode to the door of the bathroom. When he heard the sound of vomiting from inside, his anger was even higher. 'She is pretending to be pure and lofty in front of me. She feels disgusted. Didn't her lowly mother let her learn it? Is she pretending to be pure and lofty in front of me?'

Kirk pushed the door hard, only to find that it was locked. Damn it! How dare she lock the door in his house? "Susan, open the door right now!"

Susan, who was vomiting on the toilet, trembled when she heard his voice. 'What should I do? What should I do? The devil is coming, and the devil is right outside the door. What should I do?'

Susan looked around and tried to find something to make sure door closed and not let him in. She searched everywhere in the bathroom, but she couldn't find anything useful. So she quickly ran to the door and leaned against it. 'I can't let him in. He is not a human. I can't let him in.'

Kirk, who didn't get any response, got furious at once. "Susan, I'll co

unt to three. Open the door immediately, or you can't bear the consequences!"

Kirk's voice came from outside, "One, two..."

Susan knew that he was threatening her. What he only could do was threatening her. He was a bad guy. She didn't want to hear his words about threat. So she raised her hand to cover her ears. She didn't want to hear his voice. When she heard his voice, she would think of the disgusting scene.

"Three." When Kirk counted to three, the door didn't open. He couldn't control his anger anymore. This damn vicious woman dared to ignore his words. No one dared to do this. She was simply courting death.

Kirk kicked the door hard, but because of the good quality of the door, it didn't move at all. He was very regretful now. Why he use such a door? He kicked the door hard again.

Susan, who was standing close to the door, felt the strong vibration of the door. She loosened her hands that were covering her ears, and her heart was filled with endless panic. 'What should I do? What should I do? He will kick the door open later. What should I do?'

Outside the door, Kirk was completely crazy. 'Damn it! How dare she ignore me like this? I'll punish her severely later. I'll make her cry every day. I'll kill her today!'

Susan felt that the door was about to be kicked open, and the panic in her heart was spreading. 'What should I do? He is about to come in. If he come in, he will not let her go and definitely torture her. What should I do?'

At this moment, Susan saw a glass cup. She quickly ran over and threw the glass cup on the ground. She picked up the biggest piece and held it in her hand. When she just held it firmly, the door was kicked open by Kirk.

When Kirk saw the highly vigilant woman, a cruel smile appeared on his face. He walked slowly towards her step by step, as if he was going to kill her.

Susan's heart was beating fast. She was in panic and confused. Her body was trembling, and the glass fragment in her hand was also trembling.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Kirk stood a few steps away from her, looking at the glass in her hand and asked sarcastically.

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