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   Chapter 7 Insult 4

Uncontrolled Desire: CEO's Secret Lover By Lian Lian Characters: 3428

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Kirk suddenly lowered his head and bit her lips. He wanted to go to hell with her. It was more like a kiss than a bite. Wherever he touched, it turned blue and purple, spilling blood……

When the day was about to break, Kirk stopped and gently took Susan into the bathroom. He gently washed her whole body and carried her back to the bed. He applied the best medicine to the wounds on her body, without leaving any scars. Her beautiful body should not leave any scars. It would be regretful if there were scars on her beautiful skin. He was very interested in her. No woman could make him so happy both physically and mentally.

Kirk gently held Susan who was in a coma into his arms, and gently touched her face with his big hand. Susan became more and more beautiful, like the plum blossoms in the valley, or fresh and elegant lily. She was so beautiful. Why did she leave him with his mother in the past? Why? If she had been with him all the time, would he become like this now? Would there be such a deep hatred?

"Susan, it's all your fault that I become like this. You can only be mine. You can only stay by my side. You have to help your mommy repay her for what she has done." Kirk held Susan tightly. He had never been so calm before. Looking at Susan, he slowly fell asleep and didn't dream all night. It was the most comfortable sleep for him in the past ten years since she left him.

When Susan woke up again, it was already the noon of the second day. She tried to get up, but her bones all over her body were broken, which made her cry in pain.

Susan struggled to sit up. The crazy scenes of last night poured into her mind one by one. She couldn't help screaming and crying.

She was s

ure that Kirk was a lunatic, a demon. She didn't know him at all. The first time she saw him was on a magazine of Yilia.

He kept saying that his mother owed him, but Richie told her that she was an orphan adopted by him. Although she didn't remember what happened before eight years old, she knew nothing before eight years old. Richie told her that she had a car accident when she was eight years old, so she forgot what happened between them before. Richie said she was his fiancee and she grew up with him, so it was impossible for her to know Kirk.

'Why does Kirk know my name? Is he looking for another woman called Susan? Is it because their names are the same?'.

At the thought of the devil like man, her heart trembled. No, she couldn't stay here, or she would die.

Susan raised her head and looked around the luxurious bedroom. All things were dark, and no one could see through it. It could see how terrifying the owner of the room was.

The fear in Susan's heart deepened. No, she must leave here and go back to find Richie and grandpa Elvis.

At this time, two beautiful foreign women pushed the door open and came in. Their bodies were so sexy.

They looked at Susan with disdain. Susan's face was red and swollen, and her lips were red and swollen too, so she looked so ugly.

"You are so ugly! These are your clothes. Hurry up and put them on. " One of them ordered.

Another woman pushed the dining car in and said coldly, "If you don't want to starve to death, get up and eat."

Susan stared blankly at the two arrogant maids and looked out of the room. A tall man in a black suit stood at the door. She knew the kind of man he was, and that was why he had such a maid.

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