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   Chapter 61 Acting Heroically (Part One)

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Although the woman was less than thirty years old, she wore heavy makeup and her voice was very sharp. She looked around, but no one admitted that they were a thief. The woman felt her blood pressure rising as she saw this situation. Her expression became ferocious. At this time, she suddenly turned to one side and shouted at an old man standing next to her, "Did you steal my wallet? It's you, right? Give it back to me! Now!"

The old man was stunned as he saw her ferocious expression. He gestured to explain. It turned out that he was deaf and dumb. The woman was so angry that she didn't want to let this old man go easily. She grabbed the man's clothes and screamed, "You were behind me just now. You must have taken it! Give it back to me! Or we can go to the police station now!"

At this time, a white haired woman squeezed over from her seat and patiently explained to the woman that she was this old man's wife. The old lady grabbed the woman's clothes and pleaded, "Miss, my husband can't speak. We two are honest people. How can we take your wallet? You wronged him. I think you'd better look for it again to see if it's in your bag. Okay?"

The woman snorted and said, "How could it be possible? I've searched it four times! And it wasn't in my bag! It was this old man who sneaked around behind me just now. Will he be fine if he pretends to be deaf and dumb? He was angling for sympathy! Let me tell you, my wallet was lost just now. If you don't compensate me for my loss, you won't be able to leave! I won't let this issue go so easily! You two old people, don't pretend to be deaf. Hurry up and compensate for me!"

At this time, the people around began to discuss, and everyone began to discuss with each other,

"This woman doesn't seem to be lying, but she is so rude and aggressive."


r eyes. Her attitude was extremely bad.

Instead of being angry, Evelyn laughed. At this time, she saw a wallet dropped between the two seats of the bus. The wallet had a leopard pattern and a golden zipper, but it was difficult to see it because it fell in the seat. Evelyn thought for a second and asked, "You said you lost your wallet? Well, what wallet did you lose? How much money is in it? What does your wallet look like? Tell me about the detail. Let me find it for you."

Aimee Liu looked at Evelyn, thought for a while and said, "I lost a leopard print wallet, in which there was more than 2000 in cash, a few credit cards, and a few one-inch photos of me. This old man was just behind me. He must have taken it secretly..."

Evelyn quickly squatted down and picked up the wallet under the seat. Pretending to be relaxed, she shook it and said, "See? Is it your wallet?"

When Aimee Liu saw the wallet, she immediately stopped cursing. She quickly reached out her hand to take it, but Evelyn avoided her hand and said, "You said it was yours, but how are you going to prove that? I think I have to send the wallet to the police station. It will be terrible if some heartless person to take it!"

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