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   Chapter 60 There Is A Thief

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When he was about to eat up the rest of the noodles in his bowl when Evelyn didn't pay attention to him, the cat came over. Evelyn quickly picked up the last piece of beef from Byron's bowl and threw it to the cat. "Eat more, kitten. If you give birth to a baby in the future, I will keep it myself. It must be very cute!"

When Byron saw the beef in his bowl was eaten by the cat, he stared at the cat with a dangerous look, which made the cat's hair stand up and its tail raise high, making it look very vigilant.

Looking at the cat and Byron, Evelyn didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. Was her boss really... Even sick of cats? Thinking of this, she couldn't help chuckling.

Byron stood up and glanced at the unfinished braised noodles. Then he asked Evelyn, "Have you finished? If you finished, let's go back. You still have work to do tomorrow." Then he strode out.

Evelyn stood up in a hurry and was about to leave too. The landlady of the restaurant looked at Evelyn and said,

he vacuum package, she saw a pink strawberry shaped cake with a unique fragrance of strawberry. Smelling that, Evelyn felt very happy today.

She held the quilt and had a good sleep. On the second day, she got up in a hurry and went to catch the bus. As soon as she arrived at the bus station, she saw a black sports car speeding out from the front. The man in the car had flaxen hair and handsome edges. Although it was only for a moment, it still attracted the screams of the women present.

At this time, the bus came. She tried her best to squeeze into it, but she was almost squeezed out of the bus. She held a hand that was so wobbly that she couldn't even stand firm. There were too many people in the car. She tightly protected her small bag against her chest in case of thief again. At this time, a scream suddenly came from the back of the car. A woman in her late twenties was flipping crazily in her handbag, and then she shouted, "My mobile phone was stolen! There is a thief!"

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