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   Chapter 59 Eating Together

Irresistible Affection: CEO's Gossip Wife By Er Ye Characters: 10168

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All of a sudden, the look on Evelyn's face darkened, but she quickly regained her composure and said, "I'm willing to learn from Vincent. Thank you for your training, boss!"

All of a sudden, the expression on Evelyn's face changed. She sniffed with relish, but she couldn't help but sneeze. Then she covered her mouth and sneezed by accident.

Because Byron was a clean freak. So the expression on Byron's face changed as he shouted, "Get out!"

As soon as Evelyn closed the door, she heard another sneeze.

Byron's face darkened. He stood up and felt that the whole room was infected with virus. Then he picked up the car key and decided not to work overtime tonight. He prepared to go back.

He suddenly thought that Evelyn had sneezed so many times. Did she catch a cold?

Indeed, Evelyn had a cold. After she chatted with Mr. Lin, she felt a little better. But when Byron called her to the CEO's office, she was in a cold sweat again and felt uncomfortable again.

When she came out, almost everyone in the company was off duty. Looking at the empty corridor, she swallowed and remembered what happened last time. Then she quickly changed her casual clothes. After checking that there was nothing left, she was about to turn around and lock the door.

As soon as she turned around, she met Byron standing at the door, which made Evelyn tremble with fear.

She had suffered a lot today, so she prepared to eat some delicious food to replenish her energy.

She said in a trembling voice, "Boss, what are you doing here?"

Byron raised his eyebrows and said, "Let's go!"

Evelyn followed him obediently. Although he walked very fast, she felt that the CEO seemed to take a dog for a walk, she still followed him obediently under his oppression. When they arrived at the underground garage, Byron opened the car door with the key and said to Evelyn without looking back, "Sit in the back seat."

Sitting in the back seat obediently, Evelyn looked out of the window. She felt that she often got injured or sick after working in the Sybil Hotel. She felt that she was unlucky and should go to the temple to worship.

'Oh my God! Today is my birthday! I almost forget it' she thought.

What should she eat for her birthday? She thought that today she had talked noodles to Mr. Lin. According to the tradition of her family, she must eat noodles on her birthday. So she said to Byron, "Mr. Song, you don't have to send me to my dormitory today. Just put me at the intersection in front of us later. Thank you."

Without raising his eyes, Byron said plainly, "Why? Do you have a date to go on?"

Evelyn said awkwardly, "Date? Who am I going to date? I just want to eat the braised noodles over there."

"Braised noodles?" Byron had never heard of the name of the food. He asked with a hint of doubt, "What's that?"

After thinking for a while, Evelyn explained, "It's just the half cooked noodles. They are completely soaked in the hot air and soup juice in the pot. They are neither oily nor light. They taste very

ng a peaked cap had sent a WeChat message. Soon, a transfer message came in. He looked at the number on the message and was very satisfied. He then sent all the photos and left without eating the noodles. After completing his task, he took out his phone and deleted the WeChat message from the mercenary. The WeChat ID was "Mr. Xu."

Looking at the WeChat message sent by the man, Rory saved the photo and observed it carefully. Byron, in a slim suit, didn't fit in with an unknown small restaurant. Opposite him, a pink skin and very pleasing girl was having dinner with him. Although the two didn't talk, they looked very familiar and even a little intimate. A cold smile appeared on Rory's face.

At the thought of the loss of his trip to ST City, the thought of Byron's interference, and the love of the daughter of the owner of the XM Group to Byron, each of them was enough to make him furious. Since he just returned home, he found that his business had fallen a little, and the company's stock price was also falling slightly. He couldn't vent his anger. He looked at the clean and beautiful Evelyn in the photo with a sinister look in his eyes. 'Byron, since you stole my business and my woman, don't blame me for giving you back the same way,' he thought.

Evelyn was really hungry. She had caught a cold all day long, which made her feel dizzy and have no appetite. When she came here and had a bowl of braised noodles, she felt her whole body come back to life. She drank up the soda in one gulp, took a long breath like drinking, and then touched her round belly. Byron hadn't finished eating yet. When he saw that Evelyn had eaten up all the food, a look of disgust appeared on his face. Then he put down his chopsticks too.

Evelyn asked with a smile, "Boss, what do you think of this restaurant? Is it good?"

Byron wiped his mouth with a handkerchief gracefully and said "Not bad" expressionlessly. In fact, he also thought the food tasted good, but he was too embarrassed to show it in front of Evelyn.

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