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   Chapter 58 Give Evelyn A Promotion (Part Two)

Irresistible Affection: CEO's Gossip Wife By Er Ye Characters: 5510

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:03

Mr. Lin didn't try to hide anything from Byron. He was a straightforward person. He couldn't hide anything in his heart, so he told Byron everything about the translation of Evelyn. Of course, he was also mentally prepared that Byron would punish him and his subordinates after hearing it, but he couldn't help saying that he wanted Byron to send Evelyn to him so that he could teach this girl a lot.

After hearing that, Byron was shocked. It seemed that Evelyn had been working very hard. She took the job did not belong to her very seriously. He

here was a little angel flying and singing. "Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!"

She said like in a dream, "Mr. Song, are you in a good mood today?"

Byron glanced up at her. His eyes were like arrows. Seeing that, Evelyn shrank her neck and waved her hand desperately. "I just said it casually. Please don't mind."

Byron approached her with a playful smile and said, "I just want to see how the rotten wood is made of jade." Then he looked at Evelyn carefully and added, "Or how a potato is made of jade."

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