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   Chapter 25 The Auction (Part Two)

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Rory immediately answered, "Mr. Itou, if you don't mind, I want to go to the art exhibition with you and Miss Itou tomorrow. I have collected a lot of masters' paintings in China. I also want to visit the famous works of ST City."

Looking at Itou Mitsuo, Itou Shizuka shook his arm coquettishly and said, "Father, but I want Mr. Song to go with me. I want to thank him for saving me today."

Itou Mitsuo laughed, "I think Mr. Song will be annoyed if you thank him again and again."

Byron said politely, "Miss Itou, you're welcome. But if you don't mind, I'm willing to visit the famous paintings with you and Mr. Itou."

Itou Mitsuo nodded and said, "Well, it's settled then. Mr. Song, I'll send a car to pick you up at your hotel tomorrow." After saying that, they left.

"See you tomorrow, Mr. Song," said Itou Shizuka, waving at Byron.

When their car drove away, Rory rudely grabbed Byron's collar and said, "Byron, what do you mean? Do you still want to get involved in my good cooperation?"

Without being noticed, Byron shook off his hand, patted his clothes and said, "The cooperation is based on the contract. It won't be successful until the moment when the contract is signed and confirmed. So we just rely on our own abilities."

Rory said with hatred, "I didn't expect that the president of the Sybil Hotel would have to rely on his beauty to deal with business!"

"You too. But it's obvious that you're not as good as me, so she doesn't like you!"

After saying that, Byron called a car and left, leaving Rory to vent his anger with a trash can on the roadside. As a result, he was almost fined by the police passing by for vandalism.

When Byron arrived at the hotel they had booked, he saw Vincent and Craig waiting in the hall. Vincent immediately walked up to him and asked, "Mr. Song, how is it going? Have you seen Mr. Itou?"

"Yes," Byron just replied wearily. He was thinking about what happened today and mocked himself in his heart. Rory was right. He indeed needed to sell his appearance to do business. If Itou Shizuka didn't like him today, Itou Mitsuo would introduce Rory to Itou Shizuka and cooperate with him. However, he came out halfway and disrupted their plan. Now, he got Itou Shizuka's love. But if he wanted to successfully sign the contract with the XM Electric Group, he still needed to plan a lot.

Seeing the gloomy and tired look on Byron's face, Craig thought that it was too hard for the CEO to go out alone this time. He must help him share more burden tomorrow. It seemed that his opponent was also very difficult to deal with.

When they arrived at the hotel, Byron told the two of them the schedule of tomorrow in detail and what they needed to do. Then he asked them to go back to their room for a rest. After the bath, Byron came out with a bath towel and dried his hair. The water drops shone on his perfect figure, and the smooth abdominal muscles and strong shoulders made him look very tempting. He smiled bitterly in front

of the mirror. When he turned his head, he saw a lily in the vase on the table of the hotel. He suddenly thought of Evelyn. She sometimes looked like a withered grass on the roadside, and sometimes she was like a blossoming lily, white and tender. 'Why would I miss her all of a sudden?' Byron wondered. He dried his hair, threw the towel aside and walked to the bed.

The second day, at the entrance of the hotel.

Itou Mitsuo's driver had arrived at the hotel to pick him up. Byron had changed into a casual business suit, because he didn't need to wear too formal at the art exhibition today. He wore a blue gray short windbreaker, a light blue shirt, and a sapphire cuff link at the collar and cuffs. He wore a pair of gray trousers and a pair of crocodile leather laced shoes, looking energetic. When he got in the car, he found that Itou Mitsuo was sitting in the front seat and left the back seat for him and Itou Shizuka.

Today, Itou Shizuka was also very beautiful. She was dressed in a white suit with black edge. Her long hair was in a high bun, revealing her white and smooth neck. She was wearing an elegant diamond pearl necklace and holding a small and delicate handbag. When she saw Byron, she greeted him warmly, "Mr. Song, how was your sleep last night?"

"Very good. Thank you, Miss Itou. You dress like an unworldly Lily today. You are so beautiful that no one can take their eyes off you."

"Mr. Song, you are so good at joking." Itou Shizuka blushed and lowered her head shyly. Byron looked even more handsome today, which made her heart palpitate.

Looking at the situation, Itou Mitsuo said slowly, "Since Shizuka likes Mr. Song so much, today let her introduce Mr. Davenport's work to you! Mr. Song, you don't know that my daughter graduated from the art department. She has studied oil painting and Chinese painting for many years, so she has a unique opinion on painting!"

Byron said with a smile, "Miss Itou, you are so talented and excellent!"

Then they arrived at the art exhibition. After entering from the VIP entrance, Itou Shizuka naturally held Byron's arm and introduced the style of Davenport's paintings to him. When they arrived at the reception desk, Itou Mitsuo said, "Shizuka, you take Mr. Song to have a look around. I'll talk to the assistant of Mr. Davenport. You can come to me after an hour's auction."

Itou Shizuka said happily, "Okay, father. We'll be there soon."

Then she took Byron's hand and began to walk around the art exhibition. Davenport was a famous Chinese painting master in ST City, but his painting was a post-modern one. He was good at painting character scenes, and most of the people who came to see the art exhibition were either dignitaries or masters engaged in art. Itou Shizuka took Byron to see the paintings while explaining the background and deep meaning of each painting to him.

After walking for a long time, Itou Shizuka asked Byron in a sweet voice, "Mr. Song, guess which are my favorite paintings?"

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