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   Chapter 24 The Auction (Part One)

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Evelyn went to the sales department to verify the sales data of this year and made a careful comparison and analysis. In the afternoon, she knocked on the door of the CEO's office with the completed report and found that the CEO was not there. With a cup of coffee in her hand, Grace walked over and said, "Evelyn, are you looking for our boss? He decided to go on a business trip to ST City today. He left in the afternoon. He should have arrived at ST City by now."

"What? Had he left? He asked me to prepare a sales report for him and take the report for him before I get off work," Evelyn said.

"Yes, I heard that the general manager of our competitor, Prince Hotel went to the XM Electric Group, so our boss decided to go to ST City temporarily," Grace replied.

With a nod, Evelyn lowered her head and took the report in her hand. After thinking for a while, she sent a message to Vincent to ask for the address of the investor and was about to send the report to the investor.

Vincent and Craig were waiting for the plane at the airport. When Vincent received the message from Evelyn, he smiled for a while. Then he said to Craig, "Craig, do you know the little girl in our office? She can't do her job without me. I just left for a while and she sent me a message. Alas, I'm so charming!"

Taking a look at Vincent, Craig said coldly, "I don't think they will think of you so soon except for work."

Vincent shrugged helplessly and said, "Craig, can you stop telling the truth?"

A smile appeared on Craig's face. He thought of Evelyn, who was serious, stubborn and unyielding. Although sometimes she had a simple mind, she would never lower her head like a sunflower, full of sunshine and vitality.

Today, Craig wore a brown windbreaker, a beige plaid scarf and leather gloves. Standing there casually, he looked quiet and wise. All the young women in the past were attracted by his mature man's temperament, and they looked at him shyly and admiringly.

Seeing this, Vincent sighed, "It seems that old guy is really popular now."

"Don't worry. You will be an old guy too few years later," Craig said with a smile.

When Evelyn saw the investor's address replied from Vincent, she smiled helplessly. Because Vincent said, "Take good care of yourself these days. Don't miss me too much!" Then she sent encrypted e-mail to the investor's address and made a call to explain it to the investor. It was late at night, and her colleagues all got off work. She also packed up and had to lock the door of the CEO's office at night. Standing at the door, she couldn't help but push the door open and enter. The neat and luxurious CEO's office still had the smell of Byron. She picked up his sign pen that he often used on his desk and rubbed it in her hand. Then she took a deep breath, turned around, closed the door and locked it. She didn't know how she got out of the gate of the company. Looking up at the top building, she felt missing for the first time.

On the other side, Byron and Itou Mitsuo were having dinner, and there were geisha singing and playing in their private room. Itou Mitsuo's eyes lit up when

he saw his precious daughter's unusual favor for Byron. He raised a glass of wine and said, "I'm so happy to meet two distinguished partners here today. I'd like to propose a toast to you two!"

Byron raised his glass and said, "You're welcome, Mr. Itou. Thank you for your hospitality, cheers!" Then he drank it up.

Rory also raised his glass and said, "Thank you, Mr. Itou. I hope our cooperation goes well!" He stressed the word "successful cooperation" on purpose and drank it up. Even if Byron came out halfway, he already had a talk with Mr. Itou in the afternoon. As long as he took advantage of the victory, he wouldn't let Byron get any benefit!

Itou Shizuka fixed her eyes on Byron's perfect profile. Indeed, Byron gave people a cold and mysterious feeling, but the more they got along with him, the more they found that his charm was not limited to that. If he smiled, people would feel happy too, and if his eyes were gloomy, people would also feel sad. As for Rory, he must be a slick man in the upper class. Compared with Byron's temperament, he was more worldly. Itou Shizuka had seen too many people like Rory, so she was more and more interested in Byron.

Matsumoto Aoyama exchanged a look with Itou Mitsuo and said to Byron, "Mr. Song is indeed surprise for us today. I heard that Mr. Song has just won an investment overseas, right?"

"Yes, Mr. Matsumoto, you are indeed well-informed. I just signed the contract yesterday," Byron said with a smile.

Rory gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as he heard this.

"Mr. Song, you are really a man who put your career first. You should be less than thirty this year. Do you have any plan to get married and have children?" Matsumoto Aoyama asked with a smile.

Byron looked at Matsumoto Aoyama, but Matsumoto Aoyama didn't dodge his eyes. He still smiled at Byron.

"I'm busy with my work, so I don't have this plan for the time being," Byron replied.

"Oh, really? Although work is important, getting married and have a family is also important!" Matsumoto Aoyama said.

Hearing this, Itou Shizuka lowered her head shyly. She was delighted secretly. It seemed that Byron didn't have a girlfriend or plan to get married, so there must be no woman who matched him around. She was perfect for him in both appearance and family background, and she had always been single. Was this fate?

After dinner, they walked out of the restaurant. Byron said, "Mr. Itou, it's very late today. I want to make an appointment with you to talk about our cooperation tomorrow. What do you think?"

Itou Mitsuo said, "Tomorrow Shizuka and I are going to attend an art exhibition of a painter. So..."

Itou Shizuka hurriedly said, "Father, don't we have three positions at tomorrow's art exhibition? You can go with me and Mr. Song together!"

"Silly girl, that one is for your Uncle Matsumoto!" Itou Mitsuo said.

Matsumoto Aoyama quickly answered, "Mr. Itou, I have to deal with the affairs of the next branch in the company tomorrow. I really can't get rid of it. Maybe I can't go to the exhibition tomorrow." Then he glanced at Byron and Rory indifferently.

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