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   Chapter 23 Develop Certain Affections (Part Two)

Irresistible Affection: CEO's Gossip Wife By Er Ye Characters: 6181

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Byron nodded. When the elevator arrived, he hurried to the CEO's office.

The woman looked at his back and smiled meaningfully.

In the corridor, when Matsumoto Aoyama saw Byron who had arrived, he was shocked. "Mr. Song, nice too meet you. You came here so fast! But the guests my boss is going to meet today have already come. They are in the president's office now."

"Mr. Matsumoto, I'm also in a hurry to cooperate with the CEO. Please let me meet him in person and explain it, okay?" Byron said quickly.

"Well..." Matsumoto had a hesitation.

At this time, a bright voice sounded, "Uncle Matsumoto, is my father inside?"

Byron turned around and saw the woman in the elevator just now. It turned out that she was Itou Mitsuo's daughter, Itou Shizuka.

"Miss Itou, you are here. The president is inside and is talking with someone. Please wait a moment. He will come out when he finishes his work."

Itou Shizuka nodded and said to Byron, "So you are also looking for my father! Thanks to you, or I would have made a fool of myself!"

Byron said gently, "You are welcome, it's just a piece of cake. Miss Itou, don't take it to heart!"

Itou Shizuka stared at Byron's handsome face without blinking. Indeed, he had two dashing eyebrows, long eyelashes and a pair of angular lips under his high nose. His facial features were combined, comparable to any popular star. Many women couldn't resist such a handsome face and natural noble temperament. Although he was handsome, he was also arrogant and serious, which made him more charming.

Itou Shizuka was watching him when the door of the CEO's office was opened and Itou Mitsuo came out.

"Ah, Mr. Song, why are you here? Shizuka, did you come with Mr. Song?"

Itou Shizuka walked over and held Itou Mitsuo's arm with a sweet smile. "Father, I came here with Mr. Song. Thanks to Mr. Song's help, I didn't make a fool of myself in the elevator just now, or my hair would be ruined!"

Itou Mitsuo touched his daughter's nose dotingly and said, "Babe, you are an adult now. Why are you still so careless? Thank you for your help, Mr. Song! I'm sorry for the trouble."

"You are welcome. Please don't take it to heart. It was just a piece of cake for me to do that. I came to you today to talk about our cooperation. I was in a hurry, so I came here directly."

Itou Mitsuo said awkwardly, "Well, but I have an appointment with someone today, and you should know him. Come here, Shizuka, this is Mr. Rory from the Prince Hotel!"

Rory Xu walked out of the CEO Office of Itou Mitsuo. He wore a pure black suit today, with a pair of slanted eyes under his slender eyebrows. He was beautiful in a feminine way. It was easy for him to win a woman's heart with such a delicate look. He reached out his hand to Itou Shizuka and said, "Hello, miss Itou, I'm Rory. Nice to meet you!"

Then he turned around and said casually, "Oh, it's Mr. Song! I didn't expect to meet you here!" It was true that because he didn't except that Byron would come here so soon. Rory Xu came here and talked with Mr. Itou. The next

step for him was to please the daughter of Mr. Itou, Itou Shizuka. As a result, Byron came and even knew Itou Shizuka before him! It was not good for him! He couldn't let Byron take the initiative.

"I didn't expect to meet Mr. Xu here either!" Byron smiled politely and shook hands with Rory Xu. The eyes of the two business elites had sparkled.

Itou Mitsuo soon understood and said, "Since you have met here, let's have a meal together later! Aoyama, go and arrange a reception for the two guests tonight!"

"Yes, Mr. Itou!" Aoyama said and left.

When they arrived downstairs, two luxury cars stopped at the door. Before Itou Mitsuo opened his mouth, Itou Shizuka said, "Father, you can take one car with Mr. Xu, and I and Mr. song take the same car! I still have a lot of questions to ask Mr. Song!"

Itou Mitsuo was surprised, but soon regained his composure. He smiled and said, "Then don't make Mr. Song feel troubled, okay?"

"Don't worry! Father, I know what I'm doing. Mr. Song, come with me!" Shizuka said with a sweet smile.

"Then, miss Itou, this way please!" Byron also smiled.

Rory Xu gritted his teeth secretly and smiled as he got on another car with Itou Mitsuo. He didn't expect things to go in another direction. Originally, Rory Xu wanted to be close to Itou Shizuka, pursue her, and get her help, so that he could take over the resources of the XM Electric Group. But somehow, Itou Shizuka had a strong interest in Byron, which was not good for him. He must do something to stop them!

In the Snow Dragon Restaurant of ST City.

Itou Mitsuo and the others sat in their seats, and Matsumoto Aoyama was in charge of ordering. He gave the menu to everyone in his hand one by one, and then said to Byron, "Mr. Song, here is the menu. What do you want to eat?"

Byron flipped through the menu in his hand, and Itou Shizuka said, "Mr. Song, the Sashimi of this restaurant are all very good, and the crabs are also very good. Together with plum tea to make rice, it tastes really good. Would you like to have a try?"

Rory Xu hurriedly replied, "Miss Itou, you are really a gourmet!"

Byron smiled at Itou Shizuka and said, "Thank you, Miss Itou! I like sashimi and tea making rice too!"

"Really? It seems that Mr. Song and I like the same food!"

Matsumoto Aoyama observed everything carefully and exchanged glances with Itou Mitsuo from time to time. Itou Shizuka was the apple of Itou Mitsuo's eye. She was smart and good-looking, so she had a picky taste. Somehow, it seemed that she liked Byron very much. All these years, Itou Mitsuo's biggest wish was to find a good son-in-law for his daughter. Matsumoto Aoyama had worked for Itou Mitsuo for dozens of years, so he knew his boss very well.

It seemed that Itou Mitsuo didn't need to worry about that issue this time. His daughter had already chosen someone she liked.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Rory Xu felt that the resentment in his heart was about to burn his whole body. How could this Byron easily deal with the daughter of the CEO of the XM Electric Group?

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