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   Chapter 22 Develop Certain Affections (Part One)

Irresistible Affection: CEO's Gossip Wife By Er Ye Characters: 6427

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In the CEO office.

With the latest document in his hand, Vincent said to Byron seriously, "Boss, we just got the news that the general manager of the Prince Group has personally gone to the ST City to meet with the boss of the XM Electric Group. He is expected to fly to ST City in the afternoon. The XM Electric Group is one of our important clients this year. They put forward the schedule this time. It should be because you had made a cooperation with the XM Electric Group yesterday."

Byron didn't say a word on his chair. He turned the chair with his slender legs and asked in a deep voice, "Is there any flight to ST City today? I want the earliest flight. The sooner, the better!"

Vincent immediately checked the information on his laptop and said awkwardly, "Boss, all the flights to ST City are full today! Only economy class left. Oh, there is only one seat in the economy class at two o'clock in the afternoon! Boss, do you need this ticket? But the economy class is very crowded. So..."

"Reserve it for me. I will go to the headquarters of the XM Electric Group first, and then you and Craig take the next flight to come here," Byron ordered.

Vincent didn't say anything more. He immediately issued the ticket for Byron and prepared the documents for him. Then he looked at him and said seriously, "Boss, have a great flight. We'll be there soon!"

On the plane, the people around looked at Byron strangely. He was dressed in a neat and an expensive iron-gray suit, a black shirt and a dark brown tie. He turned over the documents in his hand carefully page by page and marked a pen from time to time. Although the seat in the economy class was very narrow and embarrassing, it did not affect his temperament at all.

The beautiful airline stewardesses were discussing heatedly. They usually flew around and knew a lot of people. One of them recognized him and said to the others, "Look, the man in the economy class is the CEO of the Sybil Hotel! He is the standard golden bachelor, young, handsome, rich and single! If I marry him, I won't be able to spend all my money. I will live in a villa every day and enter the upper class!"

"Look at you! You are drooling! If he was the CEO of the Sybil Hotel, how could he sit in the economy class? He must be in the first class. Did you make a mistake? Is it really him?"

At this time, a stewardess with fair skin, watery eyes and gentle eyes, who looked like a female star, said, "No, she is right. A man with such temperament must not be ordinary. It's very likely that he booked the ticket for an emergency."

The several airline stewardesses nodded and suddenly understood. At this time, the gentle airline stewardess had already taken a tray and a glass of water. She prepared to walk towards Byron. The other airline stewardesses said angrily, "Oh, she is always the one who jumps ahead of us!" "That's right. If Emilia takes action first, we will have no chances."

The airline stewardess's name was Emilia Wen. Just like her name, she was a famous beauty of XZ Airlines. She was indifferent to everyone at ordinary times, but in fact, she was an arrogant snob. It was the first time that she had made a move against a

person like Byron, and she was very confident.

She walked to Byron with a glass of water and said softly, "Sir, you've been busy for a long time. The plane will land in a few hours. Don't work too hard. Please drink some water and have a rest."

After saying that, she smiled gracefully and handed the water on the tray to Byron.

Byron looked up and was surprised to see a beautiful airline stewardess handing him water. A normal man would be ecstatic about the thoughtfulness of the beauty in front of him, but Byron just glanced at her indifferently and then lowered his head to continue reading the documents.

Emilia Wen didn't expect that Byron looked at her as if she was invisible. She felt very embarrassed. She didn't know whether she should stay or leave, but she still forced a smile and took the water away. After returning to the working area, she slammed the plate on the dining platform. With a bang, the other airline stewardesses snickered in their hearts that the beautiful woman was refused.

A few hours later, the plane landed in ST City.

With his luggage in his hand, Byron dialed Matsumoto Aoyama's number. He was the assistant of Itou Mitsuo, the CEO of the XM Electric Group.

"Hello, Mr. Matsumoto. This is Byron from the Sybil Hotel. I just got off the plane and came to ST City today. Does Mr. Itou have time today? I want to have a talk with him about the cooperation."

"Oh, it's you, Byron! I'm so glad that you came to ST City. But I'm sorry. My boss has made an appointment with Mr. Xu from the Prince Hotel tonight. Maybe he doesn't have time today. Can I make an appointment for you tomorrow?" Matsumoto Aoyama said politely.

"There's still some time before dinner. Mr. Matsumoto, I'll go to the company to meet Mr. Itou now. It only takes a little time. I'm at the airport now and will be there soon!"

After hanging up the phone, Byron quickly took a taxi to the headquarters of the XM Electric Group.

After getting out of the taxi, he quickly rushed to the headquarters building of the group and explained his purpose to the guards. He was waiting for the elevator with other staff. The tall Byron stood out in the crowd.

Among the people waiting for the elevator, there was a woman with delicate and elegant makeup, long black hair as soft as a waterfall. She was wearing a light yellow dress, a black silk scarf with golden edge pattern, a dark green middle skirt, revealing her slender and white legs, and a pair of delicate high-heeled shoes.

The elevator came. There were so many people that the woman was the last to enter. Byron was so tall that when the door of the elevator closed, he saw the elevator was about to clip her hair. He pulled the woman forward with his big hand, and the woman was obviously frightened and directly bumped into his arms. She blushed and smelt the cologne on Byron's body.

"You! What are you doing?" the woman asked in confusion.

"I'm sorry, miss. The elevator almost caught your hair, so I took the liberty to do that. Please forgive me!" Byron said sincerely.

The woman looked back and found that her hair was almost clamped. She quickly thanked him, "Thank you very much, sir. Thank you."

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