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   Chapter 21 A Double Choice (Part Two)

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Embarrassed, Evelyn scratched her head and said, "I'm fine! Although the process was tortuous, we finally got the cooperation! Thank you, Grace. I made you worry about me!"

"She is not the only one who is worried about you!" Beth and Cathy came over with documents and coffee. "It was really dangerous yesterday! Fortunately, God blesses the good people like Evelyn!" While they were talking and laughing, the phone suddenly rang. Byron's cold voice came through, "Where is Evelyn? Ask her to go to my office, now!" They went to work at once. With the documents Byron needed yesterday in her hands, Evelyn walked into the CEO's office uneasily.

When Byron was signing the documents without raising his head, Evelyn walked over uneasily and asked, "Boss, you called me?"

"Yes." Byron threw her a document, "After signing the investment contract with Smith, we need to send him a sales report of our company this year. This is last year's report. Follow this to make a new one and give it to me before you get off work."

"Yes, sir." Evelyn picked up the document and read it carefully. Byron raised his head and saw that Evelyn wearing clean and gentle clothes today. The white chiffon made her face more red and energetic. It seemed that the wound on her leg should be better. Somehow, he felt relieved. Then he regained his cold tone and said, "Then hurry up and do it now!"

"Okay, I'll go now!" Startled, Evelyn took the document and left in a hurry.

Looking at Evelyn who came out with a document in her hand, Beth looked at Cathy and Grace. They exchanged glances. It seemed that Evelyn was really smart and had means. Their boss was not angry after she made such a big mistake.

When Craig was about to go to the CEO's office, he saw that Evelyn was walking while reading the documents carefully. She looked much more beautiful today. Feeling his gaze, Evelyn smiled at him sweetly and said, "Good morning, Manager Xiao!"

"I heard that your leg was injured in order to get the document back to the company yesterday. Are you feeling better?" Craig nodded and asked.

"I'm much better now. Thank you for your concern. Mr. Song is busy inside. Are you going to see him?" Evelyn replied shyly.

"Well, there is a document that needs to be reviewed. Then I'll go back to work. Take care of yourself," Craig said and then left.

Looking at Craig's straight back, Evelyn thought, 'How nice Manager Xiao is! He was not as cold as what Doris said. It must be because the attack of the Doris was too strong that Manager Xiao was frightened.'

A morning went by and the employee got the lunch break.

When Evelyn and Doris had lunch together, Doris raised her eyebrows at Evelyn and said, "Not bad! It seems that Mr. Song also wants to change his taste occasionally. Do you know that there is a rumor in the company? They say you are an inconspicuous sheep around Mr

. Song and you are going to eat a wolf by accident!"

"I hates rumors so much! I have nothing to do with our boss! I'm working hard, okay? Besides, how could Mr. Song take a fancy to me?! He said that I was disheveled and slovenly on the first day and wanted to fire me. Now he let me stay here because of my good performance," Evelyn explained. She swallowed the fried rice gloomily.

Doris gracefully ate the fried rice in front of her and said, "In fact, I think maybe the CEO will be fed up with the women around him because they are all from rich families. It's not bad for him to occasionally stay with those common girls!"

With her eyes wide open, Evelyn shouted, "You!"

Doris smiled and said, "Well, I'm not kidding you. By the way, I haven't told you yet. Yesterday, I wanted to go to KFC to eat something, but I met a thief! The thief broke my beloved bag and almost stole my wallet. Fortunately, a handsome man stood out and helped me drive away the thief. I even knew had a meal with him. He is a designer named Judson."

Evelyn read the name carefully and felt very familiar, so she continued to gossip, "And then? Don't you like your manager, Craig? You fell in love with another man so soon?!"

Doris curled her lips and said, "No, I'm not! It's because he doesn't like me, okay? I'm so beautiful, excellent and smart. It's not a good thing for me to cling to him all day long! So God sent a handsome man to comfort me. But I haven't given up on Craig yet. Don't talk nonsense."

At the mention of Craig, Doris became depressed. Looking at her listless face, Evelyn encouraged her, "Don't be depressed. In fact, I think Mr. Xiao is a good man. Maybe he is too busy with his work. After all, he got married once before. Maybe a man won't be so eager to get married a second time after he got married. So don't give up. Maybe the dawn is ahead!"

With a smile, Doris hammered Evelyn's shoulder and said, "Then I'll borrow your lucky words! But I don't want to give up on the other side. Evelyn, I heard that Judson has a good relationship with our CEO. Can you help me inquire about his background?"

"No problem, but can you date two men at the same time?" Evelyn asked.

"What do you mean by dating two men at the same time? This was a double choice, okay? You don't understand. Anyway, you can help me inquire about it. But he is really a gentleman. Yesterday, he not only helped me drive away the thief, but also took me to visit his studio. His studio was super luxurious, and the decoration was very stylish. He specialized in clothes and modeling. Besides, he invited me to his studio to drink the authentic Brazil coffee he freshly ground. It tasted great! How could such a perfect man have no beauties around him? So you have to help me check his background, so that I can break through him!" Doris said. She was suddenly stirred to excitement.

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