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   Chapter 20 A Double Choice (Part One)

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In the VIP room of the airport. Smith and Byron were discussing the contract closely, while Evelyn was waiting anxiously outside the door. After a long time, she heard the door open. Then Byron and Smith came out of the room.

"Mr. Song, I'm certain we'll work well together!" Smith said with a smile.

Byron shook hands with him gracefully, "Thank you! I won't let you down!"

Following him, Vincent winked at Evelyn and made an OK gesture.

Only then did Evelyn breathe a sigh of relief and make up her first smile today. Tears were welling up in her big round eyes, which made her feel much more relaxed.

After sending the investor away, Byron saw Evelyn and asked coldly, "How are you going to explain this mistake to the company?"

Lowering her head cowardly, Evelyn said, "I'm sorry. It's all my fault."

All of a sudden, Byron saw some white blisters on Evelyn's white and tender ankle, and the scarlet wound had solidified.

Byron frowned, "How did you hurt your feet?"

When Evelyn was still thinking about how to write the examination report, she was shocked by his sudden question and said, "Just now, I got burned by accident. It's not a big deal."

"Did you hurt your feet when you went back to fetch the contract?" he asked. 'It turns out to be a scald. No wonder the wound is so scary, ' thought Byron.

"Just now, it was Evelyn who was in a hurry to get the contract, so she was scalded by the exhaust pipe when she got on the motorcycle," Vincent quickly explained. "She risked her life to get the contract so soon. Look at this tender skin. It must be very painful," he added.

Byron didn't say anything. Evelyn's heart was beating a little faster than normal. She lowered her head without saying anything. Somehow, Byron had an indescribable feeling in his heart. Then he strode away. Seeing that Byron had left, Vincent was confused and chased after him for two steps. Then he turned around and asked Evelyn in confusion, "Where is our boss going?"

Evelyn shook her head in confusion. She felt that today her boss was different from usual. He still cared about her, which made her feel happy in her heart.

Byron came back soon with a bag in his hand and handed it to Evelyn.

"Go to the VIP room and apply the medicine. Take the rest back. Don't touch the wound with water. Hurry up. We'll be right back," he said quickly.

Evelyn took over a bag of medicine with gratitude, and Vincent had already taken her there. She was both surprised and pleased. When she went to the VIP room, she opened the bag and found some foreign scalding medicine. Vincent picked it up and said, "They are all very expensive scald medicines, and they are all from abroad. Evelyn, our boss treats you well!"

"Are they expensive? Is my salary enough to pay him back?" Evelyn asked cautiously.

"Don't be silly! Since it's from the CEO, I'm sure you don't need pay for them! Well, come out as soon as you finish. We'll drive you back," Vincent comforted her.

Evelyn tried her best to read the specification of the medicine. The wound didn't hurt anymore, maybe because of her psychological effec


When she came out, Byron saw that she had applied the medicine obediently. He wanted to ask if her wound still hurt, but he swallowed the words.

"Let's go after you finish!" he said.

They didn't talk all the way. Byron sent Evelyn to the staff dormitory first. After getting out of the car in silence, she looked at the back of the CEO and said, "See you, boss. See you, Vincent!"

Vincent smiled gently and said, "Go back quickly and have an early rest. You must be tired today!"

Byron said coldly, "Go to the company early tomorrow. There are still a lot of work to deal with."

Seeing the car driving away, Evelyn couldn't believe that she hadn't been fired! Feeling refreshed, she hummed a tune and went back to her dormitory.

In the car, Vincent looked at Byron's tense face and joked, "Boss, you really cared about that little girl today!"

Byron gave Vincent a cold look, which scared Vincent to stop talking.

On the other side, in a high-end and luxurious office. The solid wood floor was covered with a thick grey carpet. The opposite side of the table of the owner of the red wood was a bookshelf, next to which was a black leather sofa, covered with fluffy fox fur blanket, and a set of expensive tea table and an exquisite tea set. In front of the window behind the desk, a barefoot man was raising his voice to the phone.

"What did you say? How could Byron sign an investment agreement with Smith at last? How did he do it?!" The well-dressed man shouted at the phone in disbelief.

"I'm sorry. I just got the news just now. Although there was a problem, the Sybil Hotel finally make cooperation with Smith," a man said in a low voice from the other side of the phone.

"You shits!" The man hung up the phone fiercely and loosened his tie. His handsome face was full of unwillingness and resentment. He walked to the wine cabinet and took out a bottle of wine and a glass, gulping down a glass of wine. He gritted his teeth and smashed the glass into pieces.

"Byron. You are one step ahead of me this time. Next time, you won't be so lucky. I will let you lose miserably!" he murmured. After thinking for a while, he picked up the phone and said, "Send me the information about the XM Electric Group and the daughter of their boss as soon as possible. Hurry up!"

"Okay, I'll do it right now. Please give me one minute," a man replied.

On the second day, Evelyn got up early on purpose. She wore a white chiffon shirt with lace border, a bowknot at the neckline and a black chiffon trousers, which looked pure and gentle. She smoothed her hair with satisfaction and said to herself in the mirror, "Evelyn, from now on, you must be careful and work hard! You can't betray CEO's trust! Come on!" Thinking of the medicine the CEO gave her yesterday, she smiled sheepishly.

As soon as she arrived at the company, Grace came over and asked, "Evelyn, how was it going yesterday? Boss came to the company early this morning. I heard from Vincent that yesterday was a very dangerous day. In order to get the contract, your legs were injured. How are you now? Are you feeling better?"

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