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   Chapter 15 A Cold-Blooded Man (Part Two)

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"No, no, no! Boss, have misunderstood me. I will always remember your warning! I'm going to work!" After saying that, she didn't dare to look at his face and directly slipped away.

After work, Evelyn was ordered to clean his office. She was on tenterhooks all the time, afraid that he would get angry again.

In just twenty minutes, Evelyn felt that a century had passed. She felt Byron was putting her through hell. She finally managed to run out of the office. Her throat was dry and itchy, so she cursed in a low voice and went to the tea room to get some water to drink.

"I've never seen such a cold-blooded man! So what if he is handsome?! So what if he is rich?! I won't accept him if he offers himself to me!" Evelyn murmured. She took a gulp of cold water angrily.

"Miss Su, don't talk too hard."

The sudden appearance of the figure behind Evelyn scared her to choke on the water.

"Oh, my God. You scared me! You let me almost choke to death. Oh, God. Don't you know it's scary?! Why didn't you make any sound when you were walking towards here?" Evelyn complained.

Although she coughed so hard that her face turned red, she still didn't forget to stare at the man behind her and said, "Vincent, please don't frighten me like this in the future. I still have a shadow over what happened a few days ago!"

"What happened a few days ago?" He looked at Evelyn with interest.

"It's a long story!" Evelyn replied angrily.

"Then make it short," Vincent shrugged his shoulder and said.

Evelyn couldn't bear to see him take it for granted, so she left angrily with a glass of water in her hand.

"Miss Su, don't you want to hear the story between the CEO and his ex-girlfriend?" Vincent looked at Evelyn's back and asked.

"Vincent, I didn't expect you to have the potential to gossip!" Evelyn was left dumbfounded.

"Well. Life needs spice," Vincent answered with a smile.

"Then tell me. Don't get this story off your chest," Evelyn turned around and said.

"Byron's ex-girlfriend, Rosa Xue, was the daughter of Cedric Xue, a famous calligrapher in G City. The two of them met at the art exhibition held by Cedric Xue. They were a perfect match.

However, before the passion period was over, Rosa Xue felt that she was neglected by Byron. In order to test Byron's feelings for her, she paid someone to flirt with her, but it didn't irritate Byron and even made him to break up with her.

Our CEO has gone too far," Vincent said. After hearing Byron's gossip about love, Evelyn shook her head repeatedly.

"I don't know if he has gone too far, but men don't like to be tested by their girlfriends," she said.

"Miss Xue is not a match for our boss. If our boss really loves her, how could he break up with her? In my opinion, he wants to play tricks. In this way, he can not only get rid of Miss Xue, but also maintain a good reputation!"

Vincent said calmly.

He picked up his cup and said to Evelyn, "I have to go back to my office. I'll discuss this with you next tim


Oh, let me give you a word of warning." He suddenly turned around and added, "Our boss is going to accept an exclusive interview of the magazine. He has been preparing for it recently. I advise you to take a detour when you see him. After all, it is a special period. So you have to be careful and don't do stupid things."

"You don't have to say that I will do the same..."

Evelyn said. She had always made Byron angry. So she decided to stay away from him in the future.

She suspected that the CEO was a mobile gunpowder, and she was a lighter. The CEO was furious at the sight of her.

As for why Vincent said these words to her, Evelyn thought he was too idle to do so.

A Benz r-level business car drove out of the parking lot outside the hotel. Byron sat in the back seat and typed on his laptop. The driver suddenly stopped the car. When Byron was confused, Judson opened the door and bent in skillfully.

"You're not idle even in the car. You are really a hard and heartless workaholic," Judson joked.

Byron remained silent.

Perhaps Judson had already been used to the indifference of his friend, so he talked to himself, "I heard that a famous business magazine in our country is going to give you an exclusive interview. Do you need me, a designer, to design a mature and steady shape for you?"

"No need," Byron said without raising his head.

"Well. I do think so. You can do an on-camera even if you dress up casually. After all, you are handsome." Judson licked his lips and added, "Did Rosa cause trouble in your company?"

Byron's eyes narrowed, but he didn't say anything.

"Why doesn't she give up? It seems that you still have to learn how to deal with women. I can give you some free advice," Judson said and leaned on the seat.

"Judson, I'm busy." Byron closed his laptop and asked formulaically, "Where do you get off?"

"Byron, are you playing the same trick with me? You want to piss me off, don't you?" Judson sat straight and asked.

Byron looked up at his watch and said, "I have to meet the engineer at the construction site of the resort at 12:30. They had a conflict with the local residents and the project was forced to stop."

"You can leave it to the general manager! Is your manager a decoration?" Judson asked in confusion.

Byron put his laptop aside and said, "He just went on a business trip to France two days ago."

Judson was speechless. "Where is the vice president? Where are the people from the Public Relations Department?" Judson inquired.

"Judson, my company won't employ any dead weight. They all have their own work," Byron replied. Somehow, he thought of Evelyn.

"Well, you are the boss. It's up to you!" Judson said fiercely, "I'll get off in the XZ Park!"

Silence befell the car for a while.

After a while, Judson couldn't stop talking.

"Are you satisfied with the woman you met last time?" he asked curiously.

"Compared with her, I'm more dissatisfied with you. Cecil, stop the car here," Byron ordered.

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