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   Chapter 14 A Cold-Blooded Man (Part One)

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In fact, Evelyn had always wanted to find an opportunity to return the medical fees to the CEO. Besides, she wanted to know what had happened after she had been in a coma that night and whether the shadow she had seen was a human or a ghost.

However, it seemed that Byron didn't intend to waste his time on her. He neither asked her to clean the office, nor suddenly appeared to command her.

After a few days in a daze, Evelyn found that her wallet had been used up. Her salary for the first month was only two thousand. She could officially enjoy employee benefits after three months' probation period. She thought her future was dim. She had to keep an eye on the CEO in case he would deduct her salary. She lived a life of fear. Now she began to regret agreeing to Mr. Yuan's offer. Her major was completely unrelated with the hotel management, but she agreed to work in the Sybil Hotel because it was an international enterprise.

According to her original plan, it was acceptable to be a clerk in the office. Now that things had come to this, she didn't know why she had to hold on.

In order to fight against Byron? Or was she worried that the employment situation of college students was serious? She might not be able to find a professional suitable job even if she went all out?

Doris was right. Opportunities were often fleeting. She had missed an once-in-a-lifetime good opportunity. But later she had taken it back in person. She would just be stuffed into the bottom of the company to train again. She, Evelyn, would still be an excellent staff through her own efforts!

After thinking it through, Evelyn was full of fighting spirit again. She cleaned up all the floors that manager Zhu gave her to be in charge of. The floor and the wall were spotless! She could even see her own reflection on the wall in the bathroom!

When cleaning up the tea room on 26th floor, three secretaries took her to the back of the water dispenser mysteriously.

"Evelyn, do you know who entered the CEO's office just now?" With a gossipy look on her face, Grace put her arm around Evelyn's shoulder.

"Well. Who entered the CEO's office? I don't know!" Evelyn said, scratching her head in confusion.

Cathy felt a headache for her, "You don't even know the CEO's ex-girlfriend? Are you serious?"

"CEO's ex-girlfriend? What does it have to do with me? Why should I know the CEO's ex-girlfriend?" Evelyn listened to her question with wonder.

The three women's eyes seemed to be saying, "Don't pretend anymore, Evelyn!"

"I didn't expect the CEO to have an ex-girlfriend!" Evelyn said. She thought no one could stand his coldness from time to time.

'That's right!' The three secretaries exchanged glances.

"A good man is like a city, easy to defend but hard to attack! If you have him, you don't have to worry that he will cheat on you," Cathy held Evelyn's hand and comforted her.

But Evelyn really didn't know what they were talking about. 'Why are they saying these strange words to me? I don't understand, ' she thought. She drew back her right hand with a fake smile and took two steps back. When they were not noticing, she ran away quic


Grace and the other two were worried as they saw Evelyn running away. They even wanted to chase her back, but they heard a hysterical quarrel in the office.

"Byron! Look at you. You've never looked me in the eye! Do you know how inappropriate is this? I know you won't write a blank check, but can you give me a promise? You don't care about me! You didn't even frown when you saw me with another man! You are going too far! How can I believe that you really love me?! You treat me worse than your work!

You say your work all the time. You always use work as an excuse. Why don't you just marry work?! You and your work are perfect for each other!" the woman shouted.

Evelyn could feel that woman's blood boil.

Evelyn gave a thumbs up.

She had planned to run away, but when she heard the sound from the office, she immediately turned back and hid behind the bonsai to eavesdrop.

"I have explained to you that man is just an ordinary friend of mine! You haven't contacted me for two weeks. How can I accept it?! That's emotional abuse! I can't be apathetic about it! I need an explanation!" the woman still vented her frustrations.


With a loud sound of something heavy falling on the ground, the door of the office was opened from inside. The three secretaries returned to their desk in a flash, while Evelyn turned around two circles. Before she could escape, she saw the tall and straight back of Byron.

He held a crying woman with one hand and took her to the elevator. At the same time, he glared at Evelyn.

Feeling a chill on her back, Evelyn was about to turn around and leave when the woman in Byron's arms broke free from Byron and lost her temper again.

"Byron, ask yourself if you really love me! You treat me like I'm nobody! I really want to dig out your heart and see if it will beat because of me!"

As she spoke, she reached out and hammered Byron's chest.

However, Byron grabbed her wrist and said coldly as usual, "Rosa, you have finished your words. I'll send someone to send you back."

"I'm not here to scold you! Byron, why are you so stubborn?" She trembled and said in a soft voice, "Byron, let's get back together, okay? I don't want to break up with you. Give me one more chance. I won't be willful in the future. Even if you can't spare time to accompany me, it doesn't matter. I can try to accept it slowly!"

The man refused bluntly, "Rosa, you know me. Once I decided something, I will never change my mind."

Then he walked over and pressed the elevator button.

The woman stared at Byron, as if she wanted to see the slightest bit of reluctance in his eyes. After looking at him for a long time, she couldn't find herself in her black eyes. Finally, she shed two lines of tears. She turned around and walked into the elevator, crying hysterically when the doors closed automatically.

'A cold-blooded man!' Evelyn cursed Byron in her heart. When she looked up, she found that the man was very close to her.

"Apart from being lazy, I didn't expect you to have the habit of eavesdropping. Have you forgotten my warning to you, Evelyn?" Byron asked in a frigid, cold-hearted voice.

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