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   Chapter 5 When It Rains, It Pours (Part One)

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"If I fire you, do you think I will care about the compensation?" Byron retorted.

There was dead silence.

The man shook off Evelyn's left hand and turned his back to her.

In a daze, Evelyn followed Byron to the underground parking lot.

As soon as the elevator door opened, a gust of cold wind blew in, and Evelyn got goose bumps all over. Seeing that Byron was walking away with his briefcase, she got up the courage to catch up with him step by step.

"Boss, I have something to discuss with you! Please wait! Wait for me!" she shouted behind him.

Byron stepped forward and easily threw her behind. However, this time, Evelyn made up her mind. In the blink of an eye, she appeared on his left again.

"Boss, the Logistics Department must have closed at this time. I haven't changed my clothes yet. Look, if you can give me the key..."

Byron suddenly stopped as he heard this, and Evelyn bumped into his broad and strong chest.

"Ouch..." she murmured. 'Is this man made of steel?' she wondered.

"Do you think I will give the key to a new employee?" Byron asked in reply.

Evelyn didn't expect Byron to be kind to her anymore. Because she was caught by him again and again. There was a limit to human tolerance. She knew that the man was on the verge of breaking out. If she continued to pester him, it would only make things worse.

She must make it quick.

So Evelyn forced a flattering smile and said, "If you don't believe me, you can go upstairs with me. Boss, please, I can't go home in this dress."

"You always ask someone for help. People like you will never grow up! Don't think you can get sympathy by pretending to be pitiful. Before that, I advise you to go back to the elevator and look at yourself in the mirror." The man raised his chin and looked down at her.

The sentence Evelyn cursed yesterday was returned to her, which made her speechless.

As a new intern, how could she compete with the CEO of the Sybil Hotel?

'Ah, I've bitten off more than I can chew, ' she wondered.

Evelyn gritted her teeth and thought, 'Although I can't compete with him, I can hide away from him. That's the best option.'

"Boss, you are right! I have learned a lot from your words! I'm determined to correct my mistakes in the future. Thank you for giving me a lesson today!" After saying that, Evelyn shook her head and left.

But she regretted as soon as she got out of the company.

Sybil Hotel was located in the first level development zone of G City. There were many buildings around it, and there was a huge artificial Swan Lake nearby.

But it would take at least 15 minutes to get to the nearest bus station to the hotel.

Looking at the empty square, there was only a fountain pool and a towering pole lamp in the middle. For the first time, Evelyn felt that people were so insignificant in the world.

Evelyn touched her

pocket subconsciously and found nothing. She remembered that her mobile phone, wallet and other things were all in her backpack. Evelyn's grief seemed to be beyond tears.

Fortunately, she went out to buy a cup of blueberry juice during the lunch break today. The owner of the shop gave her some small change. She put the change into her apron, or she would not even have the money to take a bus!

When Evelyn arrived at the bus station, the light of the advertising signs was half off because of a problem. She sighed, "It's bad enough that I've left my bag in the office. Now I have to take a bus alone in the dark." Suddenly, a small car drove towards her. Some rascals with cigarette in their mouths opened the car window and whistled.

"Hey, pretty girl, are you a call girl?

Why are you wearing this? Do you want to add a little spice?

Or do you already know that we like uniforms? It's so exciting. Come on, get in the car. How about playing with us? We will be gentle to you," one of the rascal laughed.

Evelyn looked around but found no one. She panicked. She took a deep breath and told herself not to panic. Then she looked at them with a fake smile and said, "I'm waiting for my boyfriend! He will be here soon. You can play by yourselves."

"Boyfriend? Are you kidding me?" The man in the passenger seat opened the door and got out.

Other rascals echoed.

Seeing this, Evelyn thought, 'Oh, my God! I can't run faster than a car, not to mention that I'm still a woman who lacks exercise for a long time! It's not too late to escape now! What should I do?'

At this critical moment, she heard a honk.

A black limo was driving behind the minibus. The owner of the car opened the window. The cold and familiar face almost made Evelyn burst into tears.

"Boss! Boss! Oh, that's so kind of you!" Evelyn suddenly shone with tears.

"Get in the car."

His tone was imperative, emotionless and even a little impatient. But for Evelyn, Byron looked like an angel when he said these words. Under the skeptical eyes of the hooligans, she rushed to open the door and got on the car in one go.

The car drove to an intersection. When the traffic light turned red, Byron stopped the car and looked steadily forward.

The atmosphere in the car was so heavy that Evelyn carefully observed Byron's expression. However, she couldn't read any useful information from Byron's expressionless side face.

She thought he would keep silent, but he suddenly said coldly, "Address."

"What? Address?" It took Evelyn a while to react.

Blue veins stood out on the right hand of the man holding the steering wheel. "I'm asking you the address!" he said again.

"Oh, okay! Boss, do you want to drive me back to my dormitory? Thank you! Well, I'm a student at the Technical University in G City. We will arrive there after the intersection in front of us!"

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