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   Chapter 4 What A Small World (Part Two)

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She could have sat in a comfortable office, drank coffee, and enjoyed the air conditioner, but she blew that opportunity because she shot her mouth off. Now she had to work in the Logistics Department as a cleaner.

Life was full of ups and downs!

Clenching her fists, Evelyn told herself not to give up. Trying to be optimistic, she thought she should be grateful for getting her job back at the Sybil Hotel. High-end hotels like these usually had internal training and promotion assessment programs. If she worked hard, she believed that she would surely get a promotion.

"I, Evelyn, am indestructible!" she shouted. Her scream echoed in the elevator.

Striding out of the elevator, she looked around. She couldn't help but sigh silently.

The front hall covered an area of about one hundred square meters. The flooring was done up in red marble tiles with a beautiful pattern. White dots adorned the tiles like apricot flowers blooming in a ravine. Above her head was a white ceiling inlaid with lamps. The light was warm yellow, forming a faint halo on the floor.

In front of the office, there was a half-meter high wooden counter. On the left, there were three desks in a row, and a green bonsai plant was against one corner of the wall.

It was so quiet in the large room that only the sound of typing could be heard. The secretaries were working with their heads lowered, as if none of them had noticed Evelyn.

Evelyn clicked her tongue. She was shivering in the high air conditioner.

After washing the bathroom and spraying some air freshener, she walked out to the corridor, carrying a mop bucket. She put the bathroom brush and the toilet cleaner into the bucket. Evelyn was engrossed in her work when she suddenly heard leather shoes clicking sharply on the ground. As she recalled the scene in the Human Resources, her hair stood on end.

She craned her neck to see who it was and spotted five or six elite men, led by Byron, coming out of the elevator. She didn't know whether he saw her or not but the man turned his head slightly, and Evelyn's heart missed a beat. She turned around and sprinted back to the bathroom like a thief.

"Oh, my God. I was scared to death!" she murmured. She couldn't help clutching her chest as Byron's cold and ruthless face flashed through her mind.

If he found out that she was still in the hotel, she would have to pack up and leave.

But after thinking calmly for a while, Evelyn came to the realization. She had signed a labor contract. If Byron fired her without reason, he would be violating the national labor law!

So why would she be afraid of him? 'There's no need to be scared, ' she told herself.

Reassuring herself, Evelyn once again walked out of the bathroom with her head held high.

"You can leave now,"

Byron ordered. Vincent nodded as he heard this. After all, he couldn't disobey his boss's order. He sorted out the documents on the table, put his briefcase under his armpit, picked

up the suit jacket hanging on the back of the chair, and nodded to Byron not far away.

"Sir, you'd better leave soon and get some rest. Staying up late is bad for your health," Vincent said.

The man gave a perfunctory nod, but his eyes never left the laptop. Vincent suspected that he didn't really hear him at all.

Sighing helplessly, Vincent walked out and closed the door.

Soon it became dark outside as night fell.

When Byron was on his last sip of coffee, he glanced at his wristwatch and saw that it was 8:36 p.m.. 'Is it so late?' he wondered.

Frowning, he decided to leave after reading the monthly report.

At 9:04 p.m., Byron put on his jacket and walked out to wait for the elevator. The lights in the corridor were still on.

When the elevator reached the twenty-sixth floor, the door opened automatically. Before Byron could step in, something inside made his expression darken.

Evelyn was curled up in the corner of the elevator, still holding on to the mop bucket. He was considering whether or not to fire the employee in front of him when she turned her head in her sleep.

He realized that it was the same little woman, who he had fired yesterday.

Before the elevator was about to close, something had made Byron walk in.

Evelyn, who was fast asleep, suddenly felt a dull ache on her wrist. She opened her eyes and blinked hard. A tall man was standing in front of her. He was wearing a white shirt and a dark blue striped suit jacket and tie. He had a stoic expression.

The man's features seemed to be frozen in a layer of ice. His eyes were dark and a little angry. Looking at him, Evelyn understood the meaning of a poker face.

"Boss...? Boss! I...I'm sorry," Evelyn stammered.

"Do you know what a private elevator is?"

The words coming out of his mouth were like icy daggers, which made Evelyn shrink unconsciously.

"A private elevator?" She looked around and found that the whole elevator was flooded with warm light, and there were four rotating cameras at the top four corners.

"I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't know. Today is my first day at work. I..."

Byron held her wrist so tight that it hurt. He hauled Evelyn up to the mirror and the mop bucket slipped slowly from her arms.


Evelyn felt that her heart sunk to the ground along with the mop bucket.

"I've already signed a labor contract. You can't drive me away at will!" she said nervously, trying to remain calm.

"Look at yourself!" Byron roared. The man, who had maintained the best behavior for 27 years, instantly lost his temper at the pathetic sight before him. "You look scruffy and disheveled. Do you know what the most important thing is in the service industry? Image! I don't need a slovenly employee like you in my company!" he barked.

"I... It was because..." Biting her trembling lips, Evelyn said, "The coffee splashed when I was collecting the coffee cups. I couldn't wash away the stains no matter how hard I tried..."

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