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   Chapter 2 Hired And Fired On The Same Day (Part Two)

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His harsh words caused an explosion in Evelyn Su's mind. She remained rooted to the spot.

"Why are you standing there dumbly? Don't you understand what I said?" asked Byron Song.

Mr. Yuan walked over trembling. "Sir, she has just arrived today. So..."

His boss turned to glare at him and Mr. Yuan wisely shut his mouth. He was about to take Evelyn Su away when the next second, the irritated little woman rushed to catch up with Byron Song.

The man's cold eyes swept over her again. Evelyn Su hesitantly took a step back, but when she realized that she had lost her job even before she started working, she summoned up her courage and looked straight into Byron Song's eyes.

Her bold move made the staff gasp collectively.

Byron Song also stopped at the same time. He turned around slightly. Like a blade coming straight at Evelyn, his gaze immediately weakened her resolve.

"Well, Sir... Please give me one more chance. I just don't match my clothes well," she said hurriedly, trying her best to explain.

"No! I'm serious. I won't change my mind. Mr. Yuan, please show her out," said Byron Song dismissively.

"You!" For the first time, Evelyn felt ashamed and angry.

As the saying went, "Even a rabbit bites when it's angry." Seeing that Mr. Yuan was about to grab her arm and shove her out of the room, Evelyn's face turned red. But Byron Song was still unmoved. Her blood boiled with blind fury.

"Don't think you can fire people as you please! You might be the CEO, but you are over the line! You haven't even given me a chance. Why are you refusing me like this? No wonder your employees were so tensed knowing you were going to inspect the area. I advise you to drink more cold tea to calm yourself down!" she snapped.

Everyone in the room watched as their imposing CEO was rebuked by this insignificant girl, and felt sorry for Evelyn. Her fate was sealed.

They were convinced that their new colleague was definitely fired.

"Why don't you say anything? Why don't you reply to my question? Are you feeling guilty? Are you dumb? What's wrong? Afraid I'm right?" Evelyn fired off a series of questions.

The man was silent for a long time. His face betrayed only a flicker of annoyance at her accusations. However, even the most obtuse person could sense the glacial vibe emitting from his body.

As it was summer, the air conditioner in the office was at 27 degrees. However, everyone was shivering as though they were in the Arctic.

The deathly silence lasted for about a minute. Byron Song finally uttered four words, "Call the security guards."

"What are you doing? You don't need to call the security guard. I can walk myself out!" she yelled.

Eventually, two security guards dragged Evelyn out of the hotel. As she struggled to break free from their grasp, a button broke on her suit. She tidied up her clothes and picked up her briefcase.

"Well, that's the end of that. Why am I so impulsive? I should have stayed calm. Then I might not have lost my job. What a b

ad first day!" she murmured.

She walked over to the fountain in front of the hotel and took off her high heels.

Her toes were squished inside her shoes, which were too small. As a result, they had turned bright red. Evelyn plopped on the stone steps and rubbed her aching toes.

"You make me happy. How are you doing girls? I know everybody..."

It was her phone's ringtone. Evelyn took out her phone from her pocket and looked at the caller ID. All of a sudden, tears spilled out of her eyes and streamed down her cheeks. "Doris! Listen to me..."

Before Evelyn, no one had ever dared to point at Byron Song's nose and confront him.

Byron Song generally wore a sour expression, but this time it was because of that common employee who insulted him in front of his entire staff. He was furious and his innocent employees would have to bear the brunt.

In his office on the twenty-sixth floor, all department managers stood in a line in front of Byron Song's desk. They all wanted to be invisible at that moment.


The first "victim" appeared.

Craig Xiao, the manager of the Planning Department, stepped forward.

In a team of mostly middle-aged men, he looked young and capable. "Yes, Sir!" he replied firmly.

Byron Song opened the book on the table and spoke without raising his head, "The promotion activity last time worked ineffective. You should know that someone stole your thunder. As the one in charge, you have to take full responsibility."

"I understand." The man lowered his head. His soft brown hair did not match his hard, cold temperament at all.

Craig Xiao, who was usually meticulous, was pulled up by the CEO. So the other managers were understandably nervous and worried about their fate.

An hour later, the "criticism meeting" was over. The managers had entered Byron Song's office with trepidation and come out with dull faces. The temperature on the twenty-sixth floor had dropped to the minimum by now.

After a while, Vincent Wen, Byron Song's special assistant followed him out of the office. He nodded hello to the three secretaries. Then he consulted his notebook and reported beside his boss, "The general shareholder's meeting will be held at ten o'clock. Then you have a meeting with the boss of the XMZ Group at half-past eleven."

Byron Song nodded expressionlessly.

After he took the private elevator and left, several secretaries complained to Vincent Wen that they might have to work overtime that day.

Vincent Wen, who was a nice person, offered them a smile and said, "This morning, our boss was insulted by an intern. Although he fired her on the spot, I feel that he is still fuming. We're going to suffer from now on."

The secretaries began to gossip when they heard this.

"Who is so bold as to confront the head of the Sybil Hotel? Is she crazy?" they couldn't help but ask.

Vincent Wen shook his head mysteriously. "Do you know that proverb? 'A newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger.' Obviously, she is that newborn calf."

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