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   Chapter 61 Pledge Love

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"Let's go back!" After Amy calmed down, Walter naturally took her hand and walked out of the plum forest. Amy's heart trembled, but she didn't refuse. She followed Walter silently. Looking at his tall and straight back and feeling the warmth from his palm, Amy felt that she was very complicated inside, sweet and bitter at the same time.

Walter was Bella's boyfriend, but he was also the one who appeared beside Amy when she was most vulnerable. Walter appeared in front of Amy again and again like a guardian angel, making her have the illusion of deep attachment. But every time the impulse in her mind receded and her mind recovered, Amy would think of the scene that Walter was snuggling up to Bella sweetly. Was Walter also kissing Bella affectionately when he was with her?

Amy withdrew her hand abruptly, and her eyes were covered with tears. Confused, Walter turned around and saw that Amy was lowering her head heavily with her face covered by her long hair. Although Walter couldn't see Amy's expression, he could clearly feel her sadness and even a little resentment. Did Amy think of the failure of the interview again?

Stepping back in front of Amy, Walter reached out his hand to raise her face, but she avoided it resolutely. Walter's hand just stood in the air. Amy was fine just now, wasn't she? What was wrong with her? Walter was confused and frowned unhappily. Walter didn't have much patience to deal with women, let alone to coax the woman who suddenly fell out with him. If it was his usual style, Walter would have left already. But for some reason, Walter couldn't move his feet in front of Amy. Besides, It was not the first time Walter had made an exception for Amy.

Walter grabbed the air and lowere

bluntly. What he said made Amy's heart skip a beat.

"Aren't you?" Pushing Walter away, Amy asked in reply with a sad face. What did Walter mean by 'think'? No one was blind. Seeing was believing. Did Walter still want to defend himself against this iron fact? Amy didn't expect that Walter would deny it.

Walter put his hands on Amy's shoulders, stared at her eyes and answered word by word, "no!"

Hearing such an answer, Amy was surprised. Normally, Amy first reaction should be to doubt the authenticity of Walter's words, but she did not. Walter's action, eyes and tone all revealed his seriousness and firmness. Amy wanted to doubt it rationally, but there was nothing she could do, because her heart has no hesitation in choosing to believe.

"But you..." It was a fact that they showed off their love in school, wasn't it?

"Just friends!" Walter interrupted Amy's firmly. "I have to get close to her because of something. As for what you are confused about... "

While speaking, Walter suddenly stopped and looked straight into Amy's eyes, and his eyes were full of firmness and seriousness. "Walter only has one woman... It's you! "

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