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   Chapter 60 A Deep Kiss In The Plum Forest

Lust For Love: All Adoration For My Only Girl By Liu Jia Characters: 5655

Updated: 2020-09-24 00:03

Many years later, when Amy thought of what happened that day, she couldn't help laughing at herself. It was just a failure. The sky was not collapsed, and the world was not destroyed. The most important thing was that Amy was not alone to face it. Amy didn't know why Walter was there, but the courage Walter brought to Amy was integrated forever into her life.

After crying for a long time, Amy finally had enough. She raised her head slowly and looked into Walter's deep eyes. All of a sudden, Amy's heart was filled with tenderness. At this moment, Amy couldn't help but think of Walter, the perfect man who took away her first kiss, who was as gentle as a jade man in the setting sun. Everything was like a dream. Amy touched Walter's face uncertainly, but when she felt the real warmth, she withdrew her hand as quickly as an electric shock.

Walter had thought that Amy's small hands would stop on his face, but he didn't expect that Amy would avoid it as if she had touched a hot potato. With Walter's sharp eyebrows slightly wrinkled, Walter peremptorily pressed the palm of Amy's hand against his face, and then leaned his head forward. When their four eyes met, there was only a slight gap between the noses of the two people. Amy was shocked, and her sanity was restored in a flash. Amy struggled to step back, but her upper body was buried in Walter's arms, and behind her was against a tree trunk. Walter held Amy's wrist with one hand and pressed the other hand against the back of her head, so that Amy had no chance to dodge or escape.

"Are you going to kick me away after using me?" Walter said in a hoarse voice. His voice was full of dissatisfaction and accusation, as

o Walter's gentle trap. Although the kiss was overbearing, Amy could clearly feel Walter's forbearance. Although Walter didn't know it was the second time that Amy kissed, he could clearly feel that Amy was not good at kissing. Therefore, Walter tried his best to suppress his inner impulse and wanted to give Amy a beautiful intimate experience.

Since Amy didn't know how to breathe, she had to bear the passion of Walter all the time. The oxygen in Amy's chest was getting less and less, and her breath was getting faster and faster, and her heart was twitching because of the lack of oxygen. Knowing that everything should be stopped at the right time, a trace of depression flashed across Walter's face. Then he reluctantly let go of Amy. Walter touched Amy's lips with his slender fingers and smiled evilly and contentedly.

After regaining her freedom, Amy took a big breath of fresh air, as if she had just gained a new life. Walter stood aside and enjoyed Amy's embarrassed look. Walter's usually unfathomable eyes were now shining with a strong sense of possessiveness.

'Amy, you are mine now!' Walter thought.

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