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   Chapter 59 The Taste Of Failure

Lust For Love: All Adoration For My Only Girl By Liu Jia Characters: 5343

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After searching the whole JK park, Walter finally found Amy under a plum tree in the depths of the plum forest. Walter breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't walk over immediately, but hid not far away to observe. It was not a day off, so there were very few visitors in the JK park, and only the two of them were in the whole plum forest. Walter wasn't sure if Amy needed someone to accompany her, so it might be better to leave her alone.

Amy was a woman who fears nothing. Walter couldn't figure out what irritated a woman like her. Walter had heard from Harold that Amy had lost control of her emotions after checking her phone. But for Amy's privacy, it was not appropriate for Walter to check her phone. Walter had to let Amy explain it in person.

In the rain and snow, the refreshing fragrance spread in every corner. As long as you took a deep breath, your nose would be filled with the fragrance of plum blossoms, mixed with the smell of pure rain, as if they had become a faint sadness. Walter looked askance at Amy who was not far away and saw her sitting on the ground with her back against a tree trunk. Her head was deeply buried in the crook of her arms, and her shoulders trembled slightly. It was obvious that Amy was crying.

This was totally out of Walter's expectation. It was not the first time that Walter had seen Amy cry, but this time, it made Walter even more worried. Walter strode over, held back his impulse and finally stopped beside Amy.

"Hey, you are crying so hard." Lowering his voice, Walter tried his best to make himself appear as normal as possible, but he

represent the end of Amy's luck in her life, so her confidence and arrogance were shattered by the list without her name. Amy wanted to hide, but she couldn't see anyone, even including Luke. What Amy had said with confidence at the beginning turned into mockery and rushed into her mind. All the lives around seemed to laugh at her incompetence and cowardice.

"I'm really useless, right? I'm like a fool..." Amy sobbed and wiped her tears and snot on Walter.

"You are just a fool!" Walter couldn't help but agree with her. He rested his chin on Amy's head and smelled her hair. At this time, Amy looked exactly the same as the time when she fainted in the bar. When Amy cried, everything in the world seemed to be tainted with her sadness, which made people feel pity for her and even would do anything for her smile.

In the silent plum forest, the woman's cry was abrupt but not annoying. Looking at the crying girl in his arms, Walter's heart softened unconsciously. A gust of wind blew, and the clouds dispersed. Everything was changing unconsciously.

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