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   Chapter 58 The Choice Of Heart

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Standing in front of the shelf, Amy was wondering what kind of flavor she should buy. Suddenly, her phone in her pocket vibrated. Amy took it out and found it was a message from the hotel HR Director. It must be the result of the interview, so Amy couldn't wait to turn it on. She was so excited that her hand holding the phone was trembling slightly.

Looking at the list of candidates, Amy tried her best to search for her name. But Amy couldn't find it from beginning to end. Unwilling to give up, Amy looked at the list again, and the result was the same as the first time The crisps in her hand fell to the ground with a bang. Amy looked at them blankly, but didn't pick them up. Lost? It shouldn't be!

Amy took a few steps back in disbelief. She didn't know how to face such a result. All of a sudden, the phone fell to the ground and made a crisp sound. When Amy came to her senses, she squatted down to pick it up, but she suddenly withdrew her hand, as if she was facing something terrible.

Pushing away the half-filled shopping cart beside her, Amy ran out crazily, and all of this was seen by Harold. Suspiciously, Harold walked over and picked up Amy's phone. His mind was full of confusion. Harold chased after Amy, but he couldn't find her. He couldn't even see the car he had parked across the road. On the sign beside the road, there were several English letters: NO PARKING.

"Damn it!" Harold cursed angrily. He took out his phone and dialed Walter's number. "Something happened to her!"

Although it was only four words, Walter's heart tightened at the other end of the phone. Walter knew who "she" meant without asking.

"What happened?" Walter asked while beckoning the saleswoman in the fashion shop to tell Bella that he had something to do and would leave. Regardless of whether

al. As for Bella's resource, if they could use it, they would make good use of it. If they couldn't, they would find a new way. Heaven never sealed off all the exits!

After leaving the school, Walter strode towards the direction where Amy disappeared. And this time, Walter's heart was unprecedentedly clear. Walter didn't have any revenge plan, nor did he have any trouble with Bella. The only person in his mind was Amy.

The woman who cooked fried eggs with potatoes for Walter insidiously, the first one who dared to slap him, the one who said she wanted him to repay her kindness, dressed vulgar and worshiped money. However, this was also the woman who saved Walter from the jaws of death, the woman who sang well, the woman who insisted on driving him away and carrying him upstairs, the woman who called his name desperately in the bar.

It made Walter fall in love with her in the sea of flowers, in the warm sunset, and the person he had to give up but couldn't forget - Amy. Well, it turned out that even if Walter turned a blind eye to Amy for the whole semester, it could not erase the mark she had left in his heart.

Walter hailed a taxi and chased after her. Amy, please stay there.

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