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   Chapter 57 First Interview

Lust For Love: All Adoration For My Only Girl By Liu Jia Characters: 5420

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In such a state of frequent meeting but turning a blind eye to each other, Amy had been in this state for a whole semester. The matter between Walter and Bella was no longer a secret in the school. Although neither of the two parties had made a clear statement, the intimate posture of their frequent dating had shown everything.

As for Walter, Amy thought she should let him go! If Amy didn't see Walter, she wouldn't remember that except for the moment when she brushed past Walter occasionally, her heart would ache obviously. Everything returned to the previous state. Unconsciously, most of the winter had passed. Amy wrapped herself in layers of thick clothes, it seemed that she wouldn't feel cold like this. It seldom snowed in winter in YC City, but it was very common to see snow in rain. Amy walked in the rain and snow on Luke's arm. Amy felt as if her heart was about to fly with the snow.

"You feel good about yourself, don't you?" Although Luke said in a slightly disdainful tone, her eyes were full of smile. According to Amy's conditions, it should be no problem for her to apply for a hotel receptionist!

"Not bad. I feel good!" Amy replied with a smile, making no secret of her confidence.

The winter vacation was approaching. Amy didn't want to stay at home all day long, so she decided to find a winter job in the hotel to adapt to the work in advance. Amy went to the interview with Luke just now and happened to meet several classmates. Amy was completely satisfied with her performance, and from the expression of the interviewer, he was also very satisfied. At the thought of entering a co

k on his face, Harold lowered his head to check his car. Fortunately, there was only a footprint on it, and there was no other damage.

"If you really bump into me, you'll be dead meat!" Without caring about the traffic light to turn green or the red light, Amy rushed over with her head down. Hearing the sound of the emergency brake all the way, Harold immediately was nervous about Amy. Fortunately, Amy was safe.

As soon as Amy entered the supermarket, she didn't notice that Harold was following her. Although Amy had become a stranger with Walter, she had developed a good friendship with Harold, Eric, and others. They would occasionally meet at school and then talk with each other. But every time they played together, they would be forced to stop when Walter appeared, and every time it was Amy who had chosen to run away.

Every time, Harold came here for Walter, so it never occurred to Amy that Harold would follow her. Seeing that Amy walked in a hurry and looked excited, Harold followed her out of curiosity, but Harold didn't expect what would happen next.

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