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   Chapter 24 Encounter

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"Why does it only costs two and five dollars?" In the afternoon, while biting the ice cream, Amy walked towards the Buick parked not far away with Tommy. Although summer had passed and there was no blazing sun in the sky, she still liked ice cream. Eating it was a beautiful thing for her. Amy didn't want to go home, so she was still hanging out at this time. For that big house, she really didn't want to stay there, especially when Tina was there.

"You should ask the person who made it." Tommy turned his head to look at Amy, and unconsciously touched her little head with his big hand. "Your bangs are long. It's time to fix them."

"Really?" Reminded by him, Amy rolled her eyes and looked up. "Wow, it's a little longer!"

She lowered her head and bit the ice cream, without saying anything more. In the past, it was her mother who reminded her to fix her hair! They opened the door and got on the car. The car started slowly, but it almost hit a Cadillac that suddenly rushed to stop in front of them.

"Hey, how did you drive?" A red head popped out of the window, looking extremely arrogant.

"Sorry!" After apologizing, Tommy moved the car back to the parking lot on the side of the road. He let the Cadillac back into the parking space and then moved his car out. Sitting on the passenger seat, Amy pursed her lips in anger. She was very angry with the arrogant man just now.

"It's not your fault. Why do you apologize? Besides, you didn't hit his car."

"Maybe he has something urgent to deal with!" Tommy said calmly, the car steadily drove out. But Amy was still angry. She suddenly turned around and stuck most of her body out of the window.

"Boy, your hair is burning! Ha ha! " Amy shouted at her back. Seeing this, Tommy knew that she was going to make trouble again, so he stepped on the gas and ran away in a flash.

"Hey, hey, stop the car if you dare." The owner of the Cadillac stood beside the car, with his eyes wide open and his red hair more domineering. The silver white Buick was getting farther and farther away. No matter how angry he was, he had to give up. He clenched his ten fingers. "Little girl, if I didn't have something urgent to deal with, I would not let you go."

The owner of the Cadillac said angrily. He turned around and looked at himself in the mirror through the window. This man had bushy eyebrows, dashing eyes, aquiline nose an

d thin lips. He was exactly Harold, who had just arrived from the East District of Lobster Bay.

"I am very handsome!" He stroked the dyed dark red hair with his hand and sighed narcissistically. 'It has been many years, but I'm still so handsome. Since I changed my hair into this one, my charm is irresistible!'

"Your hair is burning!" A good-looking man suddenly put his arm on the shoulder of Harold. He was Eric, who came to look for Gerry but failed.

"Hey, why didn't you help me just now?" Harold pushed Eric away, thinking that others must have seen what had happened to him just now. Anger climbed on his face again. "Women nowadays are getting more and more arrogant!"

"That girl just told the truth. Don't be angry, Mr. Harold!" With a big smile on Eric's face, he moved closer to Harold, but said something to provoke him. When Harold was about to retort, he was stopped by Walter.

"Let's go. Don't let Gerry escape again!" Then he got into the car. With a threatening look, Harold raised his fist to Eric and followed Walter immediately.

"I'd like to see if he can escape!" After getting in the car, Eric said. With a nod of approval, Harold stepped on the gas and sped towards a night club in the center of the city.

Along the way, Eric and Harold had been talking about how to deal with Gerry to help Walter take revenge, but Walter, as one of the involved persons, remained silent all the time.

He received a clue from his men that Gerry was hiding in a hotel. When they rushed over, they missed him and that man sent another message saying that Gerry had gone to a night club in the center of the city. As cunning as a fox, Gerry had frequently changed places. However, Walter did not expect to see her here - the arrogant, vicious and timid village girl, Amy.

'Her arrogant words just now really matched her character.' However, if it weren't for the fact that they were in a hurry to look for Gerry, Harold wouldn't give up so easily. Walter was sure, Amy would really get into big trouble! 'However, it is not a bad thing for an arrogant girl like her to suffer.' Thinking of this, Walter couldn't help smiling. Seeing this, Eric patted on Harold's shoulder of the front row. The two of them fixed their eyes on Walter, but the latter didn't notice it at all.

"He hid something!" Eric and Harold looked at each other and whispered at the same time.

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