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   Chapter 22 Her World

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After Walter left, Amy's life returned to normal. She could act like a spoiled child in front of her grandparents without cooking something hard to swallow. As long as she had time, she would go to the mountain to see flowers and trees, and to the river to play with water. Life was simple and beautiful.

By accident, the scald on her hand slowly healed. Amy never thought of the man who had been picked up from a deep ditch. Walter was like a stone, inadvertently falling in the middle of the lake of her world. Amy had been moved, but when the ripples gradually dissipated, the stone always sank into the bottom of the lake, leaving behind only a memory that she did not want to mention again.

No matter whether she was willing or not, time would slip away inadvertently. Raising her head to look at the dark sky, Amy felt a lump in her throat. Winter had passed, and it was time for her to leave.

"Honey, be careful on the way! Study hard at school and take good care of yourself. Don't make me worry about you! If you have time, come back to see us. Remember to think about us when you are busy, it's not easy for you to come here. But next time you come, call your grandfather in advance and I'll ask him to pick you up! "

Along the way, May kept reminding Amy of some trivial things. At this time, Amy was not annoyed at all and kept every word in her mind. After climbing to the top of the mountain behind the house, she turned her head back reluctantly.

"Grandma, go back now! I remember what you said. I'll come to see you when I have time! " Amy pretended to be calm and ran down the mountain without waiting for May's answer.

Going down the mountain was always faster than going up. She ran down the mountain in one breath and didn't dare to look back. She knew there was a dense forest behind her, and even if she turned around, she could not see her grandma, but she dared not to look back.

Amy didn't know how her grandma walked home, nor did she know if she had shed tears, but she was sure that she must be as sad as her.

Time was really a terrible thing. People's black hair turned white. The young children grew up slowly, and the old people also grew old slowly. Amy couldn't imagine how painful her heart would be if she returned to Yun Cliff Village and her old home one day without the chatter of her grandparents.

She didn't dare to think about it, nor did she want to! Even though she knew that it would come true one day, she was still unwilling to think about it.

People were always stupid. Sometimes, even though they knew the result, they would still go on without hesitation. As time went by, no one could stay where they were.

Sitting in the car and looking out of the window at the scenery constantly retreating, Amy finally shed tears. With her eyes closed, Amy's thick eyelashes were like morning dew hanging on the tip of grass. Although only tears. But in her heart, it had already rained heavily. Sadness overwhelmed her in an instant.

The car had been wobbling for the whole morning. As soon as Amy got out of the station, she saw Tommy, dressed in an Armani casual suit, waiting beside a silver white Buick car. She didn't tell Tommy when she wou

ld return to YC City. It was obvious that her grandfather was reporting to him.

Black short hair and a handsome face. There was a pair of leisure black framed eyes on the high bridge of his nose, and a gentle and kind smile always hung on his sexy thin lips. This was Tommy, Amy's childhood sweetheart.

Watching from a distance, Amy didn't walk over immediately. Tommy was always polite and well dressed, but he never seemed to be angry with anyone with a smile on his face. In order to accompany Amy, he gave up the opportunity to go abroad, and went to an ordinary university. Amy's father always wanted her to marry Tommy. Tommy was like a noble prince, who could easily attract the attention of everyone wherever he stood. In terms of temperament and identity, he should be accompanied by a graceful lady in a princess bubble dress.

"Let's go!" Seeing that Amy was still in a daze, Tommy walked over to her.

"Oh!" Amy sighed and patted on Tommy's shoulder, pretending to be deep. "I'm so sorry to let you condescend to be my follower!"

Although Amy exaggerated her tone and expression, what she said was true. From the moment she had her memory, the one year older boy, Tommy, followed her like a servant and did the same thing with her. It had been more than 10 years since they knew each other, Amy didn't know much at that time, so she felt Tommy was right to follow her. But now, they were not children anymore.

"What are you talking about?" Hearing this, Tommy was stunned, but soon returned to normal, with a warm smile on his face all the time. It was not the first time Amy had said something like that, but every time it made his heart ache.

All Tommy wanted was to be with her. He hope when she was sad and in trouble, the first person she thought of would be him. Besides, he didn't have a girlfriend, and Amy didn't have a boyfriend either. No one could say clearly about feelings.

"I just don't want to delay your marriage. I'll be guilty then!" Amy replied, then she got into the car. Tommy drove such a humble car because Amy dislikes those high-profile behaviors.

"That's none of your business! The new term begins tomorrow. Are you going home now? " Tommy fastened the seat belt for himself and changed the topic at the same time.

"Go back to fetch something!" As Amy spoke, she took off her shoes and sat cross legged on the passenger seat. Seeing this, Tommy shook his head helplessly and then unfastened the seat belt.

He leaned over and trapped Amy between his arms. Reflexively, Amy leaned back, and her back instantly clung to the cushion. As Tommy approached, she smelled the fragrance of soap, faint and clean.

The warm breath exhaled by Tommy sprayed on Amy's face, Amy blushed. The burning sensation spread from the face to the ears, and even the heartbeat became irregular.

It was not the first time that Tommy had fastened the seat belt for her. How could she be like this? When Tommy sat back in the driver's seat, Amy lowered her head with a look of chagrin. All of this was seen by Tommy, but he said nothing. An imperceptible smile appeared on his face. He stepped on the gas and the car steadily drove out.

'She finally felt something!'

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