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   Chapter 21 Leave Without Saying Goodbye

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On the dark and quiet path, there were only two beams of light slowly moving forward, one after the other. The fragrance of the dishes in the air gradually faded away, replaced by the fragrance of evening primrose. The scent of evening primrose was different from that of other herbs, but similar to that of flowers. It was light, sweet and delicate. This was a way for this plant to attract the insects. Like nepenthes, it would lure the insects into the bag on the back of the grass leaves and then digest them.

All kinds of facts in the biological world proved that the more beautiful creatures were, the more dangerous they would be. Thinking of this, Amy couldn't help but look back at Walter. However, because of her distraction, she slipped and rolled directly into the ditch beside the road. Walter was startled. He wanted to pull her away, but he failed.

"Ouch!" As Amy groaned, she got up. Fortunately, the ditch was only half a meter deep, so she didn't hurt very much. Even so, she was still frightened. "Hey, can't you help me?" Amy put a foot on the road and reached her hands out for help. To her surprise, Walter walked past her. He believed that she could climb up at such a height.

"You!" Amy shouted at Walter and had to climb up with her hands and feet. But the posture was not good. After patting the soil on her body and tidying up the hair, Amy quickly caught up Walter.

"How do you know this way?" Amy asked curiously. Just a few meters away from where she fell, there was a fork leading to the deep mountain. 'Why didn't he take that road?' Walter looked sideways at Amy, and then turned his head to stare at the path in front of him carefully. He didn't want to roll into the ditch like her.

"Hey, I'm asking you. Why don't you answer me? " Walter frowned with displeasure. "You can take that path."

After listening these cold words, Amy wisely shut up, but she tried to frighten Walter by playing the ghost behind him. Looking at the shadow on the ground, Walter knew clearly what Amy was doing, but he chose to ignore it. For him, it was really difficult to communicate with Amy, a brainless girl in his opinion. 'Can't you see the light flickering on the opposite mountain? Since your grandparents are treating people in the village, how can I choose the road that few people walk at first sight?' Walter silently thought in his heart.

No one spoke, and there seemed to be nothing to say. The two of them were like natural enemies. Every word Walter said would drive Amy crazy, so for Amy it was better not to talk to Walter. But Amy was not a quiet girl. If she had to walk in a quiet way, it would be more painful than killing her. So…

"The · crescent · moon · curved · up · to · heaven, · the · horns · curved · up · to · both · sides, · the · sickle · curved · up · to · mow · the · grass, · and · the · small · hands ·

curved · up · to · sow · the · fields…"

Amy sang a song again, and the bugs on both sides of the path also stopped tweeting, as if they were afraid of disturbing such a beautiful music. Walter's eyebrows smoothed a little, but he didn't put down his hand that was covering the wound. 'Is it broken again? It seems that I really can't pretend to be strong!' Behind him, Amy was humming a tune leisurely and didn't notice his pain at all.

"Amy, is that you?" At a turn, a voice suddenly came from the front, followed by a strong beam of light.

"Grandma? It's me! " Amy answered in surprise. Then she pushed Walter away and rushed over. As soon as Amy saw May, she immediately hugged her. Seeing this, Ellison, who was walking behind May, also laughed. 'How dare this child come here to pick us up?' Ellison thought doubtfully. As soon as he turned a corner, he saw Walter standing not far away from him.

"Amy, who is he?" Ellison asked in a low voice, but Amy was acting like a spoiled child in front of May, not paying attention to answering his question. Seeing that Amy had been reunited with her grandparents, Walter turned around and went back.

"Grandma, why do you come back so late? Grandpa is a liar. He said he would come back last night. " Amy complained, pouting. May explained that there was a big accident in the village, so they didn't come back until now.

"But I was hurt, too. And no one took care of me!" Then Amy pointed the flashlight at her right hand. "Look, it's so painful."

"What happened?" May asked in surprise, and her tone was full of distress. Ellison was also very worried.

"Nothing. It's all right now!" Amy comforted them and looked ahead unconsciously. However, under the cover of the night, she could not see Walter except for the white light from the flashlight.

After Amy and her grandparents came back home, Walter had gone upstairs to have a rest. Amy just simply told Ellison and May that the person who had been saved had woken up and then she didn't mention anything else. Ellison naturally guessed who went to pick them up with Amy. He knew that Amy had no courage to find them alone!

After Amy's grandparents came back home, she slept very well. On the second day, she got up very early unexpectedly. However, when she was about to go upstairs to see Walter, May told her that he had left.

"He has gone?" "When did he leave?"

"This morning. When I got up, I found that his clothes were put on the cold chair in the hall. But I didn't see him." May replied while pouring the feed into the chicken and duck crib. They had only left home for one day, but the chicken and duck were almost starved to death.

"He's gone!" Amy murmured, feeling a little disappointed. 'Left quietly? It is so unreasonable that he didn't leave his phone number. Then how can I ask him to repay me for saving his life?'

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