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   Chapter 19 Warm Summer

Lust For Love: All Adoration For My Only Girl By Liu Jia Characters: 5379

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"The crescent moon curved up to heaven, the horns curved up to both sides, the sickle curved up to mow the grass, and the small hands curved up to sow the fields…"

On the way, Amy was singing a song that Walter had never heard of. Although he had never heard of it, it was undeniable that the song was really beautiful. Especially in such a cozy evening, there was a breeze beside them, and there were clouds above their head like scales. Coupled with the crisp voice of Amy, the melody was so innocent and touching.

Of course, Walter was obsessed with the melodious song! At this time, he seemed to have returned to five years ago. In the pure world, there was only sunshine, the wind, the fragrance of flowers, and a good dream. Without that man, he should still be the carefree boy, accompanied by his parents and brothers. But now, in the world where he has lived for 15 years, the only one left was Harold.

Perhaps he had gained something else because of him, such as his status that no one dared to bully, his hard fists, and his pretending that nothing was important. However, along with these, there was hatred deep in his bones, loneliness and… Nightmares all night.

He thought he had been completely reborn, but he didn't expect that his real heart began to move under the influence of this song. The real Walter, his world was pure and his heart was incomparably soft, but the reality locked the real him up. Although there was a palpitation, it only lasted for an instant. He had been used to the later life.

Following Amy, Walter didn't know how far he had walked. He just felt more and more hungry. As the night fell, there was only a vague outline of the figure in front of him. He had no choice but to follow Amy closely. After going through countless crisscross farmland and bypassing a small hill, Amy finally stopped on a grassland. She lay down with her arms akimbo, regardless of her image. The song suddenly stopped and was replaced by a slightly crying and excited voice.

"Mom, I'm here to see you!" Amy shouted at the sky where there were only a few stars. Her voice spread everywhere and was finally swallowed up by the darkness around. Walter didn't expect to hear such a sentence. The fragility and loneliness in Amy's voice made him seem to see himself who had been hidden.

"Mom, I found a wild lily today. It's so beautiful, just like the one you picked from the cliff. I dug it out and put it on the ground. It's the place you told me to plant flowers. It turns out that the root of the wild lily is really the same as the onion. It's really a big onion! " Lying on the grass, Amy talked to herself. Anyone who saw her would be shocked, bu

t Walter could only feel the same way.

He didn't know where Amy's mother had gone. Maybe she had gone to the heaven like his mother, but he could feel that Amy was missing her mother deeply.

Without noticing that Walter was behind her, Amy casually found a topic to talk about. Anyway, her mother had said that she would become a star to guard Amy. As long as Amy was under the starry sky, she could hear her words.

"Mom, Grandpa and grandma went to another village for treatment, but they didn't come back for a whole day. Do you think I should go to see them? But I don't know the way. I don't know whose house it is. Besides, I don't dare to go there alone! " Amy's voice became lower and lower, as if even she herself was too embarrassed to say the words "dare not". Other objective external factors were secondary, and the lack of courage was the main reason.

Amy turned over. She didn't look at the stars in the sky anymore. She covered her eyes with her arms and said, "Mom, my hand is scalded. It hurts. There is no medicine at home. I'm afraid the wound will decay. This afternoon, Walter took me to the mountain and found a lot of herbs. They are much better now. " After a pause, she continued, "In fact, I really appreciate him, but I still cooked dumplings for him with the water I washed my hands! Mom, am I bad? "

Hearing that, Walter was speechless. He thought Amy wouldn't tease him again, so he ate the dumplings at ease. But he didn't expect she was so naughty.

"You're really bad!" With a gloomy face, Walter walked out of the dark and lay on the grass like Amy. The grass was a little tilted, but the height was just right. It was comfortable to lie on it.

"Why..." When he appeared, Amy screamed like a cat with its tail trampled.

"Don't worry. I only heard you make dumplings with the water you washed your hands." A deep voice came through. Obviously, Amy felt that Walter was very unhappy. 'But so what? You deserved it.'

"Why did you look through my closet? You deserve it! " Amy retorted, but Walter didn't say anything. When the world was completely shrouded in darkness, stars came out. The moon climbed up the hill and spread a layer of pure silver radiance on the ground. Walter didn't want to waste his time on meaningless argument.

Time passed slowly, and no one spoke. Looking at the stars all over the sky, Amy felt a lump in her throat and almost burst into tears. 'Mom, in fact, I'm good. I just misses you!'

Walter breathed softly, as if he was afraid of waking up all the beautiful things around him. Stars twinkled in the sky, as if a pair of bright eyes were staring at the world. 'Dad, mom, are you in heaven?'

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