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   Chapter 17 Wild Lilies And Abelmoschus Manihot

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After packing up, Amy lay back on the cold chair in the hall. The hanging fans above her heads were rotating tirelessly, and the cicadas were even more arrogant. The chirps came one after another from all directions, making people very irritable. However, Amy was not affected at all. After the matter in her heart was settled, she quickly fell asleep. With a light snort, she turned around and changed to a comfortable position, not knowing that her every move was seen by someone.

Looking at the quiet girl in front of him, Walter couldn't help smiling. However, when his eyes fell on Amy's right hand, two sharp eyebrows immediately frowned. 'What a fool! How could you cover the scald with gauze?'

Walter fetched a short stool and sat down. Then he began to unwrap the gauze on the back of Amy's hand. Although he had tried his best to be as careful as possible, he still woke up Amy who was sleeping. Amy frowned unhappily and rubbed her sleepy eyes. She raised her eyelids slightly and wanted to take a nap for a while, but she suddenly woke up when she noticed the unidentified object in front of her.

"Ah --" another sharp howl! Walter's face darkened and he immediately retreated to the safe zone. Although Amy didn't take anything with her this time, it didn't mean that she was not aggressive. Walter didn't want to suffer an undeserved catastrophe.

"What are you doing here?" Amy said in panic. She didn't calm down until she saw it was Walter. Leaning against the door, Walter raised the gauze in his hand. Amy looked down and found that the gauze on her wound was nowhere to be found, and her dark red skin was exposed to the air. "Why did you take my gauze?"

"You can't cover the scald!" Walter simply answered. He didn't want to waste time with such a brainless woman.

"Can't cover it? Really? " Amy said crossly. "The medicine box was taken away by grandpa. There is no burn medicine at home." The only thing she could think of was to wrap the wound with gauze to prevent further infection.

"Is there any herb in the mountain?" Walter turned around and walked out of the door. Looking at the lush woods in the distance, he felt some pain in his eyes. At four o'clock in the afternoon, although the sun was not as strong as noon, it still illuminated everything in the world.

"Of course!" Amy replied frankly, and then she lay back in the cold chair. "Unfortunately, I don't know them."

Amy had no hope of herbal medicine at all. When she was about to take a nap, Walter had already walked out. When he found that there was a way up the mountain behind the house, he immediately went in that direction. 'Doesn't he? Does he know Chinese medicine?' All of a sudden, Amy came to her senses and followed Walter.

There was a dull pain in the wound, so Walter walked very lowly. Seeing that he was trying hard to endure the pain, Amy couldn't bear it anymore. After hesitating for a while, she finally came up to hold Walter.

"Don't think too much. I just want to heal my wound as soon as possible." Amy looked around and said unnaturally, Walter just took a glance at her and didn't refuse her support.

The mountain was covered with thick plants, which isolated the scorching sun. In addition, there was a gust of cold wind, so the two of them didn't feel too hot. However, the further they went into the mountain, the more noisy the chirping of cicadas became, as if a pot had exploded in their ea

rs. Amy looked at Walter impatiently, only to find that he looked calm and unaffected. From beginning to end, Walter's attention was focused on the flowers and plants on the side of the road. At this time, he had gained a lot.

Since Amy didn't know the herbs, she had to look around idly. Suddenly, a touch of white came into her sight. Letting go of Walter, she ran over excitedly -- it was lilies.

She knew this flower. Wild lilies were very common in the mountains, but they were extremely rare in Yun Cliff Village. Moreover, this flower had always grown on precipices. Even if people met once in a while, they could only raise their heads and look at it from afar. Although Amy had seen it a few times before, it was the first time in her life that she had seen it in such a close distance.

Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. It was fresh, sweet and fragrant. However, the fragrance of the wild lily was different from that of the lily in the flower shop. Its fragrance was mixed with a little spicy, faintly revealing the wild spirit of the mountain forest.

"That's great!" Amy couldn't help but sigh, with a gleam shining in her eyes. Bending over, she began to think about how to get the flower back.

On the other side, Walter was searching for Amy. It turned out that when Amy saw the wild lily, Walter also had an unexpected harvest - abelmoschus manihot.

It was a rare herb with the reputation of "holy medicine of trauma". It was known that the herb was a treasure, and it had a miraculous effect on any trauma. It could reduce swelling and pain very quickly, and could be applied both in internal and external areas. Walter didn't expect to find abelmoschus manihot here. 'That stupid woman is lucky.'

He walked over and uprooted the flower. When he turned around, he couln't find Amy. Thinking that she might have been a deserter, Walter planned to go back the same way. However, before he took a few steps, his attention was attracted by the strange sound behind the grass. Suspiciously, he walked over and saw that Amy was sitting on the ground, with a wooden stick in her hand, trying hard to dig a hole.

The root of the wild lily was like an onion, and it was not deep. Therefore, Amy was determined to bring it back home unharmed. However, it had been a long summer without rain. The soil was as hard as stone, and there was no suitable tool, so the progress was very slow.

Standing quietly three steps away, Walter saw that Amy was sweating profusely. He didn't understand why she worked so hard. He knew the wild lily, but for him, it was useless but good-looking. 'Why does she waste her time and energy on those useless things?'

"Do you want to continue?" Walter asked while Amy was taking a break. At last, he got an affirmative answer. Then he turned around and left without hesitation. However, before he left, he threw a flat stone beside Amy.

"Eh? It seems to be more useful! " Surprised, Amy picked up the stone and continued with her work. At the same time, she thanked Walter casually.

Walter didn't hear "thank you". He never wasted his time on meaningless things. In his world, he wouldn't do anything without absolute certainty, let alone something that was not good for him.

For example, he could go through the whole mountain forest for abelmoschus manihot, but he wouldn't stay for a second for a wild lily. This is Walter's character!

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