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   Chapter 16 A Bowl Of Dumplings

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It was noon and the sun was scorching. The ground was scorched to hot air, and all the chickens in the courtyard and dam huddled in the shadow of the corner and took a nap. The cicadas' cries kept popping up one after another, and the whole world seemed to explode, even the air was boiling. Occasionally, there would be wind blowing from afar, but it still carried scorching heat. It was not until Amy opened the wall fan that she felt a little cool.

'It's so stuffy. Is it going to rain?' Amy put her head out of the room and quickly drew back. The sun was shining brightly everywhere outside the house. She was dazzled with only one glance. The colorful little dot jumped around in front of her eyes and disappeared after a long time.

Lying on the cold chair in the hall downstairs, Amy kept glancing upstairs from time to time. 'That man probably doesn't dare to rummage through anything. Anyway, he can't take it out with me here. He hasn't eaten anything for so many days. Is he really not hungry? If he is hungry, he will still be picky?' Not seeing Walter gobbling as she had expected, Amy was very unhappy, not to mention being labelled as "poisoning". She really wanted to strangle him to protect her glorious image.

But on second thought, if she knew that fried eggs with potatoes would cause food poison, maybe she would still do that! As long as Walter wouldn't die, she would be happy to make him has a stomachache. 'After all, he dared to touch that bag! People should always be responsible for their own actions!'

Unfortunately, Amy didn't frighten others but lost her reputation. "Amy, you are so stupid!" Patting her head remorsefully, Amy seemed to see two little fiends arguing with each other with the triangle fork in their hands.

"Go and make him Chinese food, dumplings. He must love them! He is a patient!"

"He wants my mother's bag. He is a thief!" The two little fellows were at a stalemate. Seeing that there was no result for a long time, Amy was annoyed. She waved her hand in

front of her, and the two little fiends disappeared in an instant. She stood up decisively, put on her shoes and went into the kitchen. Soon, she came out with a bowl of dumplings.

"Eat!" Amy put the dumplings on the bedside table and waited with her hands on her hips. If Walter didn't eat it, she would never care about his life. Casting a sidelong glance at the dumplings in front of him, Walter picked up a bowl and began to eat them without looking at Amy. It was a bowl of dumplings without any seasoning, salt, or green onion.

Even so, Walter still ate them up! He had been in a coma for so many days, but his stomach was completely empty. After putting the empty bowl back on the bedside table, he lay down again and turned his back to Amy. Seeing his bad attitude, Amy was about to lose her temper, but was stopped by a voice.

"Thank you!" Walter's voice was very light and sounded very awkward, as if the person who spoke was not used to saying such words. Standing in front of the bed, Amy burst into laughter.

"You're welcome!" Putting away the empty bowl, Amy walked out with a smile. When she turned around, she saw Walter burying his head into the quilt again. Then she laughed exaggeratedly but silently. She would never tell him that she washed her hands with the water before cooking dumplings. Although her hands were not dirty, it could still make her proud for a long time! When Amy saw Walter drinking soup just now, she almost burst into laughter.

"Well, if you can move, walk downstairs. It's good for the wound to heal!" When Amy arrived at the door, she saw that Walter turned over again. She stood at attention, straightened her clothes, and suggested sincerely. At last, she strode out. Amy's heart was still fluttering with fear when she went downstairs.

'This man is obviously not easy to deal with. If he sees something wrong, he might be like a furious lion imperceptibly destroying my mind. After all, my heart is very fragile, I can't bear his second fright or shock.'

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