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   Chapter 14 No Princess

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"Why are you so careless? It must be painful! "

"I'm fine. Thank you, David!"

"Are you okay? Do you want me to call your grandfather? "

"Uh No, thanks. Grandpa left his phone at home, and they should be back soon! "

"Oh, fine. Come to me if you need anything!"

The voice of thanks, the low bark of dogs, and... Her singing. Lying on the bed and listening to all kinds of sounds, Walter was confused why he went back to the bed and the bandage was changed. 'Doesn't she hate me? How could she save me again?'

While Walter was thinking, he suddenly heard footsteps coming from outside. Somehow, he closed his eyes again, pretending to be in a coma, which was even inconceivable to himself. When Amy entered the room, she found that Walter was still sleeping. She frowned with displeasure.

"You're so sleepy. Just like a little pig!" Not knowing that Walter had woken up, Amy began to talk to herself unscrupulously. "Grandpa agreed to come back last night, but he hasn't shown up yet. He must have gone to a tryst with grandma. The two of you have been in love for most of your lives, why are you still so attached to each other now? Don't you feel bored? "

Amy cleaned up the house as she spoke. Then she brought a basin of water and wore an apron and knelt on the ground like a housewife, wiping the ground with a towel. However, not long after, she stood up and twisted her sour waist, and then sat down at the end of the bed.

"I will find a universal husband in the future. He will do everything including washing, cooking and cleaning. Moreover, he will be handsome and eye-catching. He needs to know kung fu, protect me, and... " "Forget it. That's all for the time being. I'll dig out and cultivate other functions when I find him." Then she continued to clean the floor. Walter buried his head under the quilt, almost laughed.

'What does she take her husband for? Private nanny? He needs to be handsome, and also knows Kung Fu? Does she think everyone is as omnipotent as me?' Walter silently thought that he met all her requirements. While wiping the floor, Amy hummed a melodious song. Walter listened to it casually as if it was a pastime, but he was unconsciously intoxicated with it.

The melodious girl was indeed very pleasing. If Amy was not so fierce and arrogant, he would think that she was also cute. But at this moment, the impression of Amy in Walter's mind was still the moment she raised her hand and slapped him. The good impression of her when she cried for him before completely disappeared. He was disgusted with the violent woman. In his mind, girls should be dignified, elegant and decent. As for Amy, even if she wore a Valentino dress worth millions of dollars, she was just an ordinary girl and would never be a noble princess.

When the word "Princess" came to Walter's mind, a picture always appeared: a thin girl, whose collarbone was clearly visible. She wore a knee length sapphire blue off the shoulder dress, and her long hair was casually placed in front of her like soft silk. Under the dim yellow street light, revealing a pair of white shoulders… It was the girl he met that night. Although her eloquence could be seen in the conversation with the taxi dri

ver, her laziness and elegance faintly revealed that she was a princess.

That kind of girl could have boys like. While thinking, Walter quietly looked at Amy who was wiping the floor. Her long hair was tied up in a mess. At first glance, it looked like a pile of shit. She wore a white T-shirt with round collar and an exaggerated Skull Pattern on it. Besides, Amy wore a pair of white jeans, a blue and white plaid apron, and a pair of unruly Beige slippers, showing the village girl's simplicity and frankness all over her body. No wonder there was a trend of mingling in the fashion world. Walter had reason to believe that Amy was also a person who followed the trend. But… He thought she got in the wrong way!

"What are you looking at? Haven't you seen any beautiful woman? " The sudden voice of Amy interrupted Walter's thoughts. Now that he had been exposed, he couldn't pretend anymore. Walter leaned against the headboard and looked at Amy who was cleaning the floor. He couldn't help but glance at her right hand. Although Amy was wearing water-proof gloves, he could clearly tell the difference between her left hand and right hand by the intensity of the gloves. Her right hand was swollen.

"Is your hand okay?" Walter asked sarcastically. Hearing his words, Amy gathered her bangs on her forehead and looked at her right hand.

"It hurts… But it's none of your business. " Then she turned to glare at Walter. "Don't think you can do anything as long as I take you in again. If I see you rummaging through things again, I will definitely kick you out." Amy said angrily, then she looked at the clean floor and smiled with satisfaction. Although she was lazy, as long as she was in this room, she would make sure it was clean and tidy. She firmly believed that her mother would come back here occasionally!

"Are you afraid that if something happens to me in your house, it will be difficult to explain to others?" Walter said scornfully. He didn't believe that Amy was so kind. Unexpectedly, Amy burst into laughter.

"Not easy to explain? No one will know that I have dug a hole for you! " Amy said with disdain. At the same time, she took off her gloves on her left hand and pointed at her eyes with the index finger. Then she pointed at Walter. "Don't even think about it. Before my grandparents come back, I will keep an eye on you! You will always be under my watch! "

After saying that, she went downstairs with a basin, leaving Brian lying on the bed speechless. 'This girl was so weird.' Walter turned over and enjoyed the view outside the window.

In the blue sky, there were white clouds, and occasionally birds would flock and fly. In the distance, a corner of the house was partly hidden and partly visible in the mountains. Curling smoke rose from the place where there were people. Finally, it followed the mountain trend and disappeared in the clouds and mist surrounding the mountain.

The vast world made people feel relaxed and happy. Walter took a deep breath and closed his eyes in enjoyment. If it weren't for the sound of footsteps, he might have fallen asleep again. In this small village far away from fighting, he could always sleep well and inexplicably feel at ease.

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